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Men’s facial hair styles: Choosing the perfectly matching facial hair style can be a hard nut to break, if you do not consider certain factors. What facial hair styles may be matched to others, may not be so for you, and that is why we have made an effort to consolidate some hand picked men’s facial hair styles to choose from, which may suit you the best. Types of mens facial hair.

The first and foremost factor to consider is the shape of your face, so that the beard style you choose helps in adding dimension and comfort to your face. Another factor to consider is the hair style, which needs to be complemented perfectly by choosing the right one from a range of men facial hair styles.

If you want to grow a long facial hair style, you will have to hold patience, till the time the beard is fully grown, and to know how to grow facial hair that can match your hairstyle as well as your facial looks, visit to a salon can be of help.

Here are 20 best facial hair styles, from which you can choose the one that suits you the best.

Different Types of Facial Hair Styles

#1: Circle Beard:

The Circle Beard style is for those having a square shaped face. The hair on the sides are kept short and fuller at the chin. The circle cut is made to highlight the cheekbones.

#2: The Balbo Facial Hair Style:

For shaping this growing facial hair style, you will need to grow your facial hair by not shaving for at least 4 weeks. To bring perfection to the Balbo beard style, an electric razor can help in shaving the sides and shaping the style perfectly.

#3: More Full Beard:

This men’s facial hair style is a cool beard style, where the facial hair is grown full and then styled, using a sharp razor. A mustache can complement this beard style perfectly.

#4: Clean Shaven:

Having no facial hair at all is also one of the men facial hair styles, where, a razor and trimmer are used to shave the growing facial hair. For those in the corporate world, this facial hair style is perfectly matched.

New 2016 beard style

#5: Classic:

This is one of the best facial hair styles, which is a variation of the Goatee. Attachment of the mustache to the beard adds to the style and enhances the structure of the chin. Suits black men with round face.

#6: Extended Goatee:

This goatee facial hair style is a popular beard style, where the facial hair grows to medium length,in order to shape the hair. The hairs on the sideburns are cut off and the width is adjusted according to taste. The beard lines on the two sides meet the mustache.

#7: Hardly Seen:

This is a men facial hair style, which is an imaginative idea becoming a reality. While the entire face has short hair, the beard is cut very short to give the appearance that it is not there. This facial hair style suits best to those who have their facial hair color, similar to the color of their skin.

#8: Glitter Beard:

This men facial hair style is the latest, where the hipster style is followed. The style resembles like the summer flowers, glittering on the fully grown beard. Skilled hand is required to perfect this facial beard style.

#9: The Bold Facial Hair Style:

This is a closely trimmed beard style, which helps the cheek bones to become prominent and has clean lines. This facial hair men style looks more prominent with the mustache drawing attention. Shaving off or fading the sideburns can add more style.

#10: Salt and Pepper:

This is one of the different types of facial hair, which is amazing. The gray color of the facial hair works perfectly to add to the style. Matching with the pushed up hairstyle, this beard style is one of the facial hair designs, which is creative.

#11: The Modest Beard Style:

Close trims and a short mustache are the features of this men facial hair style. The structure of the chin is exposed in this beard style, especially for the soul patch, which is noticeable in the beard.

Best looking beards

#12: The Wilderness Facial Hairstyle:

If you want to be in the wilderness, this is one of the men facial hair styles, that is best suited for the backpackers. Days of uncut hair is reflected in this facial hair style.

#13: The Mutton Chop Style:

Sound strange, but this is one of the different types of facial hair styles, where the sideburns and mustache keep on growing till they meet. The hair on the chin is shaved to the area under the lip, and the sideburns left to grow.

#14: The Natural Beard Style:

Here, the beard is given an effortless and careless look, with the edges not so clean. This cool facial hair style also allows the outline of the goatee to be trimmed and, to bring innovation to this style, you can shave off the sideburns.

#15: The Silver Fox:

Old men are not behind in flaunting the latest men facial hair style, as is evident from this facial hair style. The gray color of the facial hair is flaunted in style, which resembles the salt and pepper facial hairstyle, but without the pepper.

#16: Faded Beard Style:

Faded facial hairstyles are among the popular men’s facial hair styles, where the sideburns are faded and the beard very closely shaven. This facial hairstyle emphasizes the structure of the jaw.

#17: Full Beard:

If you want to know how to grow facial hair to have a full beard, this men’s facial hair style is an example. This is one of the manliest facial hair types, where the beard is well groomed and perfectly matching your genetics. All you have to do, is to let the facial hair grow to medium length, and then shape it accordingly, with the help of a razor.

#18: The Modest Chin Beard Style:

This is one of the men facial hair styles, where the beard is grown to full length to highlight the face. The hair is grown long on the chin, and then tapered to the region of the jaw.

Mustache and beard styles 2016

#19: Garibaldi Beard Style:

This is the facial hair style for those who have little time in maintaining it. All you have to do is to let the beard grow to full length and volume, and then shape and trim the lower part, so that it looks round. The length of the mustache should also be kept tidy and neat. There is no need of a styling product, as this men facial hair style is designed to have a natural look.

#20: Artistic Goatee:

The Goatee beard style has always remained a popular goatee facial hair style. The sides are shaved to prevent the sideburns to be connected. All you need to do is to connect the beard to the mustache.

There are hundreds of more men facial hair styles, to choose from, but these are among the best facial hair styles to follow, if you want to be in the trendiest facial hairstyles.
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