Men in beared. 10 Goatee Styles for Men in 2017 That You Can Adapt Easily

Vogue and class that a goatee style adds to the faces of men are unmatchable. Without any doubt, the classic goatee style is the best and the most refined beard style for men of any age. The origin of these styles is yet not confirmed, but the impact they have on every section of society is evident. From the Hollywood red carpets to the offices and colleges no one can resist the charm of the goatee beards. Small goatee styles.

The goatee style doesn’t follow very strict rules of beard growth and shape around your face. It comes with thousands of variations involving the length of hair, moustache shapes, beard shape and most importantly the changes according to the natural pattern of hair growth for every man. Some of the most popular and adorable goatee styles are discussed below. These goatee beards are cool and trendy enough to cast an impact hard to dis-remember.

10 Most Popular Goatee Styles of 2017 for Men

Pure Goatee:

The Pure Goatee is the most original goatee style. It doesn’t involve any modifications of hair length or moustaches. The pure goatee is a precise chin beard. Moustaches are absent to highlight the area below the chin. The small beard is very thick and substantial. Just like a heavy hair tuft suspending from the chin. A small anchor-like shape is often considered the best for a pure goatee style. This goatee style is entirely devoid of any hair on the jaw line. You need sharp razors to shave the face areas to highlight the pure goatee style. The square face suits pure goatee the best. The pure goatee is all geared up to provide you with a refined and very urbane look for your social interactions.

Full Goatee:

The Full Goatee is the most notorious and chic modification of the classic Pure Goatee style. Full goatee as the name refers is a beard in which the chin is fully covered with hair till right below the lips. Hair tuft is thick and even. The biggest effect becomes apparent when the moustaches are grown around the lip in such a way that they become incessant with the chin beard and give a continuous and full look. Like the Pure Goatee style, jaw line is shaved clean off of any hair and thus provides the full goatee with an exclusive look. Full goatee has been adopted and worn with pride by many Hollywood actors like Brad Pitt. The class of full goatee thus doesn’t require any further elaboration.

Pretty Boy Goatee:

Pretty Boy Goatee is meant for all the young hunks out there to help them pose for a flawless look with their masculine features and picture perfect manly appearances on their faces. Pretty Boy Goatee is aimed to provide a rich yet very definitive look to the face. So that’s why it is not a thick beard. It is slightly trimmed to keep the hair short. They make a circular outline around the mouth, but the beard is not bursting. A small thin horizontal patch just below the lip line is a very stylish modification of the boy goatee style. Again the jaw line is neatly and strictly shaved with not even slightest of the hairs around.

The Pretty Boy Goatee is meant for the diamond shaped face, but if you know how to wear the stylish, Pretty Boy Goatee, any face shape can do complete justice to the richest young Pretty Boy Goatee.

Dadi style

Circle Goatee:

Circle Goatee is very much similar to the full goatee. However, the most prominent and distinctive features involve a circular beard neatly shaved just below the lip line. The moustaches are not bulky. In fact, they are pencil thin and let the lower portion of the beard look gorgeous. The jawline is devoid of any facial hair and chin is covered with hair. Circle goatee is the finest choice for students and professionals alike. If you want to acquire an erudite and modern goatee style, circle goatee is here to serve the purpose.

Circle goatee often has only short near stubble hair. However, bulky chin beard with thin moustaches is also famous circle goatee style. Goatee style is flexible with variations. Doesn’t matter what type of modifications you apply, it won’t lose its prodigious and unique status at all.

Landing Strip Goatee:

This goatee beard is precise elegant and very simple to wear and maintain. It is the shortest beard on the face. Just use a razor for the moustaches and jaw line. Even the chin doesn’t need to be covered by hair completely. A small portion of the chin is all you need to set up a perfect landing strip. It is the part of the chin exactly under the lip line leaving a gap of bare skin between lips and beard. The beard is a stubble, but the lower hair can have any length of your choice. It’s up to you to keep it up to the chin length or more. Any modification will allow you relish a perfect landing strip goatee style without any hitch.

Van Dyke Goatee Style:

Van Dyke probably is the most influential and original modification of the goatee style. This popular goatee style originated when the 17 th century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke wore it for the first time. But this Goatee beard enjoyed real acceptance and height of fame when the most popular face of action and sci-fi Robert Downey Jr. embraced it.

Suddenly, this almost forgotten goatee beard style got resurrected, and since then it has been adopted by millions around the globe. This goatee style is unique and demands great care and precision. It begins with a moustache that is neither thin nor very thick. Usually, makes a hood over the lip line. But doesn’t join the beard underneath. The beard is an exquisitely elongated anchor covering the chin and extends to the jaw line but does not cover it thoroughly. It’s a landing strip goatee with a soul patch under lips, but both joined to give a rather continuous look. Van Dyke Goatee style beard has medium length hairs overall with slightly longer hairs under the chin.

Different men's facial hair styles

Van Dyke Goatee style offers class and extravagance to its wearer. It is indeed one of the most crafty and elegant modifications of the goatee style.

The Anchor Goatee Style:

Anchor goatee is very similar to the van dyke beard however the difference lies in the lack of moustaches. Anchor goatee assumes the appearance of van dyke beard below the lip line, but above the lips, no moustache is present usually. Sometimes the anchor is grown longer on the sides to create a distinctive look from the classic Van Dyke. Anchor goatee is also meant to offer the very best of the goatee style for any man who chooses it. Anchor goatee is here to make your looks more striking and virile.

Jaw strap Goatee:

Jaw strap goatee style offers an exceptional yet fresh look. The only goatee style modification that allows the jawline hair as well. It is a simple to acquire beard style and is often a full goatee accompanied by a thin pencil like the strap of hairs running along the jawline up to the sideburns.

Jaw strap goatee is the best option for all the hunky dudes who want to create a strong impact with their facial hair. The jaw strap goatee satisfies your essentials of an up-to-the-minute, influential and very prevalent beard style. Any face shape can look stunning with this goatee style, but it is best for slightly longer faces as the jaw strap will offer a definite outline to the facial features making them look more remarkable and handsome.

Soul Patch Goatee Style:

Soul Patch is what you can call the simplest but the strongest in looks for the goatee style. As the name indicates, it is a mere patch of hair that are short in length usually right under the lips. They are not wide, elongated or stretched. Just making a circular or rectangular patch under your lips creates the most precise beard growth on your face. It is a very inimitable and elegant goatee style with millions of wearers stretched across Europe and other parts of the world. This goatee style is massively popular with the students as it gives a vivacious and very sparkling look to the face.

Top 10 beard styles

Goatee with Handle Bar Moustaches:

Van Dyke goatee, when blended with the all-time popular handlebar moustaches, offers a unique and refreshing look. If you want attitude, grace and aptness all in one package then go for Van Dyke with handlebar moustaches. This unique modification of goatee style is for the most daring men, and it requires confidence and hunky attitude to handle this picture-perfect goatee style modification.

Goatee style is indeed one of the most persuasive beard style adorned by men of every age and profession alike. That is why such a significant number of goatee style modifications are introduced into the fashion industry each holding millions of followers to their names. Every goatee style requires care and management to look prodigious and stylish. Never let your beard unattended for several days. Comb it, moisturize it and trim it properly to acquire your dream goatee style beard.
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