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Summer is slowly getting to its end, but we could not let you finish summer without informing you about the best and most favored beard shapes of all time. These will never go out of fashion and if you can rock it, you can never go wrong. Lets start! Best beard styles for oval face.

If you read the previous blog on beard styles, you’ll already know that this was coming. It’s a safe bet. And it will never go out of style, so you can be sure that if you opt for this, no one will have any problems with it. The only thing I would mention is that compared to last year, many people have grown it even longer. So although a well kempt shortish full set is nice, if you’re really trying to be on trend, it may be worth growing it out a month or two. Only and inch, but it will keep you coming out on top. Though this is all personal preference. The standard Full Set is long enough in my opinion!

One that I mentioned may or may not take off this year in my last beard styles blog, and well, it took off. It’s a variation of the disconnected beard, but instead of just blending your hair and leaving the beard thick, you taper both. So your beard goes from thick to thin along with your hair. Best suited for round or oval face shapes.

New mustache and beard styles

Brothers you cannot go wrong with long stubble, it, along with the full set is the go to style. There are so many variations of this, you can go rock climber rugged, or red carpet ready. My friends, however you choose to wear this, you will struggle to wear it wrong. In Fact, it’s harder to wear it wrong that to wear it right.

Moustaches are curling out this year. Short smart beards were all well and good but obviously a few of you decided that you’d had enough. You wanted to break out and do your own thing. So you stopped tapering your ‘tache to your beard and let it go curly and wild. We love it. If you’ve got the whole hipster glasses, waistcoat and boots look going on, this is your style.

Beard styles and how to trim

So brothers, now that you know the best beard styles of all time, you can enjoy summer while having your preferred beard in the back of your head. What is your favourite beard style? Let us know in the comment section below!

Written by: James Oxenham

The best beard style
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