Mens goatee styles 2016. 20 Beard Styles Men Can Try To Get Dashing Look

The beard is one of the most prized possession of many men around the world. And it is bound to be prized given the amount of time and effort you put behind it. Ask any man about his well-kept Beard Styles, and he will tell you the work that it needed to achieve the look. To maintain a particular style of beard, you need to keep it trimmed and groomed every single day without fail. Beard styles for men with short hair.

Mens Beard Styles

This in itself is not a small task to undertake. But the ones who take up this task are rewarded with a plethora of styles in beards that they can choose and try from. Starting from the lightest stubble to a full beard- there is something or the other that will catch the eye of the bearded man. If you really love your beard, you do not need to stick to one style.

You can grow, trim, shave and try something new any time that you want to. The equipment is also important when it comes to beards. Make sure you get a good quality trimmer and take enough time in your hands when you sit down to style your beard. It needs patience and is not something to be done in a hurry.

Short Stubble Beard

The stubble beard has many variations, and this is one of those many variants. The beard is closely trimmed to keep only a hint of stubble. You need to keep up the regular job of trimming your beard if you want to keep it at the length wanted for this style. The good thing is that it looks great on men of all ages.

Medium Stubble Beard

This is another variation of the very popular stubble beard. The beard is not kept extremely short on this one. It is trimmed to achieve the medium length of beard. This is a super stylish look that is easy to carry off by anyone which is what makes this a much in demand style of beard.

Long Stubble Beard

The long stubble is what you get when you stop midway between the medium stubble and a full beard. It is for the men who do not want the look of a full beard but want to a nice, well-kept beard to adorn their face. It will look good on men of all ages and any kind of facial shapes.

Full Beard Beard

If there is one beard style that never goes out of fashion, it is this one. A full beard adorning the face instantly changes the look of any man. It is the easiest way to get a makeover done on your face. Undoubtedly, it needs a lot of time and patience to get this style. You also need to maintain the right length of the beard and comb it well to achieve the right look.

French Fork Beard

This is a beard style that has been flaunted by many of the leading Holly celebs, and now it is your turn. The beard has a fork like an appearance in this one, and that has earned it the name. You can have a salt-and-pepper, dark or white beard- it will look equally amazing in all cases. Just style it right and go out with confidence.

Easy beard styles

Ducktail Beard

The name might sound funny to you, but in reality, it looks really elegant and sophisticated. The beard below your chin has a somewhat pointy appearance that resembles the tail of a duck, and that is where the name of the beard originates from. The area around the cheeks and the jaw has a shorter cut of the beard than the chin.

Circle Beard

The beard has a circular appearance in this style. You only keep the mustache, and the beard is kept around the mouth in a round appearance. The jaw and the cheeks must be completely clean shaven to achieve this look. This is a very stylish look that suits the mature men really well. This one is really low on maintenance too.

Goatee Beard

The goatee is the most popular style of beard both among the celebrities and the common men. There are many variations of the goatee, and in this style, you can begin with keeping the mustache really well-trimmed. The beard covers your chin in making a U-shape with a bit pointed sides. The mustache joins the beard in a not so prominent line.

Extended Goatee Beard

This one is a variation of the typical goatee beard, but the beard is kept thicker in this style. The beard is fuller in this look and it not just covers the chin but the entire jaw. If you have a round face or have recently put on some weight, you can try this beard. It will bring a more defined look to your face and hide that extra weight of the chin and jaw effectively.

Imperial Beard

If you want to look and feel like royalty, then this is the style that you are looking for. This style of beard has its origin in the royal families of France. To get this look, you need to have a well-trimmed full beard. The mustache is an important part of this style, and you need to keep that shapely as well to complete the look.

Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke beard earns its name from a 17

-century Flemish painter. To get this style of beard, you needed to keep it long and pointed from the area of your chin. The beard on the cheeks are kept long too, but it is shorter in length than the beard below your chin. The round-faced men can try it as it takes away the evident roundness of the face.

Men's facial hair designs

Anchor Beard

This one is also a really stylish look that needs you to keep a pointed beard. The pointed beard in this case, traces the entire jawline of the face. You need to keep a mustache to complete the look but the mustache should be detached from the beard. Let the beard start from right below your lips and connect with the beard adorning your jawline in this look.

Balbo Beard

This style of beard does not need you to keep prominent sideburns. Make sure you trim both your beard and mustache to bring a well-groomed feel to the look. The mustache does not touch the beard in this look. This is the perfect look for both daily office and the parties.

Mutton Chops Beard

Give your beard a complete makeover with this look. The area of the chin is kept clean shaven while the cheeks and jaws of both sides get the beard. Having a mustache is optional with this look. This one needs an expert hand at trimming and grooming to get the look just right.

Friendly Mutton Chops Beard

This is a spin of the classic version of the mutton chops beard. Here the chin is kept clean shaven but the beard on the cheeks and jaws are kept quite long and bushy. If you are looking for a drastic change in the style of your beard, then this style is the one to go for.

Verdi Beard

The historical figure Giuseppe Verdi is the inspiration for this beard style. The beard is short and rounded at the bottom. It measures within 10 cm when you measure it from the lower lip. You can keep the beard attached or detached from the mustache according to your liking.

Garibaldi Beard

The style of beard popularized by the famous Giuseppe Garibaldi is in demand to this date. You need to keep the beard really long n this look. The beard should also look messy and bushy in nature. You can take the look one step ahead by putting in some colors to the regular beard. The aura of this look will make sure that you get all the attention.

Dutch Beard

This is the most old-school stylish look that you can try. This type of beard is typically related with the lumberjacks. The beard is connected to the sideburns and flares outwardly towards the bottom. There is no mustache to go with the Dutch style of beard. This one has been tried and tested by generations of men but still hasn’t lost its appeal.

Different shaving styles for men

Bandholz Beard

This is the style for the man who loves his beard and loves to flaunt it in the best way possible. Keep a full beard and a mustache to go with it for this look. Though it takes time to grow, this is bound to add the extra oomph to your regular look.

Clean Shaven

This one is for the man who thinks having a beard and trimming it every day is too much of a hassle to take upon. Shave it all off and go clean shaven. This will not make you look any less handsome than the men with full beards.
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