Round beard styles. 50 Best Beard Styles for A Masculine Look February. 2019

Many bearded men grow the beard but often don’t know what beard style they are in for. Growing a good beard takes several weeks if not months while keeping it neat and clean takes time from your daily routine. If you are growing a healthy stylish beard, make sure you have some serious commitment. However, always see the goal when you are on the bearded men journey. The healthy cool masculine bearded look that’ll stand out from the crowd without even uttering a single word! Best dadhi style.

In this article, we are going to recommend the best beard styles for 2019. So, pick a beard style you are aiming for and go for it!

Best Beard Styles for Men: Ultimate List

While some men don’t care that much about their appearance, there are many guys who know how important style is. Beard is a perfect way to create an image, be it a strong macho or a romantic knight in shining armor. We have handpicked 50 best beard styles for men to help you get your idea. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to style your beard short or long, goatee or chin strap, with or without a mustache. No matter how hard styling and growing a beard is, after all, it only takes a minute to shave the beard off!

If you are thinking that a beard won’t suit your face, you are totally wrong. All you need is a good professional to pick the right beard style based on your face shape. Get some ideas from the below list, go to a good salon and ask the professional if it’ll suit your face.

1. Wiseman Bearded Look

If you have thick and wavy facial hair, you can get this amazing Wiseman look just by letting your beard grow. All you need to do is shape the beard on a regular basis and pay some special attention to the mustache.

2. Chin curtain with a pencil mustache

While looking small and simple, this chin curtain beard is actually not too easy to maintain. Frequent trimming is necessary to keep the shape intact. The overall result is truly amazing and can conquer some hearts.

3. Short full beard

Full beards are often hard to make and maintain but they look the most striking. You’ll need to spend about a month to grow such a beard, but as soon as you learn to keep it neat, you can reap the amazing beard style benefits.

4. Stubbly Balbo

This is a simple variation of the Balbo beard. Essentially, it’s a little messy chin curtain coupled with a mustache. There is no connection between the beard and the mustache, which makes this beard a little trickier to style.

5. Medium-full with whiskers

Full beards are the most stunning choices for all men. Besides looking stylish, they can shape your face the way you always wanted to. By adding thin whiskers you connect your hairstyle to the beard.

This full beard is an amazing choice for men who like long and thick facial hair. Such beard doesn’t require too much maintenance except for weekly touch ups. But you’ll need to learn how to keep it clean.

7. Full beard with a horseshoe mustache

A nice neat full beard coupled with a horseshoe mustache is exactly what you need to make a statement. The better you learn how to shape your full beard, the more magnificent it will look.

8. Full and Healthy Beard With Spiky Hair

The classic full beard involves shorter sideburns and longer chin part. The overall shape is close to triangular. Adding handlebar mustache is a good choice to underline the prominence of the beard.

9. Wide chin curtain

The chin curtains are usually considered to be thin, but there is always a choice to make them wide. These beard styles are easier to touch up and are great for shaping your face or covering up acne scars.

10. Cool Look With A Curly, Patchy Beard

The lazy way to go about your beard is to allow it to grow as it wishes. There is almost no shaving involved here but you’ll still need to pay close attention to the shape. So take out those scissors.

11. Chin covering curtain

Most of the time men decide to keep their necks shaved. However, this type of beard is also a great choice since it eliminates the shaving. If you have sensitive skin, keeping the shaving to a minimum is recommended.

Shaving style boys

12. Eastern beard with a pencil mustache

If you have thick facial hair, you can enjoy a striking eastern beard. The cheeks are almost fully covered with hair while the mustache is thin. The contrast makes your beard look very stylish.

13. Connected goatee

Goatees are conquering the world. These beard styles vary greatly and it’s easy to find something suitable for yourself. A goatee coupled with a full mustache is a great choice for a macho look.

14. Light goatee

This goatee will appeal to guys who don’t have too much facial hair. The main part of it is focused on the chin, while the sides can be left shaved or covered with sparse hair.

15. Patchy Beard

Depending on how uniform your facial hair is, you can choose this beard style. For example, if there is no uniformity but you still want a full beard, don’t be afraid of letting some patches show. They are stylish! Or you can try to fix the patchy beard.

16. Brutal macho

One of the modern ways to go about growing a beard is keeping it neat on the face and letting it grow wild down the neck and beyond. Such an approach creates a serious macho look many guys like to flaunt.

Even the simplest chin curtain will look stunning when coupled with the right mustache. Handlebars mustaches look amazing but a little tricky to style. Don’t worry, you’ll get a hang of it fast enough.

18. Fun shapes

The amazing advantage of full beard styles is how you can shape them. Let your imagination run wild here and take the scissors. Make it round, square, or even triangular. There are no limits here.

19. Oh, those whiskers

Adding full whiskers to your beard will completely change your appearance. They are a little harder to grow since not all men have significant hair growth in that area. If you do, you are lucky!

20. Neat and respectable Short Beard

Short full beards with modern handlebar mustaches can create a respectable appearance in a matter of weeks. If you think you need to add some respectability to your look, such a beard can be a great help.

21. Bristly beard

If you have curly hair, you can create an attractive bristly beard. The whiskers stay pencil thin, while the lower part of your beard is at least one inch long. You can add a chevron mustache if you wish.

22. Chinstrap and goatee mix

This chinstrap and goatee mix is a perfect way to make a statement while looking neat. The lower part of the beard can be patchy and the mustache is not necessary at all.

23. Uniform and full

Keeping the beard neat is an art all on its own. Such facial hairstyle can be achieved if you have thick and straight hair. You’ll need to learn how to maintain in on a daily basis.

24. Chin curtain with a chevron mustache

Chin curtain looks perfect with a chevron mustache if you manage to keep the areas in between neat and shaved. A neat patch below the lips makes this beard style even more attractive.

The longer you grow your beard, the more striking it will look. Once you learn how to take care of a short beard, a long one will be as easy as a piece of cake. Add a long mustache and a magnificent image is ready.

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26. Classic chin curtain with handlebar

This classic chin curtain is exactly what you need to make an impression. The top part of your face must be clean shaved while the bottom part reminds a neat curtain cascade. The handlebar mustache is a great addition.

27. Full and outstanding

This beard is easy to make if you have thick facial hair that doesn’t grow in patches. It’s a wonderful addition to any style depending on how neat you make it. Full and long beards are something to be proud of.

28. Extended goatee

This short and neat extended goatee is perfect for any occasion, be it a wedding or a business meeting. Learn how to shape the sides and you can enjoy the most attractive beard style every day.

29. Triangular goatee

Learning how to shape your full beard is an art any man can master. You can practice a little on your long beard before making any drastic moves. If you are not sure you can do a good job, ask for professional assistance.

30. Short and romantic look with wavy hair

Short and nicely styled chinstraps coupled with mustaches of any shape are a wonderful way to create the romantic look many men want. Use these beard styles to completely change your image.

31. Full beard with the walrus mustache

The combination of neatly styled full beard, a walrus mustache and a stylish taper fade is exactly what you need to stand out from the crowd. If a guy can manage a beard, all the style options are open for him.

32. Short Verdi style

This beard style is designed to take the roundness away from your face shape. The sharp edges of this beard are appealing and enticing. You can add a short pyramidal mustache and sideburns.

33. Spade beard with a handlebar

If your hair is long and thick, why not take advantage of it on your face? A prominent spade beard with a neat handlebar mustache will make your image more respectable and interesting.

34. Highlights

If you thought that highlighting is only for the hair on your head, think again. You can come up with an amazing style with the help of various hair shades. Consider dyeing your mustache a lighter hue than the beard.

35. Let it grow

Some guys believe that an unmanageable beard should stay a little messy. All depends on how you view your style. If an untidy beard suits your image, you can enjoy a maintenance-free option.

36. One-size chin curtain with a stubbly mustache

Chinstraps and chin curtains are gaining upon the goatee in popularity. A well-styled short chin curtain coupled with a stubbly mustache or no mustache at all looks solid and effective on any occasion.

37. Easy Game

This moderately short stubble with a mustache doesn’t require too much styling effort. You’ll need to pay attention to the neatness of the mustache while the stubble can grow without too much trimming.

38. Prominent mustache

Sometimes the way the beard looks is upstaged by a well-styled mustache. A great mustache coupled with a simple beard will create a wonderful impression. Keep the focus on your pyramidal mustache. You can see the best mustache styles here.

39. The fuller the better

Full beards will never go out of style and the fuller they are, the better they look. There are a few downsides of sporting a long full beard, such as problems with clean eating and skin troubles.

How do you style a beard

40. Dyed Beard

A beard can be dyed as easily as the hair on your head. So why not take advantage of such a technique? Make your beard lighter or darker than your natural hair or try some outrageous colors.

41. Full with a soul patch

The soul patch is a wonderful addition to any beard. It might take some time to shape, but it will make your overall image more striking. Mustache, soul patch and a full beard make a great beard style!

42. Hollywoodian

Neat Hollywoodian beards are exactly what you need for a celebrity style. The hair between the sideburns and the jawline is shaved to make a gap. The rest of the beard is neat and full.

43. Full beard Plus Comb Over Hair

Your amazing full beard will look especially prominent if you chose a suitable hairstyle. Consider choosing something short, such as a taper fade, an undercut or even a mohawk to create contrast.

44. Full Beard + Long Hair

If you have a long beard and know how to style it, the world is at your feet. Consider creating different shapes, including rectangular, triangular, round and curve. All of them are fantastic!

45. Asymmetrical beard

Just like with hairstyles, the asymmetry in the beard world rules. So create some beard styles that involve asymmetry and see how it looks. Don’t go for anything drastic at first. You might not like it.

46. Night curtain

This type of chin curtain with a mustache is great for men with very dark and thick hair. By playing around with the shape, you can get a fully hair-covered lower part of the face. No hassle with the soul patch!

47. Short and stubble

When choosing the length of your beard, the short one might seem like a good choice. However, you must remember that short beards require daily touchups, while longer usually need weekly maintenance.

Make your beard style appear even more stunning with the help of mutton chops. Not all men have enough facial hair on the sides to make them, so don’t be upset if you don’t grow the mutton chops too long.

49. Beard and Ivy League Haircut

An Ivy League style involves a very neat beard with shaved neck and pencil or pyramidal mustache. The tidier your facial hair looks the more suitable it is for important occasions.

50. Hipster beard with knot hairstyle

The longer your mustache is, the more effective your beard will look. The mix of a long mustache and a full beard is the best indication of a dedicated and fashionable man.

Take another look at these magnificent beard styles and allow yourself to make a suitable choice. Be ready for some drawbacks like itching and hassle when growing and caring for your beard, but the final result is always worth it.
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