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Learning how to properly shave your neckline can make a world of difference. You see, a properly shaved neckline creates a feature point between your beard hair and your chest hair that says "Hey, look at my manly stylish beard" rather than "Hey, look at these hairs creeping down my neck to merge with the ones on my chest". However, most men don't have a great idea of where to begin, so today we're going to teach you how to properly shave your neckline. Beard line.

The first step in properly shaving the neckline, is finding the neckline. The easiest way to do this is to look in a mirror to distinguish the neck hair line. This is the line that goes from the ear, down around the jaw and back up to the other ear. Once you've picked out your neckline you'll need to determine how high to cut the neckline. A general rule of thumb is to establish the line about 1/2" (12mm) above your adam's apple. If you don't have a visible adam's apple, tilt your head down and figure out where the neck fold is. This is usually right at, or just above the adam's apple. You can use that to guide you in determining where the line should be.

So once again, because this is the key in deciding neckline length.

If your beard hair is short, the neckline should be just above the adam's apple/neck fold.

Hair style for beard

The longer your beard gets, the less you have to worry about the neck line.

The last step is to trim up your beard neckline. You can decide to use any shaping you'd like with your neckline, but there are some styles that might work better for your beard. For instance, a straight neckline with clean angles works best with more trimmed up beards. This is also the style you might want to consider if you have a mid-length beard. If you have a long wild beard, you might want to consider a neckline that fades in length or is more broken up in the trimming.

One of the most classic and well-tailored looks includes the straight neckline cut with faded (or tapered) hair going down a bit further for a blended symmetrical and natural appearance. The easiest way to achieve this look is to take your natural neckline and then taper the hair off below it. This will make for the easiest keep-up.

New shaving style

There you have it! Whether you needed to define your neckline, figure out the length or style, you should now have the tools you need to follow the neckline.

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