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So, you’re thinking of growing a beard or altering the one you already have? Good man. All you have to do now is choose a style, and that may not be as easy as you think. We’ve got your back, though, and we’re going to present to you a complete list of all beard styles. Show me beard styles. Best beard styles 2016.

We’ve also developed a chart that includes all 27 beard styles, but also all 15 goatee styles – because many people consider goatees to be beards. The chart is a handy reference guide that you can, and should, consult often. So, dig in, enjoy, and consider the many possibilities for that superb future, or current, beard of yours.


The complete beard styles chart

The full beard styles list and guide

What is it? Also commonly referred to as “designer stubble,” the 5 o’clock shadow is another hit with the ladies. It’s basically a full beard with stubble – though designer stubble has a defined neckline and cheek line. Both are easy to maintain with a quality stubble trimmer.

Who is it for? Works well with round or heart-shaped faces.

Who wears it? The late pop star George Michael, rest his soul, had an iconic designer stubble look. Soccer star David Beckham has helped popularize the style, as well.

What is it? It’s a popular style (that many women prefer) that’s easy to maintain and only requires less than a week of non-shaving.

Who is it for? The light stubble is particularly effective for men with round faces.

Who wears it? Actors George Clooney and Brad Pitt helped bring the light stubble look into the spotlight.

What is it? Let your beard grow for around 10 days, and you’ll get the heavy stubble look. It’s heavier than a 5 o’clock shadow but not yet a full beard.

Who is it for? Heavy stubble is a bad-ass look for a lot of men but works really well on dudes with square and heart-shaped faces.

Who wears it? Bradley Cooper has – very successfully – sported the heavy stubble look, as has the always-stylish Mr. Clooney.

What is it? The corporate beard is the most common beard type there is; it’s full, it covers the skin completely, and it’s office-friendly. You’ll need about two weeks to two months to properly grow it, depending on genetics (and before it evolves into entirely something else). If you work in a formal setting, be sure to keep your cheek line and neckline trimmed to produce the “professional” look. If you have the genetics to grow a fuller beard, the corporate beard is a great option.

Who’s it for? A fuller beard like the corporate beard works well for men with a triangular face because it takes attention away from your pointy chin. It’s also good for oval faces because, well, most beard styles work with oval faces.

Who wears it? Who wears it? A lot of folks, but former Daily Show host Jon Stewart sports a quality full beard in his retirement. So does another former TV host – David Letterman – although Letterman’s has since grown beyond the boundaries of a “corporate beard.”

What is it? Simply the epitome of manliness, that’s what. OK, more to the point, a full beard is just what is suggests – hair that’s growing all over your face. You’ll typically achieve “full beard” status after you’ve stopped shaving for six weeks or so.

Who is it for? Everyone should at least try a full beard, right? But in terms of facial shapes, you could argue that it works best on diamond, triangle, or inverted triangle face shapes.

Who wears it? Check out actor Zach Galifianakis in the “Hangover” movie franchise. Or, Galifiniakis in, well, almost anything (“Between the Ferns” is absurdly funny). And don’t forget Al Pacino in “Serpico.”

What is it? Ah, the Hollywoodian. Many famous actors have turned to this look at various stages of their career. To achieve it, you let your beard grow but completely remove the sideburns.

Who is it for? The focus of your growth with a Hollywoodian should be on your chin. It’s a great look if you have a square face, with or without a mustache or sideburns.

Who wears it? A good mix of current celebs has sported the Hollywoodian look, including Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Christian Bale.

What is it? Acceptable in just about every workplace, the Short Boxed Beard style allows you to let your beard grow a little, but make sure to regularly shave the hair beneath and around your beard area.

Who is it for? The Short Boxed Beard is another style that works well with a rectangular face.

Who wears it? George Clooney, the perpetual Most Eligible Bachelor, has worn a beard that falls into this category.

Beard design for round face

Beard shaving patterns

What is it? The chinstrap beard(or strip) is a non-full beard that has been described in a couple of ways; 1) it’s like a, ahem, thong located on your face, and 2) a long soul-patch that extends to the tip of your chin.

Who is it for? If you have a round face, the chinstrap allows you to focus attention on your chin.

Who wears it? Abraham Lincoln wore a version of the chinstrap, but with much wider beard growth. Kind of funny to think of Honest Abe with a thong on his face, though.

What is it? The chin curtain is facial hair that grows along the jaw line before erupting into a full beard at the chin. A chin curtain and an Amish beard are the same thing, as is the Shenandoah beard.

Who is it for? A chin curtain will suit you if you have a rectangular face with plenty of right angles. If you’re Amish, it’s mandatory.

Who wears it? Recently-retired baseball great David Ortiz wore a distinctive chin curtain beard.

What is it? A neck beard is exactly what it says it is – a beard confined to the neck area. No hair grows above the jawline or makes contact with the sideburns.

Who is it for? Considering that a neck beard is confined exclusively to your neck, facial shape isn’t as important as it is with other beard styles.

Who wears it? Actor Jonah Hill has sported a neck beard from time to time.

What is it? Fuller than a regular beard, the Ducktail has been called a compromise between a rebel and a well-groomed gentleman. The upper part of the beard is shorter while you can let the lower part go, at least to a point where it’s still comfortable.

Who is it for? The Ducktail is great for rounding out a rectangular face.

Who wears it? Leonardo DiCaprio has worn the Ducktail, and worn it well, at that.

12. French fork

What is it? Also known as the Alfred Von Tirpitz (let’s face it, French Fork sounds a lot better). It’s not easy to achieve but here are the basics: grow your beard to a length of 3 to 7 inches, while keeping your cheek lines trim with a razor. Once your beard has reached its desired length, sculpt it into two forks.

Who is it for? It’s a good shape for dudes with rectangular faces because you want to round out those right edges.

Who wears it? German grand admiral Alfred Von Tirpitz may not have been the originator, but he took it to new heights. More currently, Brad Pitt has sported a French Fork.

What is it? Mutton chops give a dramatic and very distinctive look to your face. The sideburns of mutton chops are full (to fullest) and resemble a swath of hair on your face. The chin remains clean-shaven.

Who’s it for? Mutton chops are best for men with round (oval) faces, not so good for men with pointed chins.

Who wears it? The late, great John Lennon sports a nice set of mutton chops. Civil War hero and industrialist Ambrose Burnside is, rightly or wrongly, considered the originator of this style.

What is it? Technically-speaking, friendly mutton chops are the result of allowing your sideburns to grow to the corners of your mouth while also allowing your mustache to grow. Allow the sideburns to connect with the mustache.

Who’s it for? If you have an oblong face, make the most of its shape with mutton chops, Friendly or otherwise.

Who wears it? Our man Ambrose Burnside wore what could be considered friendly mutton chops as did actor Hugh Jackman in Wolverine. But, wait, Jackman’s style has a category all of its own, which will touch on a bit later.

15. Hulihee

What is it? Let those mutton chops grow! The trademark of the Hulihee style, after all, are chops that look like wings.

Mens beard hairstyles 2016

Who is it for? You lucky guys with oval faces. Practically every style works on your mug, including the Hulihee.

Who wears it? Well, to be frank, hardly anyone these days.

What is it? As its name suggests, a yeard is a beard that exceeds one year’s growth (a “tweard” exceeds two year’s growth). You don’t have to do much with this beard – if anything – when it comes to trimming and shaping it. Just let it go. Be wary, however, if you work in a corporate setting; a yeard might not be considered appropriate for a more formal environment such as where you make your living.

Who’s it for? Men with round faces do well with yeards because the goal is to add length to the bottom.

Who wears it? Actor Russell Crowe has been seen sporting a yeard-like mass of facial hair.

What is it? The Garibaldi is a wide and full beard with a rounded bottom and integrated mustache. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a slightly unkempt style. Keep the mustache neat to keep the focus on your beard.

Who is it for? The Garibaldi works nicely with an oval or rectangular face.

Who wears it? UFC champion Conor McGregor has often worn a Garibaldi-esque beard.

What is it? There’s a lot going on with a Verdi. The style includes a mustache that’s separate from the beard (and must be kept impeccably neat) while the beard is rounded at the bottom and kept fairly short.

Who is it for? Grace your triangular face with a Verdi.

Who wears it? It’s named for the late, great composer Giuseppe Verdi.

What is it? The Sparrow is a one-of-a-kind mix of mustache, soul patch, and goatee-like whiskers that is, at the least, an attention-grabber, if not a crowd pleaser.

Who is it for? If you have a round or oval face, it’s worth giving this beard type a try.

Who wears it? Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow – hence the name.

20. Klingon

What is it? The name alone tells you where we’re going with this style. But, technically speaking, it’s a beard kept at medium length while the upper lip is shaved.

Who is it for? The Klingon is a good fit for rectangular faces.

Who wears it? Even if you’re just a casual fan of the Star Trek franchise you’ve heard of the extra-terrestrial beings know as Klingons.

What is it? The Wolverine is a nice blend of mutton chops and a full beard.

Who is it for? An oblong face is a good match for the Wolverine although an oval face (of course) also provides a good foundation.

Who wears it? See Jackman, Hugh, as the star of “Wolverine.”

22. The Winnfield

What is it? Combine a horseshoe mustache with long sideburns (that do not connect), and you have the Winnfield.

Who is it for? Here’s one for you, diamond-faced gents!

Latest men's facial hair styles

Who wears it? Remember Samuel L. Jackson’s role as Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction? Enough said.

23. Brett beard

What is it? The Brett beard combines the chin strap and the soul patch into one very distinctive style. No one is quite sure how, or why, it originated.

Who is it for? The soul patch aspect of this beard helps focus attention on your chin if you have a round face.

Who wears it? Some guy named Brett invented it. Not all that common in popular culture.

24. Dutch

What is it? Want to go old school? Then go Dutch. It’s a long, large, full beard style that’s connected to the sideburns but has no mustache.

Who is it for? Try the Dutch if you have a triangular face and want to cover that chin with some serious facial hair.

Who wears it? Think “lumberjack” with this style.

25. Old Dutch

What is it? The Old Dutch requires a long full beard that’s worn square and without a mustache. While the cheeks are covered, the chin is shaven.

Who is it for? A lot of men with varying facial shapes are wearing the Old Dutch, but oval-faced guys perhaps rock this look more than others.

Who wears it? While the Old Dutch has seen a rise in popularity, it’s still considered “old school.” Or, even “Amish.”

What is it? Sideburns consist of patches of facial hair that run alongside the face and extend downward.

Who is it for? Men who have an “inverted triangle” face are wise to focus more attention on their sideburns and mustache. Sideburns work well for the oblong face shape, as well.

Who wears it? Again, we can trace the sideburn’s origins back to our friend Ambrose Burnside, and even further back to one and only Alexander the Great. A more modern reference would be Elvis Presley, of course. The man had some serious ‘burns, as well as some serious moves that conquered a whole generation of women.

27. Clean shaven

What is it? Let’s be honest – clean shaven is more of a choice than a style. Despite all of the advantages to wearing a beard, including that a beard makes you appear (and even feel) more confident, some men prefer whisker-free. And, technically speaking, it never really goes out of style.

Who is it for? What you see is what you get. If you have rectangular face, for example, being clean-shaven is going to highlight every one of those rectangular aspects.

Who wears it? Many, many men. Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart shaved both his face and head to achieve an instantly recognizable look.

Beards aren’t everything. Well, they’re pretty damn close, and there are so many beard styles to choose from that you can always find something that suits your face, style, and attitude. Better yet, you’ll join the bearded brotherhood, make new friends, and perhaps even increase your chances of having a meaningful conversation with that amazingly good-looking lady who’s at the same party.

But if beards aren’t your thing, you can still satisfy your facial hair urges in other ways. Goatees. Mustaches. There’s a beard type known as the Quartermaster that combines a soul patch with mutton chop sideburns, or the ubiquitous Rap Industry Standard that consists of a thin strip of hair along the jawline that extends into a pencil-thin mustache.

If you’re seeking a mutton chop look on steroids, then perhaps side whiskers are the answer; the whiskers/sideburns are longer on the sides and hang below the jawline.

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