Latest mens beard style 2016. 80 Trendy Black Men Hairstyles and Haircuts in 2018

Hairstyles for black men include a great number of variants from buzz cuts to ponytails, from classic to hipster cuts. Afro hair is famous for being thick, curly, messy and coarse, so it’s rather uneasy in styling and everyday care. That’s why it’s so important to choose the proper hairstyle to help you cope with your unruly hair. Mens beard hairstyles 2016.

In the gallery below we’ve gathered the newest ideas for you and your difficult hair. Hope you’ll find something great and appropriate for your image and lifestyle.

Buzz Cut with Beard

It’s well-known that afro hair is very uneasy and brings much trouble in fixing it up. That’s why the majority of black men cuts are of short or mid-length. Even a simple buzz cut on this hair looks unusual with those endless waves and sharp shores.

Natural Curly Undercut

This awesome haircut with big dyed afro crown and clean sleepy faded sides requires regular trimming to keep it fresh, but it’s worth all those troubles.

Messy Knot of Curls

Classic undercut hairstyle on the picture below is adjusted for black men hair. A total disorder on the top and absolute accuracy below are balancing in this magnificent cut.

Undercut with Dreads

If you have already seen dreaded Mohawks or mullets, this dreaded undercut won’t surprise you. Let your dreadlocks live another life and rock such hairstyle just for a change.

Golden Flattop Hairstyle

Everyone will feel like a king with this luxurious haircut. Low golden flattop is underlined with the sharp geometric design of an opposite colour. The final issue of the style is a goatee which is matched for the top and is also golden.

Different beard styles

Spiky Undercut

Bold and determined black men are the first to try this edgy style. It’s a kind of crazy from the lightning design on the sides to the two-colored spikes above. So…are you ready for fundamental changes or what?

Fluffy Hairstyle for Long Curls

The majority of black men try to throw off their natural fluffy hair and resort to short cuts, dreadlocks, and even completely shaved designs. And only some of them do really appreciate their curls and make advantage of them.

Braided Dreadlocks for Men

Divide your long dreads into three parts and braid each of them, after that connect them at the back of your hair in a volume twisted bun. In order to accomplish the look try shaving clean sharp hairlines around the cut.

Flattop with a Modern Twist…

…or “Artistic Asymmetric Hairstyle”. It is more than just a flattop, it’s the scope for your fantasy and creativity. Experiment with bizarre shapes and lines to make your own unique flattop hairstyle.

Blurry Cut with Curly Top

Meet another variant of hairstyle for black men. It’s the most distinguishing feature is the usage of three different technics in the same cut. They harmoniously combine and serve in order to create an exceptional blurry effect.

Dreadlocks Style with Massive Beard

Another option of dread braids for afro hair which is divided into two parts. The full massive beard (which requires permanent maintenance as well as hair does) is a salt of this image.

Beard guide styles

Textured Mid Length Flattop

The ordinary shape of this flattop is updated with a very nice messy texture and elegant design. There is nothing superfluous; each component plays its role in creating the perfect style for black men.

Fuzzy Natural Crown for Afros

The only part of this hairstyle which must be regularly trimmed is the side zone. The top shag shouldn’t be touched with scissors during a long time to achieve such fuzzy effect.

Design Side Hairstyle

From one side it’s a usually faded hair-do, but from the other it’s a true masterpiece of contemporary hairdressing. Everything is perfect here: both the pattern on the temple and the bright yellow print above it on the textured top.

Millions of Waves for Black Man

Shapely, coarse and thick Afro hair is created for buzz cut styles. The reason is that even ordinary cuts work differently with black men’s hair. Such short hair-does are full of waves which are just driving crazy.

High Top with Fade Design

This collage demonstrates how the correctly matched flattop can change the whole image. Do remember that the sides of your head are a place for self-expression. So create different patterns on the fade in order to emphasize your individuality.

Short Haircut with Double Part

Layering is a key of this super clean hairstyle. The thick crown is turning into a very short buzz cut that leads down to a bald fade, and two extremely edgy blending lines are separating the two bottom parts.

Good looking beards

The High Top Remix

It’s definitely a hairstyle of a new generation, it’s unbelievable and fantastic. Who knows, maybe its birth looked like this: Barber: “What do you want?” Him: “Have you ever seen mount Everest?” Barber: “Say no more…”

Undercut & Colour & Braid Style

This formidable combination is for true hipsters. The undercut is highlighted with sharp shaved lines, the same lines outline the messy beard, and the top part is refreshed with a bright red dyed strip, which is obviously meant to break all brutality of the initial image.

Partially Braided Dreadlocks

If your head is not completely braided and there are free locks, you can easily jump into experiments with your appearance by means of playing with a hair colour. Choose your favorite print and make your image bright and splashy.

Motley Soft Exclusive Cut for Afro Hair

This wonderful brand new hairstyle for black men doesn’t really need any description. It’s fresh, it is not like anything in the world, it’s artistic, and it’s just perfect.

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