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One of the best things about the months of August and September is, despite the rain and the humidity, is the change of weather. How to shave different beard styles.

You know that within the next few months, it’s going to be autumn and then winter. This means a change in your fashion, your style, your hair and pretty much everything.

This change in weather is a sign that you can change your own personal style. It’s no longer going to be hot enough where sporting a beard is a complete inconvenience.

So here are some of the best beard styles you can try out.

The Lumberjack

This is a full-fledged beard only meant for serious, hard men. The lumberjack (like the name suggests) is for those men who take pride in what they look like. If you want to sport a beard like this you have to put in the time, commitment and discipline because it’s no small feat.

The lumberjack beard will take a long time to fully grow out, but it’s what you do during the middle stages (the growth stage) that will determine what the finished product looks like – a true lumberjack, or a sad excuse for one.

Modern beard styles

It’s at this stage when things like beard oils will come in handy. Additionally, there are more things you can do to ensure the overall health of your face doesn’t regress, which in turn will boost beard growth.

Short Beard

In the ladder of beard styles, the short beard should be sandwiched between the hipster beard and stubble.

That’s one of the many great things about this type of beard is that it’s flexible. It also suits just about anyone. If you’re someone who can’t quite grow a full beard yet but has enough hair for a 5 o clock shadow, you should give this a try.

This style is easy to maintain, doesn’t take too long to grow out, and can suit almost anyone’s face.

It adds a layer of ruggedness to your face, and won’t require the time, care and attention the lumberjack might

Beard styles haircut

The Undercut Faded Beard

Despite the lumberjack beard taking the most time to grow, the undercut is possibly the hardest to pull off.

In essence, the undercut faded beard requires you to look sharp both up top and on your face. Your haircut is meant to complement your facial hair.

Ask your barber to give you a faded undercut, which will give you full license to grow out your sideburns and then the entire beard. Your hair should fade into your beard.

Pulling this look off is exceptionally hard, but if you can do so, you’re guaranteed to turn heads.

There you have three essential, and important beard styles for you to experiment over the course of the next few months. Stay tuned for more grooming and fashion tips.

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