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Hair and Beard Style Complementing Each Other: Nothing could be trendier in hair fashion when hair and beard style complement each other in a wide range of beard and hairstyles that could make heads turn around on the high streets. There are hairstyles with a shaved face and beard styles that does not match the hairstyles, but when both hairstyles and beard styles perfectly match each other, there could be no hair fashion trendier than those. Mens beard hairstyles 2016.

Here we have tried to present you with 20 fabulous hairstyles with beards to choose from.

1Undercut with uneven length beard style

This is one of the short hairstyles for men with beard where the hair is undercut on the sides and the beard has hairs of uneven length. It is an experimental hairstyle with a beard.

2Man Bun with Beard a Masculine style

The man bun hairstyle with a beard is one of the cool long hair with beard styles which is the latest and epitome manliness in a significant way. You can try his hairstyle yourself at home.

3Pepper and Salt Beard and Hairstyle

This is one of the mens beard hairstyles where the beard is colored for which the name pepper and salt is given. The hairstyle with an undercut looks great with the beard.

4Stubble Short and Simple beard and hairstyle

This hair and beard style is one of the simplest haircuts with a beard which is easy to maintain. The goatee is closely shaved and fades into the sideburns giving it a classic look.

5Well Groomed Taper Beard with Cool Hairstyle

If you can manage this beard style there can be nothing like it. The back and sides of the head will need a tapered cut and the sideburns a reverse taper. T will require skill but can be one of the outstanding mens hairstyles for beards.

Hairstyle with beard for men

6Long Beard with Slick Back Hair

The slick back hair style is a popular one and when complimented with a long beard can look awesome. You will need to hold patience to grow the hair to the desired length.

7The Wilderness Haircut with a Carefree Beard

This is one of the long hairstyles for men with beards which is casual and an ideal one for lumberjacks. The hair looks messy and the beard a little unkept.

8Medium Length Haircut with long Beard

The hair is cut to medium length and brushed back to the sides. The beard is kept long and meticulously trimmed to match the hairstyle. You will need a skilled hand for these types of beard and hairstyles for men.

9Defined Lines to Achieve a mart Look

This is one of the coolest short hair beard styles men where the beard is kept short and joins the sideburns. The hair is brushed to one side after being dyed to add to the texture.

10Side Fringe Casual Appearance

The side fringe haircut with the fringes projecting towards the sides and the bangs hanging over the forehead can look great when complimented with a shaggy beard. This is one of the lowest maintenance hairstyles and beard styles.

11Big Beard with High Fade

You will need to grow your facial hair for at least three to four weeks in order to achieve this beard style. The high fade and natural slicked back hairstyle can be a perfect match.

How to trim different beard styles

12 Little Fuzz Adding Beauty

The short beard is a carefree beard style where you will need to trim down the facial hair a little bit not allowing it to be close to the skin. The neatly parted hairstyle looks great with the beard.

13 Messy Hairstyle with Beard

You do not need to pay great attention to make your hair messy. You can use your fingers to do it and when it comes to the beard style, a short and shaved close to the skin beard style can be the perfect match.

14 Groomed Beard with a Pomp Hairstyle

The beard is groomed with great care and complimented with a slicked pomp hair style. The haircut has a high fade to add glamor to one of the latest beard and long hairstyles.

15 Thick and Thin Beard and Hairstyle

Thick sideburns to this beard style looks smart and when matched with the hairstyle. This is one of the facial hair beard styles for those who want their face to look shorter.

16 Long Curls with a Soul Patch Beard style

You will need your hair to grow in length for about four to five inches in order to achieve the long curls and the beard cut short but not close to the skin. The beard is well groomed to form a contrast.

17 The Definition Hairstyle with Beard

The facial hair is kept short to achieve the short beard style and with an added soul patch and thick sideburns, this is one of the easiest to maintain beard and hairstyles for men.

Small goatee

18 Groomed Beard with Short Hair

The hair is perfectly groomed to add volume and the hairstyle involves the hair to be cut short and brushed back. A quality hair styling product will be required to maintain the shape of the hair as well as the beard.

19 Bradley Men with Beard Style

This is one of the men with beards hairstyles that will need the beard to be tapered. The length of the facial hair and the undercut hairstyle will have to be the same to get this bold and beautiful look.

20 Thin Goatee Facial and Hairstyle

This hairstyle with beard has a thinner goatee with most of the hair on the chin cleanly shaved. Clean lines are distinct along the sideburns and the hair on the top of the head is brushed back to achieve one of the coolest facial hair and beard styles.

When a perfectly matching beard style compliments a hairstyle, there can be nothing greater. You can also experiment with the long and short beard with hairstyles but you will need expert hands to help you. You will also need quality hair products and other tools to achieve perfection to the hairstyles and beard styles.
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