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Beards are back in vogue and how! Every guy these days wants a cool beard. But what most men don’t realise is that your beard and your hairstyle aren’t two separate entities, so you have got to stop treating them like they exist in parallel universes. Your only way to attain suave glory is by coordinating your facial hair with your hairstyle. Even though bearded look isn’t for every guy, trending hairstyles for men with beards these days can really change the game for you. There is something really masculine and rugged about such looks. Pairing your beard with a cool hairstyle can add the much needed level of sex appeal to your look. Top beard style 2016.

There are few fundamentals to consider when pairing beards and haircuts. You have to consider your hair type, ability to grow beard, relative lengths etc. While it may sound complicated at first, but it’s no rocket science if you really think about it. And if you are someone who has not tried out a chic style and cut combination yet, you are missing out on a huge trend. Below, you’ll find our guide to the best trending hairstyles for men with beards.

Man bun / Top knot: This is possibly the most apparent pairing of the list. The man bun and top knot go well with all kinds of beards. The beard balances out the bun or knot and adds a fine contrast.

Hairstyle with beard look

Slicked Back Undercut: This is one of the classic styles that goes with almost everything, and of course, it’s one of the top hairstyles for men with beards. The length of your undercut and the length of your beard should be the matching. This creates a balanced and even look. The beard continues the undercut’s trim and creates unison between the beard and cut.

Messy hair: For decades, the pairing of shaggy hair and a beard is possibly the epitome of style. It shows certain roughness. As the name suggests, it’s completely okay to have a somewhat uneven looking beard. This means you don’t need to regularly trim your beard as messy is fine and adds to the carefree look.

Latest mustache and beard styles

Neat Quiff: A trimmed; even beard looks nice with trendy quiff. The size of the quiff is balanced out with a small to medium sized beard. This creates a visual contrast and does not take the attention away from the quiff. The beard simply makes everything balanced; it’s not the focal point here.

Trending Hairstyles For Men With Beards

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