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The Boxed beard is maybe the most classic beard style of all. But “classic” doesn’t have to mean boring. A Boxed beard works for nearly any man, and it says classy, stylish and aware. A Boxed beard reads as suave and sexy but not too fussy, a handsome look for any man. Square beard styles.

Trendy Box Beard Styles That Can Update Your Look

No matter what your facial hair looks like now – it’s easy to get a polished, updated Boxed beard. Here are 5 boxed beard styles we recommend.

#1: The Neatly Trimmed Boxed Beard

The Boxed beard is a relatively short, well-groomed style. Here we see a Boxed beard that is more closely trimmed than the classic. This beard style looks neat and clean. It works well for professional or formal occasions. This style works on many face shapes and disguises a weak chin or jawline.

#2: The Short Boxed Beard

Here we see a version of the classic Boxed beard style done relatively short. This creates a particularly masculine look without being too “lumberjack.” It’s stylish and well groomed. This beard style suits men of any age.

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#3: The Classic Boxed Beard, with Very Short Hair on the Cheeks

This look uses a Boxed beard style that shapes the natural jaw line. While most of the facial hair is trimmed to a uniform shape, hair on the upper cheeks has been allowed to grow in only slightly. You get a Boxed beard with a slightly grown out look. This gives you versatility: let it grow a bit for casual weekends and shave the cheeks, aside from the jawline for a more polished work on Monday morning.

#4: The Classic Boxed Beard

The classic Boxed beard will never go out of style. As you can see, it gives the impression of a handsomely square jaw and looks stylish but still masculine. This low-upkeep required make it a good choice for the busy man.

#5: The Sparse Boxed Beard

Finally, the Boxed beard style works well, even if you have relatively thin facial hair. As you can see here, even a sparse Boxed beard is still handsome and stylish, and as a bonus, it requires very little grooming.

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The Boxed beard has long been a staple of men’s style worldwide. This trend is likely to continue. Take your Boxed beard to a modern, updated place with one of these variations.
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