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The shaved head styles are not considered as norm violation, instead, a man with a clean shaved head looks more confident, dominant, masculine, stronger and taller. Different shaving styles for men.

The shaved head style is the best hairstyle for those who have little time to spare for their hairstyles and with facial strands and beard styles, these hairstyles can make a man look exquisite.

Check out these tips and tricks that can help you achieve a shaved head style that will look stunning.

1. Slick back the sides of the hair using a high hold water based pomade.

2. Start the styling from the back, using a round brush to roll back while pushing the hair upward and forward. Shave in small sections and blow dry at the same time.

3. The blow dryer must be set to high temperature.

4. Blow dry and brush the hair up and forward, going to the hairline. Spend some more time at the front and to give the hair more volume. The hair should at a 60-degree angle when pointing upwards.

5. Apply a small amount of the pomade, working it through the hair on the top and with the help of the blow dryer, maintain the height and the shape.

6. Finish the styling by applying a hairspray, blasted over the head.

Types of mens beards

Here are 20 shaved head styles that have been handpicked from an exhaustive range of shaved hairstyles.

Bald Head Round Shaved

You will need facial strands like the ones in this picture if you want to compliment the round shaved head style. Dark whiskers can add more style because of the contrast created by the light skin tone.

Absolutely Short Hairstyle

This hairstyle is almost a shaved head hairstyle which makes the scalp visible and is a great option for balding men with round faces. A clipper set to low grade is used to make the haircut make you look younger.

Square Head Shaved with a Goatee

The symmetrical angles are highlighted in this square head style and a small goatee draws away the attention from the shaved head. A great style to show the boldness and masculinity.

Close Shaved Haircut with Trimmed Beard

Short haircuts like this closed shaved one are the best options for balding men, and with long beards is unbeatable. The scalp is hidden and a beard compliments the style.

The Sweet Ginger Shaved Head Style

The head is shaved bald and whiskers are style with ginger hue and grown to fill the face. You will need a lot of patience but once achieved, this style can make you look magnificent.

The Side Fade Shaved Haircut

The variations of shaved head hairstyles for men are reflected in this hairstyle, where the scalp is totally exposed for the very short hair and the sides are faded to meet the beard line. Men with an oblong face can choose this shaved head style.

Buzzed and Neat Hairstyle

This is a simple and neat hairstyle, perfect for those having round face shapes. The buzz cut is matched with the trimming of the whiskers to the same level.

Hairstyle for beard face

The Shaved and Fade Hairstyle

This hairstyle is for men with receding hairline, where the fade starts right from the center portion of the scalp and goes down to the sides and back. The fade ends behind the ears. Those who have less time for hair styling can find this haircut perfectly suitable to them.

The Close Shaved Square Cut

This hairstyle is one of the matching hairstyles for guys with receding hairline… The square cut and close shave makes it easy to hide the baldness.Notice the neat and sharp edge at the front.

The Bald Fade Classy Haircut

This haircut is a perfect example of how to wear a bald head style. Some of the strands are left at the crown and the back and the sides to create a bald fade pattern.

Close Shaved Crew Cut with Beard

This close shaved hairstyle is the most common hair style for men with receding hair, where the closely shaved crew cut matches with the beard and mustache.

The Natural Bald Haircut

The head is given a clean shave and this hairstyle matches with those having oblong faces. The strands are shaved off and the facial strands are cut short to form a stubble.

Bald head Shiny with a Goatee

A hairspray is used to bring the shine on the bald head and a beautiful goatee with a soul patch adds elegance to this hairstyle. You can also use a hair oil instead of the spray.

B ald Head Villain Look Hairstyle

The entire head is shaved clean and a full and long facial hair makes you look like a villain. No maintenance at all and the styling is also an easy-going affair.

Clean Shaved Head with Extended Chin Curtain

The clean shaved head and the massive chin curtain combine to make this hairstyle an amazing one. All attention fall on the extended chin curtain.

Facial hair beard styles

Just Growing Out Hairstyle

This hairstyle has the hair on the head which has just grown after a clean shave. Instead of having the buzz cut, this could be a better option, letting the hair grow naturally after a clean shave. Matching for heart-shaped faces.

Clean Shave Vintage Haircut

A distinctive haircut where the head is closely shaved and the facial hair trimmed with some strands of gray hair visible. This haircut is an appealing one.

B ald Head with Imperial Mustache

It is the clean shaved head that turns away the attention from the head to the magnificent handlebars. It takes much patience to grow and style the whiskers like this.

B aby Face Cute Bald Head Hairstyle

This hairstyle will look magnificent when the hair on the top is allowed to grow for a few days after a clean shave. No signs of whiskers, which gives this style a baby and cute appearance.

Bold and Brave Clean Shaved Head

The head has just got a clean shave and the chin curtain is let to grow extra long. A good idea for those experiencing receding hairline and a bold one too.
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