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Beards can be complicated, and not all beards are created equally. They can be straggly, dry and itchy if you’re not using the proper beard grooming products, and they can grow into all kinds of weird shapes. That’s also not to mention that there are many different beard styles to choose from. The struggle is real, right? Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a struggle at all. Aside from using a beard balm to condition and sculpt your beard, all you need to know is the shape of your face. Then, you can grow the best looking beard for your specific facial structure. How to select beard style.

Take a look in the mirror. Does your beard and jaw work together to achieve a gradual oval shape? If not, then it could very well be that you’re rocking the wrong style of beard. If your beard and jaw shape is square, then you want to get some volume added into the bottom to elongate your face – beard balms are awesome for this! If you have a long or rectangular shape, you need more hair on the sides to thicken and even things out.

So, you have a square face. A shorter beard with hard, precise lines or a scruffy beard will make your jawline more prominent. Think David Beckham. Keep the hair shorter on the sides and thicker on your chin to add dimension to your facial structure.

If your face is round, a neatly trimmed beard will help elongate your face. Shave hard lines along your cheekbones and neckline to emphasize your facial structure, making it look slimmer and of course, less circular. Your go to is to grow longer near your chin, and shorter on the sides. Think Leonardo DiCaprio.

Short chin beard

With a rectangular face, your facial structure is probably already strong. So, just keep things neat and trimmed, with the sides full and the bottom shorter to get the best beard. Think Jake Gyllenhaal in his rugged, lumberjack-looking ways.

If you have a long, oval shaped face, there are many beard styles that will make your face look shorter. The key is to choose one that takes the attention away from your narrow jawline, but almost all beard styles work for you. Generally, stick with thicker hair on the sides and shorter growth on your chin. Think Adam Lavine.

With a triangular face shape, you likely have a wider hairline, broad jawline and a chin that is quite narrow. Think Russell Brand. To add some balance into your look, choose a beard style that doesn’t bring the attention to the bottom of your face – your chin, but you also don’t want too much thickness at the sides either, as this will emphasize your already wide jaw. Stick with a full beard just under your cheekbones – and not the sides of your jaw – and keep things short near the chin.

Beard stylish

Rocking the right beard can change up your entire look! So, select beard styles that are ideal for your facial shape and use beard balms to add texture and volume where needed.

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