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A hundred years ago people simply lopped off their beards with any sharp object they could get their hands on, that or just not shave at all, but that is a thing of the past.

There have been so many beard related innovations to make your beard feel and look better, to make it healthier, and to make it easier to style. All of these innovations are things that we cover in depth to give you as much help as you need to achieve the beard of your dreams.

We recognize that growing a beard is a work of art that constantly goes through a process of rethinking, remodelling, and using different products to achieve the desired results. We have a multitude of tutorials, tips, and products reviews in regards to things like beard styling, beard vitamins, beard oils, balms, waxes, conditioners, trimmers, combs, and a whole lot more.

Here you can also find advice on how to trim your goatee, how to style your beard, how to keep your facial hair healthy, and which beard styles are best for you. When it comes to beards, Major Beard has got your back.

The best of the best in beards

Beards are so much more than an assembly of hairs growing out of your face. They are also a fashion choice, a hobby, and an expression of yourself as well.

Therefore it only makes sense that you use the most trusted products and the best methods to create any style that will look great on your face. After all, you will have to walk around like that, so it only makes sense to use the best of the best, and that goes for grooming tips, the products you use, and the styles you choose.

Major Beard is here to let you know what the best of the best beard products are, why you should use them, and what their benefits are.

No matter if you are looking for beard oil, balm, wax, combs, scissors, safety razors, or beard trimmers, we have great advice on how to choose each of them to suit your specific needs, plus we have great reviews on the best products out there too.

Taking care of your beard is made much more enjoyable when you have the best beard care products, the best styling methods, and the most reliable tips on everything related to beard care.

Beards are a truly fantastic thing to have because they serve so many different functions, perhaps the best being that they make your face look stylish and turn you as a man into a walking piece of art.

When it comes to beards, Major Beard has a vast collection of information and tips to keep you looking as good as can be.

Articles concerning the styling of your beard, how to achieve different styles, how to maintain your beard and keep it healthy, and much more are all topics that we specialize in. We have tips on which beard styles are suitable for your face, how to choose the right style, and how to choose the right beard care products that will suit your specific needs.

Getting rid of mischievous beard problems like itchiness, beard dandruff, redness, and irritation, plus dry hair with split ends are also things that we can help you solve. We’ll help you choose the right beard care products or even help you make them by yourself such as our DIY beard oil that you can produce from the comfort of your own home.

For men beards are a natural part of life, and therefore it only makes sense to get the best advice, tips, tutorials, and product reviews available to help you turn that facial hair into a true beard.

Just imagine that just a few decades ago men didn’t really have any real beard care options, it’s scary isn’t it?

Your beard needs to be kept hydrated, it needs nutrients and oils, and it needs to be malleable in order to style it the way you prefer too, not to mention that the skin underneath needs to be taken care of as well.

New dadi style

It must have been difficult back then when men didn’t have any real beard oils or beard balms because they are definitely the most effective way to achieve the results that you want and moreover the results that you need.

The right beard oil or beard balm can soothe irritated skin, reduce itchiness, stop beard dandruff, and keep your beard hydrated and healthy, plus styling and trimming is made easier too.

Here at Major Beard, we have all of the information you could ever need in regards to balms and oils to bring your facial hair to the net level.

We have a multitude of articles concerning what the best beard oils and best beard balms are, how to use them, why you should use them, and depending on your skin type, which beard oils and balms are best suited for you.

Not to mention that we have tons of reviews on various beard balm and oil products so you can know exactly what you are buying before you even purchase it.

A few hundred years ago taking care of your beard simply meant picking last night’s leftovers out of it, but that certainly isn’t the case anymore.

We humans as a species have come a very long way in the past few decades and that includes methods, knowledge, and various products related to beard care. Now instead of picking the food out of it, we also trim it, comb it, and fill it with different products to keep it looking and feeling healthy.

Major Beard is dedicated to beard care and moreover helping you take care of your beard to give you the facial hair that you have always wanted. Here we have various articles on beard care products such as beard oils, balms, waxes, conditioners, brushes, combs, shampoos, and trimmers too.

All of these categories include tips on how to use these things, why you should use them, and which ones are the our tips on How To Get Flake Free, Beard Softeners, Beard Conditioners, and various Beard Care Kits, plus a large variety of tips centered around keeping your beard hydrated, free of itch and dandruff, and how to trim it into various styles too.

We make beard care easy, fun, and affordable as well.

Have you ever tried combing or brushing your beard with a regular comb? If so you know that it doesn’t really work and running a comb through your facial hair can be like trying to pull a nail out of a 2 by 4 with your bare hands; it just doesn’t work.

Straight and knot free facial hair is something that pretty much every man desires, but is also something that can’t really be achieved if you don’t have the right tools.

Major Beard is all about giving you the tools and information that you need to have the cleanest and most well-groomed beard in town. We have various product reviews such as the one about The Brush Strokes Firm Military Style Boar Bristle Brush Review, plus much more too, all of which are meant to give you the much-needed knowledge to make an informed purchase.

Here we talk about the various types of beard combs and brushes that are best for taking care of beards, getting rid of knots, and spreading around essential oils.

As well we talk about which combs and brushes are best for specific types of beards and all of the benefits that come along with using them.

Trimming and styling a beard isn’t just something that men do because they need to, it’s something that men do to look fashionable and to express themselves with any style beard that seems appropriate for their taste and mood.

Different beard styles 2016

Back in the day trimming a beard was a simple necessity, but now it has turned into a self-expressive art form that lets the rest of the world know exactly who you are.

Of course, Major Beard knows that you can’t just use any old pair of kitchen scissors to trim your beard because that is going to take a very long time and will probably leave you looking like you survived a bear attack.

Normal scissors aren’t sharp enough, and they aren’t designed with beard styling needs in mind.

For that reason, Major Beard has a variety of articles based around beard scissors, how to use them to create a specific style, and various product reviews on the best beard scissors that you can get your hands on.

Major Beard helps bring beard grooming, beard care, and beard styling to the next level and helps bring you to the future because we know how important facial hair is to some.

Growing a beard isn’t all that hard, but keeping it well maintained can sure be a hassle, and it certainly isn’t as easy as just chopping away at your hair until it is a few inches shorter than before.

Sure beard scissors are great for trimming away some extra hair, but they aren’t very precise for creating a specific look, and they definitely don’t work too well if your beard is already pretty short.

A great beard trimmer with length guards and specialized grooming heads can help you trim your beard to the exact length you want and the style that you desire.

Major Beard is here to give you all of the latest information on various electric beard trimmers out there through the wonder of product reviews where we talk about the best beard trimmers out there.

We have a vast array of information on various beard trimmers, why you should use them, who they are best for, and which ones make for the best possible purchase.

Major Beard is dedicated to keeping your beard as healthy as can be.

That includes having a fast growing and thick beard that is well hydrated, free of split ends, doesn’t itch and doesn’t produce a snow storm of beard dandruff. A few decades ago the only way that people took care of their beards was by washing them and maybe trimming them a little, but other than that there was nothing to be done.

This all has changed because with recent scientific discoveries it has become abundantly clear that your diet and the vitamins you eat have a large effect on the health of your beard.

Moreover consuming the right vitamins can help get rid of all of those beard problems that men have grown accustomed to.

We talk about various beard vitamin topics including if facial hair supplements can really help your beard hair grow faster and thicker, what beard vitamins can do for your facial hair, which vitamins are the most important, and which beard vitamin products are the most effective at providing for a healthy beard.

Read our product reviews and various tips concerning beard vitamins to get a good idea of how your nutrition affects beard growth and maintenance.

Top beard look

Have you ever tried to style your beard to look like a specific beard cut, but just couldn’t seem to get it done? The chances are that you were just using a brush and some water, but of course, that isn’t enough to complete some of the cool styles out there.

Beard styling, to do it right, requires a variety of different products if you want to achieve the best results possible, plus it also requires a fair amount of know how. Who knows, maybe with some inspiration from us you might even be able to create your own brand new beard style.

All of the beard styling know-how that you could ever need is available right here at Major Beard.

With articles centered around creating various looks, how to trim your beard into different styles, and how it is done the easiest, you will be looking the way you have always dreamed of in no time at all.

Not to mention that we have various tips and product reviews concerning beard styling tools such as beard oils, balms, waxes, combs, trimmers, and a lot more too.

With the help of Major Beard you can find the right tools to get the job done and great advice on how to use those tools to achieve your own unique look.

Reading reviews online can be a real hassle because there are so many to go through, and everyone always has opinions that vary wildly from one person to another.

Plus there is the fact that a great majority of online reviews are written by professionals employed by the very same people who are trying to sell products.

The bottom line is that most product reviews are unreliable and are more of a sales tactic than anything else.

That is however not the case at Major Beard because we go out of our way to make sure that we only write unbiased reviews, include real opinions and real results, and only talk about products that are the real deal. When it comes to beard care, we have a multitude of beard product reviews so you can spend your money wisely and not waste it on products that are subpar and just don’t work.

We have reviews on all kinds of beard products including scissors, combs, brushes, oils, balms, waxes, conditioners, and so much more.

We can tell you which products are most suited for you, what they are all about, exactly what they do, and what the best products of each category are.

Don’t go out spending your valuable money before you read some real reviews right here at Major Beard.
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