Simple beard styles. How to Choose the Best Beard Style for Your Face Shape

Your face shape really matters a LOT when it comes to rocking a beard. I didn’t realize this at first but after having tried dozens of beard styles and careful observation of other men, I found out that certain people look great with a specific beard style while others look horrible with them. Why? Obviously, the facial features matter but more importantly, the shape and size of your face determines what beard or facial hair style will look great on you. How to select beard style.

And that’s the truth. After you grow out a beard, try choosing a beard style that suits your face shape. Then start working at it with your electric beard trimmer. After you’re done, you’ll find that it actually accentuates your features and compensates for other things.

For example, if you have a really long face, a beard that’s thick at the sides can help to draw focus away from the length of your face and balance it out to give you a more rugged and heavy look. And that’s fantastic. Don’t believe me? Take a picture of yourself when you are clean shaven and then take a picture of yourself with your new beard. Compare. Or even better, ask your friends, girlfriend or wife what they think is different.:)

Here are the common face shapes and the beard styles that work for them:

Round Faces – A full beard doesn’t usually fit a round face that well because it makes the face look even rounder but there are some ways to turn a round face to your advantage. Make sure your beard is longer near the chin and be sure to avoid thick sideburns by trimming the sides of your face. This helps to draw the focus towards your chin and beard. I would recommend a goatee instead of a thick and long beard for a round face.

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Large Faces – If your face is large, you need to have a big beard. Period. If you only have a small clump of hair on your chin, that would be terribly imbalanced. People with large faces should go for a full beard and maybe even a mustache. A mustache works really well with a beard if you have a large face.

Oval Faces – This is the perfect face shape for beards and you can pretty go crazy with all sorts of beard styles. You can rock most sorts of beards without fearing that it’ll detract from your features.

Square Faces – To avoid making your face look even more square than it is, you should make sure that your beard is not long at the sides and much longer at the chin area. This makes your face look more oval and accentuates your beard and facial features. Like the round face, a goatee might be a better option.

Small Faces – Men with small features need to be careful. You don’t want the beard to overwhelm your face and get your features ‘lost’ in a mass of dark hair. Avoid large and full beards. Sideburns and goatees or stubbles or short chin curtains work really well for small faces.

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Long Faces – You definitely don’t want your beard to be longer at the chin because that will make your face look even longer. Have your beard thicker at the sides, try sideburns and make sure that your beard is the same length or shorter at the chin area.

This is really a rough guide but I’ll found that the tips above work for just about everyone. That is unless you purposely want to draw even more attention to what you already have: for example, wearing a really thin and long chin beard when you already have a long face.

That would be an attention-grabber but I’m not sure how well that will appeal to the opposite sex. But whatever beard style you choose, be happy and proud of it!
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