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Above you will see the four most common face types. Depending on your face type, there is a beard style for you. You can use this as a guide to get the best beard style for your face, but ultimately it is your choice to pick the style that you like the most! You can also check out the Top 4 Beard Styles of 2017 here. How to select beard style.

OVAL = Boxed Beard

The boxed beard is an attractive style and looks good with an oval face. When you flatten the chin area, you can make your cheek lines stand out and add some strength to your look.

SQUARE = Ducktail Beard

With a square face, you should already have a bold cheek line. Keeping the sides short will make your jaw structure stand out. Allowing the beard to grow a bit longer around the chin, will give it definition and strength.

Different beard styles and names

LONG = Grizzly Beard

When you have a long face, almost any style can work, but a grizzly or full beard can look great. It has a rugged and distinguished look. With a grizzly style, you can have a strong chin and cheek, while having a wider and longer beard. It has a unique look and will have people talking.

ROUND = Ducktail Beard with longer sides

With a round face, you want to keep the sides a little bit longer than a traditional ducktail. Your beard can hide some of the roundness and give you the appearance of a firm jaw structure. You will also want to grow out the chin area for a fuller look.

How to shave a beard styles

Now that you have seen some of the best-suited styles for your beard you can check out the Best Beard Products, and Beard Maintenance sections to help keep your beard of choice looking grizzly!
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