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So you’ve taken our advice, set a beard goal, and let it grow uninhibited for about 4-6 weeks to see what you’re working with. Congratulations, this is a huge step! How to select beard style.

Now it’s time to assess your progress and decide if your beard goal needs some adjustment. As part of this evaluation, you should consider what type of beard shape will best compliment your face. We’ve put together a really simple guide to help you decide.

We will start with the gimme. Oval shaped faces are most malleable to all styles of facial hair. Almost any style will work, so you just need to decide which best fits your personality and goes with your hair, clothes, job, etc.

A square, defined jawline is classically masculine, but some guys don’t like such sharp edges to their faces. For any length of beard, shape it so that there are rounded and faded edges to help soften up the jaw line. Specifically, the heavy stubble look of a “10-day” beard with a strong, square jawline is fantastically rugged, provokes envy from onlookers, and delivers tons of personal confidence.

New goatee styles

With a round face you’re going to want to use your facial hair to make your face look a bit longer and narrower. Keep it shorter on the sides and cheeks and then grow it out longer on the chin and under the jaw. Trimming an angle from your chin back toward your neck, with a defined neckline just above the Adam’s apple is a great look. You can also try a faded beard or goatee as long as you keep your sideburns short.

Opposite of the round face, with a longer face you are going to want to use your beard to help your face look fuller and shorter. Allow your sides and cheeks to grow out and thicken your face, while keeping it short and trim around your chin and under your jaw. Some might elect to trim a hard line right at the jaw, but be cautious of a potential double-chin effect. Be sure to keep your beard well groomed even with a longer style so that your beard appears intentional and not just lazy. Don’t fool yourself, the intentionally lazy look still takes effort to not appear completely disheveled.

For guys that have broad jawlines and narrow chins, you will want to keep your sideburns and mustache a bit shorter and allow your beard to fill in below your cheekbones. Keep the length on your chin trimmed so that it's more even with the longer hair on your sides and cheeks. This will help give a balanced appearance.

Best men's facial hair styles

Regardless of the shape of your face, the best advice is to e mbrace what you've got and accept the beard you were given.

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