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There was a time when most men swore by a clean shaven look. Today, not just Bollywood celebrities, actors from telly soaps are also sporting the stubble look. Some men simply try to copy their favourite actors by sporting their statement beard style. However, one must know that not all beard styles look good on a particular shape. Getting the right facial hairstyle that suits your face does the trick. Here are a few recommended hairstyles for every face type – How to select beard style.

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Add balance to a round face by sporting a neat “moustache” and/or a trimmed beard designed to slim & make the face more oval. Philips HQ6990 Shaver cum Trimmer comes with Super Lift & Cut Technology that gives you a perfect shave as it lefts your hair below the skin level. The Reflex Action system of this product adjusts according to your curvy face. This pop up trimmer is perfect for grooming your moustache.

Best men's facial hair styles

Men with a square face have comparatively sharper features. A “goatee” or “french beard” adds the right length to a square face and enhances the square jaws. One wrong stroke and your goatee look could go for a toss. Use Philips QT4000 trimmer as it comes with 1mm precision blades to trim your beard perfectly. With superior grip and an easy to handle design, you get the perfectly shaped goatee.

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People with this face shape tend to have bigger foreheads and thus require a beard to balance out the empty space on the face. A “thin sliced” beard with the moustache which are moderately trimmed word the best the face look less angular and takes the attention away from the forehead. Get a perfectly thin sliced look with a Philips QT4000. Use Pritech Sport 3D Shaver as its superior quality angular heads give the right shape to your beard while shaving off the unwanted hair around your beard.

Great looking beards

Men with a triangular face have a broader jaw line & a pointed chin. Go for a “full beard” as it diverts people’s attention from your sharp chin and adds the perfect balance to your look. People with a full beard usually leave it untrimmed. Try Moser 1400 Hair Trimmer that comes with precision blades to give a neat look to your full beard.

Men with an oval face are the luckiest as they can pull off any beard style effortlessly. Full beard, goatee, thin sliced - any style looks good. Sport any look with this Nova Trimmer. Use the trimming head if you want to style your beard. Remove the attachment when you wish to go for a clean shaven look- simple!
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