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For the longest time, the best advice that could be given about beards is to just to grow it without any regard if it fits your face shape or not. If you had some sort of facial hair, you were considered good to go. Though the “wild and free” look does not suit every man, who tries to pull it off. If anything, when it comes to beards, it’s not a one size fits all kind of deal. Just as some hairstyles fit certain face shapes, your facial hair can have the same power. Some styles can flatter you while others will not. How to select beard style.

While learning your facial shape as well as the best beard style for you may be a bit difficult, this handy guide might be helpful when you’re at the barber shop getting a new cut.

The oval face shape is no mystery, to understand. Just like an oval, the facial shape is rounded at the forehead and chin yet is still slightly on the longer side. Plus, it happens to be one of the most ideal face shapes for men. Although with this shape, there is little to none jawline definition while your cheeks tend to be on the average size. Will Smith and Jake Gyllenhaal are two great male examples.

The best part about having an oval facial shape is that it does have the potential to suit most facial hard styles, only if you do keep it tamed and well-kept. The best advice for men is to keep a constant 5 o’ clock shadow or complete facial foliage. A popular style is shown to be a shorter beard that has clean, crisp lines.

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Men who have a round face shape are known for their wider jawlines, their short chin, as well as their wide cheekbones. If anything, this facial shape is commonly seen in Hollywood since Leo DiCaprio, and Jeremy Renner both have it. While this shape may not be the easiest to find a style for, there are a few tips that can make your face appear to be more shaped.

To create the illusion that you have a more defined facial shape, any beard that has a heavy emphasis on the chin would be a perfect solution. Many barbers would recommend that any look that is shorter on the sides (the cheek area) and longer on the chin is extremely flattering.

This facial shape is characterised by a prominent, strong, square jawline. This is a common feature associated with Hollywood level actors and male models. The best look for this shape is a beard that highlights your features instead of covers it. One of the main looks for this style that is flattering is going for a round/more circular beard shape. Or the Balbo beard shape would be a good choice as it features no sideburns and a trimmed moustache.

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This facial shape is known to have a larger forehead which is over the size of the jawline as well as the cheekbone, which is all accompanied by a pointed chin. Chris Hemsworth should be coming to mind. The best style for men with this style is to create a fuller jawline by growing out a long, thick beard – or an extended goatee.

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