Coarse beard. How to Choose your Beard Style

How to Choose the Perfect beard Style according to your Genetic

style that fits well on your particular face, it is important to begin by studying the morphology of our face. Depending on the shape of your face, it is possible that certain styles of beards or How to select beard style.

will be more appropriate than others, while some will just be impossible for you to wear. To help you define the shape of your face, we have compiled for you the different shape along with the different types of beards and

that are appropriate for each of them.

If after reading this, you still have trouble determining the shape of your face and the best beard style that would work for you, do not hesitate to seek the advice of a loved one or your barber. He or she will probably be more objective.

Round Face

Having a round face does not mean being overweight. A person can be very thin and have this morphology. For those with a round face, almost every beard styles do the job. However, some specific styles help to conceal this roundness effect while others accentuate it.

Style to wear: To conceal the roundness of your face, a beard with a certain length below the chin is recommended. The goat beard style helps give a little triangular alignment in a round face. Those with this particular form of

should also opt for a hairstyle with volume and length.

Beard styles for small chin

Style to avoid: Avoid at all cost the shortest beard (stubble) since they accentuate the curves of a round face. In this sense, short hair

the same effect and also accentuate the curves of your face.

Oval Face

Oblong Face

The oblong faces closely look like the oval faces. Only they are longer and narrower. Men with this type of face should seek to break this extension by creating curves.

Style to wear: The sideburns pointing to the mouth with a straight

is definitely the preferred style for those with an oblong face. This combination of facial hair style helps to break the effect of lengthening on your face.

Style to avoid: If your face is rather long, it is of utmost importance to avoid long bristles below the chin. All lengths below your chin greatly accentuate your long facial features. The goatee beard should, therefore, be avoided for these people. Also, if you have a fairly voluminous hairstyle, it will be better for you to opt for short hair that will round your face. Otherwise, the beard can not help you.

Good facial hair styles

Square Face

Modern gentlemen having a square face should seek to do the opposite of those who have a round face. Rather than seeking to accentuate the angles, you will here seek to soften the angles. For this, a variety of beard styles is available to you. The goal when you have a square face is to conceal the stature of the jaw.

Style to wear: To conceal this stature, long beard turns out to be a good option. This will hide the too angular features of your jaw and bring more curves into your face. The shorter beards (days or weeks) as the Nicolas II and the Van Dyke are also ideal for a square face.

Style to avoid: Those with a square face and wish to grow a beard should avoid

style beard. This beard style accentuates the angles of the jaw rather than conceal them.

Triangular Face

Men with triangular faces usually have a rather pointed chin. The beard style they choose should allow them to cover the length of their face and pointed chin.

Style to wear: If you have a triangular face which is not too long, a long beard or goatee will round off and extend your chin. On the contrary, if your face is triangular & rather long, sideburns will break this length.

Short hair and beard styles

Style to avoid: Those with an elongated triangular face should at all costs avoid a goatee or Van Dyke beard style as it would only increase the length of your face and your pointed chin.

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