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Choose The Best Beard Style For Your Face Shape: How To Pick A New Men’s Bead Style: All men can give up shaving and grow a beard very easily. The problem with this is that such a beard would be unru ly and not as charming as a perfectly groomed one. The perfect beard is not an unachievable dream. Every man can groom his beard to look a certain way. The only thing to remember is that different face shapes determine the type of beard a man should keep so that he can look his best. How to select beard style.

Different kinds of beards suit different face shapes. Beards groomed the same way/ un-groomed beards do not work for every face shape. The article below will help you determine your face shape, the perfect beard and what products will be helpful to aid beard growth.

There are a few common ‘tell signs’ of every face that helps you determine what shape your face actually is:-

Oval Face Shape: this face shape can be identified by there being a perfectly rounded head and the chin being similar. The sides of the face will be longish. The length of the face is prominent, than the width of the face as measured along the cheekbones. This face type is exactly how the name suggests oval.

Square Face Shape:: this face type has a relatively slim chin. In this the hairline is square like and the face is broader as measured along the cheekbones. The bottom of the face is square like along the corners of the face, but, obviously a little rounded around the chin. If you have a slim chin and your hairline forms a 90 degree around the edges of the head, you’re most likely a square.

Rectangle Face Shape: this face type can be distinguished by being long and the jawbones are wide. A person with a rectangular face will most probably have a square-ish chin. They are wide around the forehead region and even the chin, but are longer along the sides.

Round Face Shape:: if your face is round in shape, then the hairline will be rounded around the edges of your head and along the chin. The distance between the jaw-line and the brow-line will be less and the chin will be round as well. This face is shorter is length and is hence mostly a perfect round.

Diamond Face Shape:: if you have a face that is long with broad cheekbones, a narrow forehead, jaw-line that is symmetrical to the forehead and a narrow jaw-line too, you have a diamond shaped face.

Heart Face Shape: a heart shaped face is characterized by there being a small chin and the cheekbones being broader than the jaw line making a perfect straight line. The forehead is broader and the chin is very thin.

Triangle Face Shape: if you have a triangular face then you have a prominent chin. In this the jaw line is mostly broader than the cheekbones. The fore head is broad and flat-ish on the top. The face is longer than usual and is thinner as compared to other face shapes.

Best Beard Shape and Style for Oval Faces:

This is the most common face shape and it is easy to grow a beard that suits this face type. The only thing to remember is to trim your beard from time to time to avoid stray whiskers. All types of beards suit well on this face shape. The best one is to grow a full beard that covers the chin completely and is accompanied by moustache. It is important to groom the beard and the moustache from time to time to make it look attractive and neat.

To achieve this look you will need:

An unshaved face, at least for a month.

An electric trimmer/ razor

If you have not cut your beard for duration of one month, you would most likely have a full beard by now.

To achieve this look you will need to use a pair of scissors to cut the stray hair along the cheek bone and the jaw line and make it even with the rest of the beard.

Next you will need to shave off the hair present along the cheek to make both sides even.

Lastly, using a trimmer, keep reducing the length of the beard as and when it grows for a neat and attractive look.

Alternatively, you could also try removing all the hair from your face and leaving only a moustache and hair on the chin region. This is called a French beard and looks great on men with oval shaped faces.

Best Beard Shape and Style for Square Faces:

This type of face looks great when there are more hair on the chin region and lesser on the sides. The hair on the neck region are also kept to a minimal. This type of face looks best when there are lesser hair along the sideburns and more along the cheeks and the chin. The Anchor Beard and the Balbo Beard look great on a square face.

Beast beard styles

A fairly full face of beard. (around 2-3 weeks)

To achieve this look you will need to remove/ lesson any sideburns to a minimal.

Using a trimmer or a razor shave off all access hair on the face, leaving a moustache (optional).

Hair along the jaw line and the chin are to be kept, but reduced to look neat.

Alternatively, you can try the Balbo Beard, which is a little different than the anchor beard since the hair along the sideburns and below the ear are removed almost completely.

Best Beard Shape and Style for Rectangle Faces:

Rectangle: Men with a rectangular face should opt for a beard that is fuller on the sides and shorter at the bottom. In this you should try and keep a beard that covers your chin and neck. You can also try and grow a moustache to get a fuller look. It is important to maintain a well kempt beard to ensure a neat and attractive look.

On a fully bearded face, using a scissors trim all the stay hair.

Leaving hair along the side burns, using a razor clean hair along the cheek bones.

Maintain a moustache to give your face a fuller look.

Now, trim along the chin so that you can attain the perfect beard.

Alternatively, you could try a Garabaldi beard without a moustache, with a full beard on the rest of the face.

Best Beard Shape and Style for Round Faces:

Men with a round face should go for a beard that is lesser on the sides and fuller and longer on the bottom. In this the side burns and the hair on the cheeks should be completely removed and there should be more hair along the neck and the chin. A Dutch/ Garabaldi beard will suit well on a round face.

A full face of beard (one month)

On a full face of hair, attempt to remove most of your side burns.

Only leave hair around the jaw-line and the chin and hair can also be left o the neck.

Now let this grow, eventually you have achieved the above look.

Alternatively, you could try a Dutch beard in this there is no moustache, rest everything remains the same.

Best Beard Shape and Style for Diamond Faces:

The diamond face is longish and for this type of face, beards which are short on the bottom and fuller on the sides look the best. If you wish to style it further anything from Mutton Chops to a goatee that is extended look great. The key is to maintain this beard by trimming it correctly.

Fashionable beard styles 2016


On a fully bearded face trim along the side burns to make it look neat.

Next using a trimmer, trim along the cheek.

Now, remove the hair from the chin region.

Cut any stray hair along the cheek and the side burns to make it even.

Alternatively, on a diamond shaped face you can try a beard accompanied by a moustache. This will make your face look fuller.

Best Beard Shape and Style for Heart Faces:

for a heart shaped face you can try keeping a beard that is long and thick. Mutton chops, an extended goatee and a chin curtain work great for this face shape.

It is very easy to keep a full beard all you need to do is, on a month old beard, trim the hair along the side burns a little to make it look neat.

Next cut any strays which are visible on the cheeks or the chin.

Let this beard grow on the cheeks a little to give a fuller look to your face.

Now, maintain this beard by trimming it regularly.

Alternatively, a heart face shaped, since it is thinner, it is important to maintain a fuller beard to make you look your best. This can be achieved by additionally growing a moustache.

Best Beard Shape and Style for Triangle Faces:

Try maintaining more hair on the upper part of your face and avoid hair on the cheeks. Since your jaw line is wide try to draw away attention from that by keeping short hair on the chin region. A breadstache is the best way to go for a person with a triangular face.

A full face of hair ( one month)

To achieve this look, on a full face of hair remove hair from on the cheeks.

Keep hair on the sides to ensure that the face looks full. The strays should be cut with a scissors.

The hair on the chin should also be kept short for neat and an attractive look.

Alternatively, when you have a triangular face you also try a French beard. A French beard mostly suits all face types.

Great beard styles

To main a healthy beard it is important to use the right products. Using the correct wash for your beard or the perfect beard oil can sometimes be the key to a healthy looking beard.

Other than this it is important to use a face wash that compliments your skin type and aids facial hair growth.

Some oils and face wash can help re-open pores and follicles to help there to be a healthier and a fuller beard.

Eating right and maintain a balanced diet also aids facial hair growth.

Sometimes hormonal imbalances may cause for your beard to not grow as you as healthy as you expected it to. These hormonal imbalances can be avoided by eating healthy and exercising regularly. Keeping hydrated is also important.

If you wash your face regularly and keep your pores clean you are more likely to have a healthier beard. It is recommended to wash your face at least twice a day.

The quality of products used plays a huge determining factor for your beard to grow healthily.

Beard Oil by Corporate Collection:

This oil consists of sunflower seed oil which is proven to aid a healthy beard. It also contains Pheromones these help hair growth. Other than this there are other fine plant based oils along with fresh rosemary oils. These are supposed to nourish the skin and the beard to maintain the health and the vitality of the beard.

Viking Revolution Beard Shampoo and Conditioner:

This is formulated to ensure removal of dandruff and helps avoid itchiness. This is made with the top beard oils to help give your beard the best conditioning possible. This combination of shampoo and conditioner help hydrate, clean and soften the beard and keep it shiny and full of life.

Heavy Duty Beard Balm by Mountaineer:

This balm is great to tame a heavy beard. This balm controls the stray hair in the beard and makes an unmanageable fizzy beard into a manageable one without making it feel greasy. This also helps reduce dandruff and itchiness in the beard.

Spartans Den Premium Beard Shampoo:

This is proven to eliminate all sorts of impurities from the skin and promotes facial hair growth. This helps to soothe and calm the skin down to avoid itchiness, dandruff and flakiness. This contains ingredients like Shea seeds and Coconut that help maintain a healthy beard.

Beard Conditioner by Beard Guyz:

This moisturizes and nourishes the beard for a shiny appearance. This leaves your beard healthy and softer and helps avoid itchiness and prevents dandruff. It contains coconut, aloe vera and jujube seeds that help in keeping a healthy beard.

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner:

This balm is the most trusted brand for beards in the world. They guarantee that by using this leave in conditioner you can attain the healthiest beard. This is known to soften coarse and rogue hair present in the beard. It also helps prevent beard dandruff as well as itchiness.

Bossman Beard Kit- Beard Oil, Conditioner, and Balm:

This is your ‘all you need’ beard treatment kit which includes an intense beard conditioner cream which helps fortify the beard. The balm present in this kit has a relaxing agent which helps the beard maintain its shine. The oil is made of ingredients that help soften the beard and also aids growth of the beard hair.
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