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How to choose a beard style – Good ideas for starting out

Do you want to know how to choose a beard style? There are some great ideas to be aware of when you start out on your beard growing journey. We want to have an idea of where we’re working towards. But, the first step is to actually grow the beard. How to select beard style.

Grow your beard out

Growing your beard out is the first step to figure out how to choose a beard style. This will give you an idea of the full potential of your beard and you’ll be able to see what you have to work with.

Assess what the strengths of your beard are and what you can do with it. The longer and more full your beard is, the more options you’re going to have.

If you’re not happy with how your beard is growing in, there are a number of different products you can try out. For an itchy beard, I highly recommend using beard oil. This is going to be a huge help in reducing beard irritation.

Can I choose any style? Or does it have to be one that goes with my face shape?

I want to know how to choose a beard style that matches my face. It doesn’t matter what face type you have. You can go for any style you’d like. That said, some beard styles may accentuate specific features. If you have a long face and choose to go for a long beard, it’ll make your face seem even longer. So many may choose to go for a bigger beard on the sides and keep it shorter at the bottom to kind of balance it out.

Basically, to play to your faces strengths you want your beard to do the opposite of your face. Square face? Make the beard more rounded. Round face? Trim the sides of the beard shorter and have a longer beard at the bottom to narrow it out.

The most important thing is that you want to choose a style that works for what your beard is doing. So if you have a bunch of patchy spots, a full beard style might not be a perfect choice. Play towards your beards strengths.

So it actually comes down to personal preference and what you can actually do with your beard. A lot of men go for a style that’s easier to take care of because of both convenience and workplace tidiness.

What face types go with what type of beard?

We want to know how to choose a beard style that does the opposite of what your face type does. There are a number of different face types. These include diamond, triangular, oval, oblong, square and round. Keep in mind none of these face types are very exaggerated. There isn’t a huge difference between them.

Types of beard hair

For a diamond face type with wide cheekbones and a pointier chin, it’s recommended you keep the sideburns and chin hair short. Keep the bottom of your beard more full in terms of width. This will make the jawline seem wider to balance the look of your face.

A triangular face type with a wide jawline will benefit from a shorter beard. Keeping the beard short will not increase the width of the jawline.

An oval face type is very balanced overall so feel free to try out any beard style.

An oblong face works well with wider sideburns and a shorter beard on the chin to minimize the length of the face.

A square face with a flatter jawline will do well with a long beard. This will minimize the angle of the jaw.

A rounded face works well with short sideburns and a long beard.

How to choose a beard style – Specific styles

Where do I start? Check out these beard styles.

There are so many beard styles you can choose from with variation upon variation of each style. The simple chart below shows off just a few of the more popular beard styles you can go with.

Current beard styles

The full beard trimmed short is the most popular style. This is due to a lot of reasons. It’s easy to take care of and it’s tidy and looks professional for the workplace.

However, choose the one you like the most and that works with your beard.

How do I avoid messing up my beard style?

Now we want to talk about how to avoid any potential problems. We don’t want to have to start growing a full beard again. That can take a lot of time. Nail down your beard style without messing up using the proper beard shaping technique.

Beard Trimming tools to avoid messing up

Exercise caution when cutting

The best way to avoid messing up your beard while going for a specific style is to cut carefully. You should cut a little less than you need to and slowly adjust it to where you want it to be.

If you’re using a nice set of clippers, make sure you are starting with a longer guard and slowly move towards shorter guards.

Trim it so it’s a little bigger than you wanted

For example, if you’re growing out a mustache. Trim it so it’s slightly larger than it needs to be. Then step away and take a look. That’s when you can make smaller changes. We all hate the situation where we’re working hard on that specific style only to trim away too much and have to start over.

Use the correct tools.

In order to get a uniform beard all the way across you’ll want to use a trimmer. You can use one guard setting to go over the whole beard. This is especially useful for shorter beard styles. I recommend this trimmer.

For longer beards, you’ll probably need to use scissors to make adjustments. A good beard comb will also help to figure out where you need to cut as well as to grab the hair. Every time you cut some you’ll want to brush that beard back into place. We need to shoot for symmetry after all.

Small beard styles 2016

Beard trimming maintenance

One thing to keep in mind when figuring out how to choose a beard style is how much upkeep your beard will take. Shorter beard styles, in particular, can take a lot more effort to maintain than a longer beard as far as trimming goes. A longer beard takes more upkeep in other ways.

A shorter beard will require little to no brushing, cleaning it is easier, and maintaining a healthy beard is more simple. But, you will have to trim it often to keep it at your desired length. But, using a trimmer at a set guard length is really easy. It only starts to become difficult when you start to get into really short beard fades. Or if you like to keep a really sharp edge when you trim your neckline or even cheek line.

A longer beard requires a lot more upkeep to maintain its health. Brushing becomes a must. Hydration is very important so that’s when beard oil or balm come into play. And of course, you do need to take care of a little trimming once in a while but, not as often as you would with a much shorter beard.
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