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Finding Your Beard Style Types of modern beards.

For the modern man a beard is not really a status symbol, but is more a statement of intent.

Beards have moved from being a money-saving option popular during economic recessions, to being a trendy statement that expresses personal style. They have the ability to alter the shape of a man’s face making it look older and more sophisticated, or more youthful and playful depending on the occasion. It can also hide imperfections or accentuate features worth highlighting.

According to a YouGov survey, beards have become more popular since 2011 and over 40% of British men grow a beard in the UK. Nowadays, men have a great choice of grooming products to choose from and many styles to experiment with. In fact, celebrities with signature beards have made facial hair a part of popular culture.

Since beards are here to make a statement, you just have to find out which beard best reflect your style.

Short beard with goatee

Stubble used to be seen as a sign of laziness or indicated that a man was not enjoying the best life. Razor companies even called this the ‘5 o’clock shadow’, which they encouraged men to lose by shaving twice a day so they did not seem so solemn (and perhaps also to help their razor sales)!

Today, stubble is well received and this style suits most men and is also the easiest to maintain. Northumbria University did a study that showed that women prefer men with stubble. Additionally, the brand Remington which makes grooming products did research that showed that one out of five men claim to feel more sexy with some stubble.

Stubble is best for men who have a young looking face as it adds ruggedness and a mature look. It is also best for men who have trouble growing full, thick beards. If you want to strengthen your jawline, cover up imperfections like scarring from acne or an uneven skin-tone, stubble is a great solution. Stubble is easy to maintain if you use a trimmer on a 3-4 mm regularly and if you exfoliate your skin (to prevent ingrown hairs) and condition your hair. Also, you can experiment with different patterns to contour stubble to change the shape of your face.


Famous beard styles

The goatee is no longer a style just for rockstars and rebellious genius types. This is a great option when you want big style in a short amount of time. While it is usually the choice of bad boys, it's perfect for men who need a little edge and men who have patchy hair growth and have trouble growing a full beard. This style suits men with angular and slim faces (as long as the beard is not too long), and for men with round faces that want make them slimmer. You might think that it is easier to maintain a smaller beard, but this is not true. To obtain goatee perfection, you need a steady hand and precision management. Once your beard has grown to a length you want, use the edging blade of the trimmer to trim your whiskers so they are just above or are on the edge of the upper lip and then trim down the sides. Shape your goatee when your beard is dry since hair expands when it is wet and you may end up taking off too much if you shape it when it is wet.

This is a great beard for men who want to be able to have an understated, versatile and office-friendly beard. It offers insulation and style and if it is well preened it can be a comfortable fit at work and at the pub. A short beard suits most faces and playing with different angles can help you to accentuate positive features and downplay negative ones. So, reducing the side lengths can make a round face seem longer and leaving them a little longer can make a narrow face wider. If you have a double chin, growing a longer beard also can serve as a good way to cover it up. This short beard style's upkeep is minimal and requires a good beard trimmer and a (wet) razor to keep it in shape. Once the beard grows to 1-2 cm, trim outside the beard line using a trimmer with an edging blade or a laser guide. The wet razor can be used for any stray hairs on the cheeks and the lower neck. To keep your beard in good shape use a good quality oil and distribute it through your beard using a natural bristle brush.

There is something special about the process of growing a full beard, it is a rite of passage of sorts just like having your first pint or learning to drive. Managing a full beard is not as easy as it looks and takes more maintenance and effort. Basically, the fuller a beard is the more care it will require. A full beard is best suited to men with an oval shaped face. Other shapes will need to be creative crafting when trimming to find the most flattering shape. If you have a slim face you can grow the hair on the sides to round out your face and if you have a round face you can make it look longer letting the hair on the front of the face grow a little more than the hair on your sides. Once your hair is the length you are looking for, maintain it by using a trimmer on a long setting on dry hair. Make sure to brush it using a beard brush first and apply a beard oil afterwards to keep your hair glossy and in good condition. Have your beard professionally shaped by a barber every once in a while to give it a shape you can follow at home.

Now you can pick your beard style - wear stubble with style, a short beard with sass or manage full beard, fearlessly.

Nice beard cuts

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