Types of beard hair. Men’s Beard Styles for 2017, Men s Hairstyles and Haircuts for 2017

It is already clear that beards are back in style. Men, who understand the value of facial hair, truly appreciate modern beard styles. Matching your haircut with the perfect beard may really change the things up. There are various ways to experiment with beard styles. It is amazing to see how men combine fades, undercuts, pompadours, top knots with short or long beards. The beard style is based on your facial features and haircut, so you should choose it according to these factors. Below I have represented some trendy beards and beard styles for 2017, let’s hope that you will find some inspiration from these cool looks. Messy Hair with Beard Mens beard hairstyles 2016.

Actually everything about this model’s look is super trendy. The first thing that grabs our attention is the shaved sides. The locks on the top of the head have been messed up to create a nonchalant and carefree look that is totally in mainstream. When it comes to beard, it is not necessary to grow it in super long length have an amazing look. However both the headdress and beard make a perfect combination. Medium-Length Hair with Thick Beard

Nowadays we can see more and more long-haired men walking down the street. Those who are confused about long strands may take their inspiration from this man. He has a medium-length hair that has been swept away from the face. The long and thick beard breaks that feminine touch of medium-length hair. Well, try to keep your beard groomed and trimmed for a neat and clean look. Fade with Stubble Beard

Beard styles face shape

The faded sides and long top remind us of the latest trendy hairstyles that require these patterns. The longer hair on the top allows you to go for various hairstyles. You can take example from this model and opt for smooth spikes. You can achieve these spikes with the help of hair products. Anyway it is more than visible that this headdress looks better with short stubble beard. Pompadour with Thick Beard

Pompadours are still in trend. In 2017 they continue to be the most desirable hairdos for men. Pompadours come in various shades and shapes, so the look of pomp depends on your hair type, length and natural texture. However it is always possible to achieve a better look with the help of hair products. This particular pompadour has been paired with thick beard. Top Knot with Thick Beard

Beard look 2016

What can give a man more masculinity rather than a thick beard style? Well, this thick beard draws all attention away from top knotted hair. By the way both top knot and thick beard make an interesting combination.


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