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The Trick To Picking The Perfect Facial Hair Style For Your Face Shape

Whether you’ve been sporting a beard or moustache (or something in between), the good thing is facial hair is no longer perceived as a fad or trend. It’s here to stay. Even better? Because it’s now the norm for guys to have facial hair, it’s as good a time as any to take the plunge – especially if you’re someone who’s considered the look, but were too afraid to try. Chin facial hair styles.

Here’s what you might not know about facial hair, though. While it is a clever and convenient way to mask or minimise things you don’t love about your face – say, a high forehead or a round jawline – it can (and should) be used to accomplish the opposite, and enhance what you do like. Barber Tanner Hanley says, “Facial hair should accentuate your best features, not hide them.”

But first things first: you need to know and understand what you’re working with. “It’s important to know your face shape,” explains Hanley. “Then, you can find the facial hairstyle that’s right for you.” For example: a full, thick beard might make Jake Gyllenhaal look even more masculine, but it might not be a flattering look on you.

While Tanner believes “it’s awesome that we live in a time when most facial hair is acceptable in a ‘work’ environment,” there’s a simple trick to making it – regardless of the style you go for – work: “The key here is to stay groomed.”

Thick beard styles

So, without further ado, below we break down the facial hairstyles best-suited for your face shape. But above all else, “rock what makes you feel good,” says Tanner. “Because confidence is most sexy.”

If you’re blessed with an oval-shaped face – George Clooney is a prime example – consider yourself one lucky guy because you’re able to, according to Tanner, “rock most facial hair styles, like moustaches, goatees, beards, or full beards.” Just remember to keep those cheekbones smooth and fuzz-free.

With round faces, Tanner says the goal is to “add length to the bottom, while keeping things clean on the sides. That’s why we want to elongate using facial hair.” He also believes this looks great with “a haircut with some volume on top, and a short clean side and back.”

Face dadi style


If your face is shaped like David Beckham – mind you, we didn’t say look – Tanner recommends “a short full beard, which can really help accentuate a square face.” A moustache or goatee will also be flattering, but don’t forget to keep the neck and jawline clean.


For this face shape, “the goal is to always keep facial hair on the chin,” explains Tanner. He recommends a short, full beard or goatee to help cover and broaden the chin, and to balance and offset your cheekbones, the widest part of your face.


To keep the forehead and jaw looking balanced and proportional, Tanner says “to always go for a short beard, and to keep it tight and clean on the neck and jaw.”

Mustache and goatee styles

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