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Everybody is well aware of the resurgence of the beard in recent years. It’s now pretty darn cool to be wondering down the road sporting a big old bushy beard. But why are they so important to so many men, and given that they are so important how do you keep your facial hair in tip-top condition? Google ‘beards’ and you’ll be hit square in the face with article upon article telling us why us guys loves beards, the history of beards, how to groom your beard, why you should buy a certain beard trimmer, or a certain beard and mustache oil. Hell, if you put ‘amazing…’ into Google the first suggestion it comes up with auto complaete is ‘amazing beards’! Types of beards 2016.

Beards are back. Beards are big. But are beards are here to stay?

Beards are back. For want of a better word they’ve become ‘hipster’. For men all over the world beards are a symbol of manhood, they show machismo, You can grow this fine crop of hari on your face which sadly not every guy can. But hey, forget those losers (joke), lets crack on and see why you love your man mask so much and why the ‘hipster’ beard has become sooooo big.

The hipster beard

Our old frien Wikipedia defines hipster in the context of contemporary subculture suggesting it arose from the middle classes but now you see everyman and his dog (and the occasional woman if you’re unlucky) sporting a cool beard, a cool hairstyle, nice clothes and often trendy glasses. They’re everywhere now and I’m pretty darn sure they weren’t always everywhere!

An article by the BBC ( Beard trend is ‘guided by evolution ‘) goes as far as to put forward a Darwinian theory for why we’ve once again become beard obsessed. They suggest that the more men have beards, they become less attractive to the opposite sex, thus given those clean shaven among us a distinct advantage. I suppose people will get bored of too much of a good thing! So when beards die out again (heaven forbid) will it work the other way? So the basis of this theory is that there’s ‘peak beard’, when so many guys have a beard they basically become uncool and once again become associated with the dodgy science teacher in the blazer with the elbow pads that used to stare at you for a little too long back in school.

So if you’re looking to keep your man hair looking dapper there’ll be something for you on If money isn’t an obstacle then check out our best bread trimmer page where you’ll find find the best on the market at the moment. They won’t all cost you an arm and a leg but as is the rule with most things you can buy, the more you spend the better quality and the more features you get.

Names of men's facial hair styles

Finding the right beard trimmer and great beard care products

If you’re new to beards, have never grown one before, or just never really taken care of your beard properly finding the right beard style, the right beard trimmer, and the right beard care products for you can be quite a big task. You could liken this to taking care of your garden for instance – What sort of garden do you want? Do you want neatly trimmer borders and beautiful lines with everything in its place looking pristine and perfect, or do you want a wild. rustic looking garden.

As well as providing you with access to a myriad of guides and links to articles on the best beard styles (check out the one on the left from )and how to look after your beard has a selection of pages to help you decide which beard trimmer and which products are right for you. All are available on marketplace websites such as amazon, argos, boots.

So, we’ve established that the beard, in various forms is most probably here to stay. In which case you’re bound to dabble with growing facial hair sooner or later. What self respecting man doesn’t but when it does become time to take care of your beard and start looking like a don how will you look after it? Luckily, there are some fantastic products or the market for keeping your beard in tip-top condition.

Keeping your beard clean

It makes sense that like any other part of your body you need to keep it clean. If you don’t keep your beard lovely and shiny then it will get out of control and you’ll end looking like a tramp with a kipper in his pocket – not a good look by the way, take it from someone who knows. So wash your beard regularly and take care to use a mild shampoo as your face is going to be far more sensitive than your scalp. The trouble with beards is, and I’m sure you’ve noticed this this, is that they grow around the mouth (Learn something new everyday, eh?). The point is that there a whole host of stuff that you put in your mouth that can interfere with your beautiful many face hair – from food to coffee to alcohol to nicotine and God knows what else. After you was your beard it’s recommended that you use conditioner although this is really down to personal

Different beard cuts

preference. With the rise in popularity of the beard over the last few years there are literally tons of beards shampoos and soaps on the market. I’d reccomend that you read reviews and see which ones people are rating highly.

Buying a beard trimmer – the Essential guide

Keeping your mane in check is a must for any self respecting beardo, whether its a full facial or just a goatee. So ensuring you buy the right beard trimmer as well as using it correctly is essential.

Obviously a good beard trimmer should cut easily and smoothly without tugging at your hairs. The cut should be even, and it should be easily adjustable so you can cut at different grades. The difference when a decent trimmer is used is definitely noticeable. Yes, they can be expensive, but when compared with going to the barber to get it done or getting buy with an old or inadequate trimmer is more trouble than it’s worth. Not only that but there’s something very satisfying about trimming your own beard. It’s a feeling of satisfaction that just keeps you stroking your own face for hours after you’ve trimmed.

There are some great trimmers on the market but rather than just buy what you think is the best take a look at reviews and product specifications and see which one will suit your own personal needs. You may want to keep a bushy beard, or perhaps you like to have a more stubbly look. Different trimmers will suit different styles and even types of beard.

Hottest beard styles

So, the advice from is to find one within your budget (they can range from £10 to upwards of £150) that tailors to what you need and how you want your beard to be and gives you the right facial hair to suit your face type ( check out this guide to beard styles for different faces ).
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