Different men's beard styles. The shape, types and styles of mustache and beard. Photo fashionable male mustache.

"Antennae - this is a passport in panties," - says popular wisdom. Having hair over your upper lip means that you are facing a man, not a boy. We are talking about lush vegetation, and not about the pristine, untouched cannon blade. Different types of mustaches and beards.

Whiskers save those who have an ugly baldness on their cheeks, like an Indian. They make you look like an adult, a respected Azerbaijani, an enterprising chairman of a collective millionaire farm, a senior researcher, an 80s porn actor, or a fashionable hipster. All the cool guys wore a mustache: Albert Einstein, Hulk Hogan, John Carpenter, Simon Mikhailovich Budyonny, Soso Vissarinovich, and even Adolf... Haha, no, not the one you thought of, and Adolf Saks, whose name with the addition of the suffix "background "was the name of a musical instrument.

Of course, the choice of mustache entirely depends on you. Their diversity causes envy even among bearded men. But before you choose your form, a small educational program as to what a decent guy, and what not.

If you have thick jungle like Cambodia dark hair, then the greatest comfort you will feel with such forms as "Pencil", "Fu Manchu" and "Toothbrush." But no, forget it, it was Charlie Chaplin who wore it, and in history there was another Austrian with a mustache, like that of Chaplin.

Owners direct but thick hair should choose a wide mustache. Usually, thin hair they grow very fast, but it is unlikely that you will manage to create a kind of thick beauty like that of Nietzsche, if your hair is very thin. Most likely, they will simply hang down near the corners of the mouth, trying to get into the mouth.

Lucky owners of wide mustache are strongly advised to wear the so-called "English mustache", mustache "Walrus" and "Chevron".

An important role in the choice of a mustache is played by the shape of a beard. Holders of the so-called "Triangle", in order not to expose a pointed chin in an unfavorable light, need short mustaches. "Walrus" and "Fu Manchu" will turn you into a cartoon character, whose mustache has more face, "Pencil" is the perfect solution.

The oval shape of the face is considered universal, since almost all types of whiskers fit it.

Chubby peasants need a mustache that will visually make the face more elongated. Therefore categorically avoid thin mustaches, my round-headed friend. "Pencil", "Chevron", "Pyramid" will save you from aplomb.

Men with a face resembling a square, curled "Handbars", "Fu Manchu" and "Pyramid" mustaches will be suitable for smoothing the features. Even more hair curls on the face!

Well, now directly to the mustache itself. Choose the form, remember the idols, look in the mirror and set aside the razor.


No curls, no frills, just wide, thick mustache, covering the upper lip. For serious men, like Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin.

Fu Manchu

Fu Manchu is a literary character created by Sachs Romer. The embodiment of evil with a long thin mustache down to the bottom. If you are not the lead singer of the group Dschinghis Khan and you do not plan to arrange the Tatar-Mongol yoke in Russia, your face does not resemble Shao Kahn, then it is not clear how, when and why you will wear them.


Full whiskers, identical in width, growing to the jaw line, similar to an inverted horseshoe. They are distinguished from “Fu Manchu” by the fact that their ends do not hang down, and the line itself is much wider than that of Asian barbels. The area above the corners of the mouth does not shave, because everything is adjacent to the face. Such mustaches like to wear bikers, Cossacks and Hulk Hogan. If any of the above is close to you, you know what to do.


From English, their name translates as "bicycle handlebars." Famous curly mustache, which are especially popular with youths overgrown with hair. They can be both long and short - it all depends on the hair. The most important thing is to make the right curls at the ends. And here, as they say, wax to help.

If you are a soldier of the First World War (which we very much doubt), or a dude who carefully watches himself, then such a mustache will greatly decorate your fashionable face.

English mustache

Thick mustache, starting at the middle of the upper lip and famously twisted at the ends into a thin-thin tube. Such a mustache lacks a top hat, tailcoat and conversations in the style of "Three in a Boat, Not counting Dogs", or investigations in the style of Hercule Poirot. Although Kukryniksy liked to add such mustaches to bourgeois.

Show the idiot who will wear the upstairs, famously twisted cockroach mustaches of a great artist, and I will tell his diagnosis.

Imperial mustache

Very lush whiskers, grow not only on the upper lip, but also stretch up the cheeks upwards, inextricably connecting to the rest of the hairline through the whiskers. For such a mustache you need to be incredibly pretentious and self-sufficient, like the emperors of the Russian Empire and Austria-Hungary or the late Lemmy Kilmister, who gave this mustache a second life.


This is a triangular mustache, a bit like a chevron mustache, but of a more regular shape, narrow near the nose and wide at the base. Classic and very comfortable mustache for all occasions. There is no sense in listing their owners, for they are imprinted on the legendary faces of Ron Jeremy, a cowboy from the Village People, and even at the time by Nicolas Cage. Perhaps your dad or grandfather wore them. They smell the 70s, free morals and cocaine particles entangled in their hairs.

And if you grow a mustache stronger, releasing the fluff parallel under the lower lip, you can become like Frank Zappa.


In the 1920s and 1930s, half the men of the planet Earth wore these very mustaches. For example, such legendary personalities as the People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR, Heinrich Yagoda and Marshal Blucher. Today, to wear them, you need to have a lot of courage, because history remembered them over his upper lip, not even from Charlie Chaplin, but from Adolf Hitler.


Thick mustache, combed from the center to the side, taper and end at the corners of the mouth or a little further. The level of their pomp, as a rule, depends on the laziness of their owner.

If you pay close attention to the name, it is not difficult to guess that the fashion for such a mustache originated in Hungary. After several centuries in the desert canyons of the Wild West, they found a second youth, growing on the faces of bank employees, sheriffs and other evil spirits.


Fluffy, mustache hanging over the lips. Such whiskers often cover their mouths. If you are not confused by the prospect of constantly smearing your mustache in a borsch and wearing the nickname "Mr. Tusk", then please grow. Console yourself with the thought that Mark Twain, Friedrich Nietzsche wore such whiskers, and you were a millimeter closer to their greatness.

Only there

Barely noticeable and short mustache, indistinguishable from ordinary bristles. The only difference is that their owners have a lot of vegetation accumulated only on the upper lip and on the chin. These people also do not like to shave every day.


Small, thin mustache, often shaved from above or below. The main guideline of their thickness was a pencil, so they got their name. In the 30s, 40s and 50s, they were incredibly popular thanks to such Hollywood idols as Clark Gable, who became almost synonymous with these mustaches. Nowadays, without them, it is impossible to imagine the face of Metallica guitarist Kirk Hemet.

Such mustaches, requiring daily care and attention, wore the most fashionable personalities of that time - the mafia, thanks to which the image of a hardened Italian gangster cannot do without neat stripes over the upper lip. In the end, Vito Carleone by Marlon Brando did not escape the elegant hairs.

The right beard is a plus for male attractiveness, masculinity and intelligence. And what do we know about handsome men with a beard, attractive brutal men?

That's right, girls pay attention to them - a good reason to grow a beard fashionable haircut beard and mustache, (photo below)!

Have you seen bikers and Metallika fans? They look awesome, but stylish. Male beards, styles like girls - this is important. Want to see correct haircuts pretty men's beards, photos of Hollywood stars are presented to your attention.

The beard will go to everyone, except for the owners of a small face, so we advise you to arm yourself with a razor and remove the growing one. It will reduce the face, which does not look aesthetically pleasing.

It is worth considering that not everyone will suit the dense facial hair. But do not rush to get upset. For every man - there is an individual style.

Following the advice from the article you will choose for yourself an individual style that will hide the flaws and emphasize the advantages.

Also get acquainted with different styles of beard, photos and names are presented below.

Incorrectly chosen style will make you untidy dork, even looking like a homeless person. People will pass you by, and the girls will not even look in your direction.

So don't be in a hurry to give your vegetation the look of a favorite celebrity. Before you choose a beard haircut for yourself - determine the type of person.

Oval. Men with an oval face type - rejoice. You will be envied by guys with other types. Experiments? No problem. This style will suit any style and look!

Cordate. Pay attention to the triangular type - this is for you.

Beard shape for long face

Diamond or diamond shaped. Dense vegetation you will not go. Look at Wolverine - you need it!

Oblong. In the form of a horseshoe or classic sideburns - what you need! In no case do not shave beard types in men (photo below), which extend the face.

Round. Chubby dream to visually lengthen the face. In this case, we advise them to grow a medium mustache and lower the "goat" or trapezoid (from the temple to the temple) beard.

Square. For those about whom they say: "muzzle brick", suitable rounded ends.

Triangular. Owners of this type dream to expand the lower, narrowest part of the face. In the fulfillment of a dream, they will be helped by a square, round or horseshoe-shaped beard.

Pear or lamp. Grow long sideburns - girls will appreciate!

Men, remember that not yet created that style and look that will suit every type! Everything is individual.

So, to have stylish men's beards go to the tips:

determine the type of person (types are described above). This is the main factor influencing the choice of the shape of the future beard;

beard color in men and hair thickness growing on the face. This is also important. Blondes, fair-haired and red-haired boys - allow yourself. Dark-haired (brunettes, brown-haired, and others) - choose something smaller. If the hairs are thin, then you will have to forget about the dense thickets;

growth. Tall guys - allow yourself a very wide beard cut and style. Low men - you will fit a neat little beard. Medium height - choose middle ground - what a score!

Chose a style for yourself? Congratulations! Scroll further, there is interesting! The technology of cutting beard and mustache learn by visiting the wizard. Watch the video.

Beard haircut - photos are presented to your attention.

The weak part of humanity (women) is terribly afraid of gaining weight. And what is the fear of the stronger sex?

According to the results of online voting and polls: men are afraid of baldness.

Saying goodbye to each drop-down hair, men almost cry. The fear that they will turn away from him, who is bald, is incredibly great. Let's figure out whether fear is justified? Not.

Style - very popular in our time. Bald head in combination with a properly selected beard - some advantages:

waste of time for a morning shower is three times less;

shampoo saving. Less is needed (only for a beard) - costs less;

“Dangerous” look - create an image of a tough nut, girls will appreciate;

don't shake in fear from the thought of baldness - hair and so no.

Bald men fit the following types of male beards.

Screen and wolverine style.

The main thing - choose them under the type of person. So, bald head and beard are a good combination, fears have been driven away... we are going further. Do girls bald men are beautiful, look at the video.

Every day, these styles of beard without a mustache are also gaining popularity.

Associate this popularity with what is required less care because there is no mustache.

And not every girl will like the tickling of the antennae when kissing. There are many advantages of this type and they are clear from the title.

Examples of haircuts beard without a mustache:

Old dutchman. Very dense vegetation from temple to temple. The length can be infinite. Lip your cheeks.

Island. Small dotted vegetation under the lower lip.

Insect style. The ends resemble a mustache or chewed insect.

Lincoln without a mustache. Oval oblong or triangular type - this beard is for you!

Klingon. Mustache shave over the lip, there are parts on the sides, connecting on the sides.

So, men, mustaches do not like? Shave boldly. There are many types, you can choose it.

With a mustache

Fact - the beard looks more spectacular and courageous in combination with a mustache. Previously, everyone wore a mustache, but now the man himself has the right to choose - to grow a mustache or not?

The mustache fashion is back, so grow boldly if you like. The style of the beard and mustache make every carrier elegant and independent from society a man.

Mustache Beard Design Examples:

Suvorovskaya. In the case of this beard, leave your chin clean. And the whiskers go down just below the lips and rise, growing together with the mustache.

Popular facial hair styles 2016

Anchor. Received the name for the appearance. How to shave a beard, see on the video.

. In honor of the military man from Italy, who first shaved this beard in men with a mustache.

Short boxed beard. Neat lines, thin mustaches, sideburns and beard - for this style has gained popularity among Hollywood actors.

Complete or. Thick and voluminous, with mustache and sideburns. Very suitable for tall men. With this style of sea brutality provided. How to make a beard, look at the video.

Duck tail. In the 60s a similar haircut resembling a duck's tail was in fashion. It resembles a duck's tail and the tip of a beard.

French plug. Reminds a special fork with two teeth.

Lamb chop with mustache. Sounds scary? It looks the same, if you pick a haircut and pump up. Look like a biker - be dangerous!

Sail. Will require careful and haircuts.

Rap style. Beard, mustache and tanks should be very short and very thin. The rapper style is a cool style!

Screen or beard of Lincoln. Why Lincoln? Because Abraham Lincoln - the sixteenth president of the United States of America, admired his beard.

There is such a beard without a mustache, although if you prefer to hide (for example, if the skin is problematic) the gap between the nose and the upper lip - the whiskers will not damage such a beard.

Choose medium or thin antennae. True beard cutting style suggests a square-shaped beard and wide sideburns. It will emphasize lips and hide imperfections of face contours. This is clearly seen in the proposed video.

Suvorovskaya. The exact opposite of the previous model of beard trimming is a folding screen. Growing a beard a la Suvorov, you do not have to grow vegetation on his chin. Grow wide sideburns that fall just below the corners of the lips and then rise up, connecting with the mustache. This kind of fit, if you have a beautiful and smooth chin. If there are flaws on the chin, you should avoid these types of beards in men.

Goatee. Earlier, the goat's beard was grown only by evil and unpleasant types, since the goat (and the beard too) personified something demonic.

But now it is preferred by the guys who decide to become “bad”, to acquire the image of “danger” and like the weaker sex.

There are two variations of the beard: with a mustache and without a mustache. Both are suitable for men with an oval and round face type.

Anchor. This romantic style is suitable for chubby men and square-type guys. It looks like an anchor. Is not it so? Not properly trimmed! Hurry to fix it.

Duck Tail or Ducktail. Model haircut beard. The similarity with the hairstyle of the sixties for one hundred percent, and with a duck tail all the more. Such a beard will not require frequent care and it does not need to be cut every week in a flat contour. Let it grow even to the knees!

Garibaldi. Dense vegetation, connected with whiskers and with a wide mustache. Looks untidy, but quite attractive. Reaching up to the knees is not necessary - its length is a maximum of 20 centimeters. The name comes from the first carrier - Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Sail. It calls for exposing the chin and “rushing in full sail”. Flared sideburns are combined with a mustache - this is how this style comes out.

Box Beautiful male beard.

Exactly trimmed (the length of the hairs is the same! This is important) beard connected to the tanks and mustache (possible without sideburns).

Suitable men triangular face type. Celebrities with beautiful haircuts beard wearing a beard box: Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Robert Pattinson and others.

Jack Sparrow Beard. It looks funny, but not courageous. Pick up specifically for themselves. Will require careful daily care and a lot of time. reach the desired length, as you like.

Van dyke. Simply put - like Johnny Depp. Fans grow and shape, girls will also appreciate. How to make prompted by professional barbers. Keep the lines even, otherwise it will look running. If you choose this type, watch the video.

The conclusion of the article is obvious. Beard and mustache and their styles - cool, courageous, strong. The main thing is to remember that not every style will suit you.

You have read beautiful beards in men, now follow the tips of the article to. Do not forget to monitor the condition of facial hair - careful care with the use of (, etc.), so as not to look like a dork.

Today, mustache and beard have become a real trend in the world of men's fashion. Smooth-shaven men today are not held in high esteem. It is believed that a young man becomes more sexy and attractive if he has a mustache or a beard (or both). But the choice of mustache and beard is a purely individual process, since the wrong shape and length can have the exact opposite effect.

How to choose a mustache

In the male population, mustache has always been popular and in demand. They serve as an ornament and means for a cardinal transformation of appearance. After all, with such a detail, you can hide the flaws and correct the shape of the face. Mustache haircuts can be very diverse, and it is necessary to select those that will be in harmony with the man’s appearance.

When choosing the shape of the whiskers, they need to be ideally suited to the features and shape of your face. It is also important to take into account the shape of the nose and the position between the chin, mouth and nose. In general, mustache haircuts should be done by professionals, who individually approach each client, his appearance and style.


The shape of the whiskers can vary in size and length. There are almost a hundred species. different types whiskers. Consider the most popular ones:

Dali. This species was named in honor of the famous artist Salvador Dali and is a mustache elongated, which curls upward. Choosing this form, you need to know that they require a lot of time for installation.

Horseshoe. The name of such a mustache was due to a shape similar to an inverted horseshoe. They grow at the edges of the corners of the mouth and end, reaching the level of the jaw.

Imperial. This form was preferred by the monarchs and the nobility. The mustache should be tight and be placed along the entire length of the lip, the ends of them twisted up.

Chevron. The mustache should be thick, large in size and completely obscure the upper lip.

Fu Manchu. The length of these whiskers should be below the level of the jaw. They are released over the upper lip and all the hair, of course, except for the mustache, shave.

Shade. The simplest and easiest form that you can make yourself at home without the help of experts.

English Such mustache haircuts were popular among the British military. They are long and thin, they should be released from the middle of the upper lip. The tips of the whiskers must always be sharp.

Different kinds of beards

Brush artist. The mustache grows along the entire mouth line, not long, but can be quite lush. Today such mustaches are very popular in youth circles.

Pencil. To present this form, you should revive the image of Johnny Depp. It is he who prefers such whiskers - thin and narrow.

Pyramid. The mustache is very narrow at the top, where they originate and expand to the bottom, covering the entire length of the mouth.

Toothbrush. They take the beginning under the nose itself, of small width and very thick. Charlie Chaplin and Adolf Hitler preferred just such.

Walrus. They are large, thick and can completely close the mouth.

Handbar. The mustache is similar in appearance to a bicycle handlebar, as their ends are twisted up. Handlebar mustaches were popular among the soldiers during the First World War.

Only there. The question of how to cut a mustache does not arise with this form, because in essence it is just a bristle that has been left to grow over the upper lip. Such mustaches are adored by men who do not like to shave.

Mustache nuances

Haircut beard and mustache - this is the business of professionals, since only the master can make the perfect shape, suitable to the exterior and face shape. But there are generally accepted rules that you should know. The sharp tips of the whiskers should always be milled with a sharp razor. Scribbing should be done to make the mustache less lush. It is carried out strictly along the bottom edge.

Before you cut the mustache, they must be combed in different directions. After that, the excess length can be removed with scissors and combed the mustache from the center to the left and right to give them shape. You can also use tongs for shaping. They must be flat and have a stable heat.

Mustache and beard should be cut only dry. Otherwise, there is a risk to get a huge difference between what they wanted to get from a mustache, and the final appearance.

Mustache Clippers

Haircut beard and mustache requires some training, or rather, the presence of necessary tools. In order to cut the beard and / or mustache at home, you need a trimmer, scissors, comb-comb and, of course, a mirror.

Scissors are used to line the mustache and / or beard and cut off the sticking hairs. It is recommended to use a professional tool, but its price is quite high.

A mustache trimmer is a versatile tool that can be used to trim a mustache, beard and even hair. For this trimmers are equipped with special nozzles. The price of this tool is not very high, so it is available absolutely for everyone.

How to choose a tool

In order to choose the right mustache trimmer, you need to familiarize yourself with several principles and rules.

If the hair is very tight, you need to choose a model with a blade that is adjustable in length. In the presence of soft and obedient hair is optional.

Depending on the scope of use, you can choose a wired or today there are even models for the car that can work from the cigarette lighter.

In one set with a trimmer, you can immediately purchase tools and attachments to care for eyebrows, hair in the area of ​​the nose and ears, etc. They cost more, but are equipped with all items for the care of vegetation on the head.

The tool should fit well in hand and be comfortable.

How to cut a mustache

And now - about the process itself.

It is necessary to comb a mustache so that they form a solid single line.

Using the trimmer (in the vertical position) we determine the contour of the whiskers.

Make the frame by holding the trimmer with the marking side towards you.

Holding the trimmer away from yourself with the marking side, we process the mustache and lips line, thereby giving the vegetation the desired contour.

We make the final shape by holding the blade to yourself.

To fix the shape of a mustache, you can use a special wax.

Whiskers are becoming a fashionable element that is gradually regaining lost positions not only in Europe, but also in our country. Modern views male mustache offer big choice different options that are suitable for any type of person and individual worldview. Every year the number of men who wear a mustache is rapidly increasing. Of course, this may seem strange and old-fashioned to some, although such people are getting smaller. Indeed, such an element of the face will surely make your image courageous and charismatic.

Variety of models

Among the variety of mustache there are more elegant or relatively simple options. From the first category can be noted such models as chevron, imperial type, handbar, Fu Manchu, Dali and many others. At the same time, new options appear regularly, which can be created by any person on their own.

Most popular varieties

Currently, there are some types of male whiskers, which can be considered the most popular and interesting. Each of these options should be discussed in more detail. One such option is chevron type. It is a rather thick mustache with a wide base, which overlap the entire upper lip as much as possible. A similar model was worn by Joseph Stalin. Another interesting species is Dali. She was named in memory of the famous artist Salvador Dali. This is a long narrowed mustache, which with the help of special styling bends strongly upwards. A popular option is the mustache in the English style. They are made narrow and start from the center of the upper lip. At the same time, places above the corners of the mouth, as a rule, are carefully shaved.

Among the Asian types of mustache can be distinguished by Fu Manchu. This variant starts from the upper lip and hangs down from the mouth directly to the lower jaw. Often they are made quite long to emphasize their shape. The places above the corners of the mouth are also shaved. A similar model is the Horseshoe. Its difference from Fu Manchu is that the area near the corners of the mouth is not shaved. Here they leave chic mustache narrow in width, which grow along the jaw line. In appearance, they resemble a unfolded horseshoe.

Previously popular were mustache type Handbar. In appearance they resembled the steering wheel of a bicycle. This option can be either long or shortened. To achieve this form can be due to the use of special wax. The main requirements are the presence of long, thick and curved whiskers. This style has recently begun to gain its popularity. Quite rare, but at the same time, the beautiful type is the imperial mustache, which should be very thick. They must grow above the lip and cheeks, and at the same time be directed upwards.

From the relatively small whiskers can be identified species such as shade, artist's brush and pencil. The type of brush the artist covers the entire area of ​​the mouth. Such mustaches are usually short with slightly rounded short edges. As for the lampshade, this view is very similar to the artist's brush. The difference here are the edges that resemble a lampshade. Pencil-like whiskers are thin and narrow. They are usually clipped right above the upper lip. This style is very diverse, and therefore it can be done in different ways.

Another popular variety are pyramidal mustache. They are also considered relatively small. This concept combines a mustache that has a narrowing at the top and an extension at the bottom that resembles a pyramid. It is also possible to design this look in absolutely all possible ways, which makes it very diverse.

It used to be popular style "toothbrush". It was a relatively thick mustache, which shaved clearly in the center above the upper part of the lip as a broad band. Such a mustache was worn by the famous silent film actor Charlie Chaplin. Also popular among sailors and residents of the north is the walrus style. It is characterized by a large, thick mustache that hangs all over the mouth. However, they completely cover the mouth.

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