Types of men's facial hair. 6 Trending Goatee Beard Styles and how to Achieve a Goatee Beard

Goatee beard styles are known to be the most versatile short beard style. Its popularity is increasing day by day as most of the college students and business personalities keep this style. If you have any goatee style, it will look great because it gives you the variation you want. Different goatee shapes.

If you cannot grow a full beard or you have a patchy beard them it is recommended for you to go for a goatee beard style. The knowledge of trimming and styling a particular goatee beard can make you look like a celebrity.

There are few pretty good reasons to back you if you are thinking to grow a goatee type beard.

It is one of the easiest short beard styles to maintain despite the variation goatee beard styles give you.

Goatee beard is very popular among the men in the early 20’s, and if your testosterone level is low and you face a lot of problem in growing a full beard.

Are you Struggling with a patchy beard? if yes, then you should try a goatee style as a patchy beard tends to grow thicker on upper lips and chin.

If you have a thin or weak chin then a goatee style will help you to cover it for you, as it will create an illusion of a fuller shape. The goatee is very useful for men having a thin or weak mouth.

Which of the Goatee Beard Is Best for You?

Inspired for a goatee? After the reasons why you should go for a goatee, you should know which of the goatee beard styles will suit you the best.

Before choosing any style, be it your hairstyle or beard style you should consider the shape of your face. There are beard styles for every face shapes, you just have to develop the courage to carry them.

Understanding the shape of your face and selecting the best-suited style is the first step.

If you have the face shapes like slim or angular face then it will help your goatee to rise and you will look good.

Always Remember: Don’t grow a long goatee if you have a long face shape as you will look too lean.

Well, despite these facts the better news is that a goatee style is not fully dependent on your face shape as most of the beard styles. If used wisely a goatee beard style can enhance your face shape and it can also increase your charm.

Boy dadhi style

Still, to have a goatee beard you should study your facial shape because not fully but a goatee style is mostly dependent on your face shape.

But when it comes to the goatee, and if you really want to keep a goatee beard style then you should keep it and you should be proud to carry it.

Below are given the face shape and goatee beard styles according to them.

Diamond Face Shapes – Full goatee, Chin Puff, Balbo and Handlebar

Square Face Shapes – Mustache with Goatee, Handlebar and Chin Puff

Oblong Face Shapes – Long Goatee, Handlebar and Goatee, Van Dyke and Chin Strap

Round Face Shapes – Pure Goatee (without a mustache) Anchor, Soul Patch

Heart Face Shapes – Anchor and Goat Patch

There are a lot of options in the goatee styles as you have read above, despite your face shapes you can choose a style only if you can carry it. It will take time to settle and within no time you will be comfortable with your goatee beard.

Maintaining a new style will take time till then patience is the key.

Let me introduce you to the 6 most trending members of the goatee family

The Original Goatee

A pure goatee beard is an under the lips on the chin with no mustache style with a well-shaved jawline. An original goatee is a pure goatee beard which doesn’t include any kind of mustache. You can also grow your mustache and connect it to your goatee, it will become the full goatee beard.

Classic Goatee Beard

This is the beard style which comes to our mind when we hear a goatee. This Classic goatee is commonly known as full goatee beard.

Latest dadhi style

This style is circular in shape, when you let your mustache to grow further it goes down to meet the hair on your chin from the sides of your mouth and together it will make a full goatee beard. The width of the goatee will depend on the width of the outer edge of your mouth.

If you are successful in creating and maintaining this unbroken circle then you will achieve the most popular goatee beard styles.

The Balbo

This short beard style requires very high maintenance. Unlike the classic goatee, this style requires a well- maintained mustache and they should not be connected with the beard. In this, the beard should be trimmed short.

Well, all beard styles require maintenance but for this particular style, you need to trim it every week to look sharp and clean. As already mentioned, well-trimmed mustache will be best suited with this style.

The Landing Strap

I can promise you that the goatee beard styles will give you all kind of variation you need. Landing strap beard is also a very famous variation of the goatee family. This beard style requires very less maintenance as compared to other beard styles.

To achieve this style, you need to trim of your mustache and the chin area expect the area directly under your lips. You have to make a vertical strap going down as long as your chin.

The Van Dyke

If you are facing problem while growing a full goatee beard due to low testosterone level then you should try the Van Dyke beard style. Often misunderstood with a true goatee, Van Dyke is a completely different style of beard. This short beard style has some patches in it, but this the beauty of this style as this beard style teaches us to love our flaws and to work together with them.

This beard is the combination of mustache and a goatee on the chin without connecting.

The Anchor

This goatee beard style is like the bigger version of the Van Dyke beard. It is longer than a Van Dyke and it allows the hairs under your lips to get close to your sideburns.

To achieve this beard style, you need a mustache, broad goatee and the soul patch, the combination of these is known as the anchor beard.

These are the 6 most popular goatee beard styles

Well, let me clear this again growing any beard style requires a high amount of patience so does a goatee.

To have the desired beard style you need to clear two levels

Kinds of beards

These are the levels you have to clear to have any kind of beard style.

To help us in clearing these levels there is beard oil. Use of a good beard oil with tea tree extracts can help you to win against an itchy beard.

As mentioned above, the goatee is a versatile beard style so, don’t worry while experimenting with it in the initial days. Let it grow and shape it well, if you are not happy with it then try another goatee style. Just remember the growth of a goatee beard is pretty quick.

How to Shape Goatee beard?

The goatee is a short beard style and when I say short beard style it doesn’t mean that it requires less maintenance, actually it requires a very good amount of care to look sharp. The goatee beard styles will grow much quicker and if you let it grow, it will make you look like a messy being. Trimming your goatee beard every week is advisable to all.

Always remember: cutting off your beard while it is wet is not recommended because you may cut some extra beard and it may look uneven. Let it dry, after that, you can trim it.

Regular cleaning and moisturizing the beard is important for the quality of your beard. Always apply beard oil after taking bath.

It is advisable to choose from different goatee beard styles which can give your face that completeness you always wanted. Remember, you can always experiment with the goatee beard.

Why Choose A Goatee Beard style?

Growing a goatee can give your face a great amount of mass and volume. This will help you to look good and eventually increase your confidence. This beard style will give you a clean look which most of the beard styles doesn’t give. Keeping this style will also help you to allow your facial hairs to grow and it will enhance your growth. Remember, if you wish to go for a clean shave, try goatee beard styles and embrace it.

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