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Facial Hair Styles. Men beards comes in different shapes and styles and they have a great number of options to choose from. However, men really need to opt out for styles which will suit them the best, they’ll have to look into the factors such as maintenance, their face shape and which size they are comfortable with. Facial styles 2016.

To give men an ease of selection we’ve compiled the 30 best beard styles for 2016 along with different type of beard names and best way to grow them because most of the guys especially teen guys worrying how to gorw beard faster. These are with varying face cuts and have various lengths, so it is easy to pick the one which suits your personal style and fashion sense.

Types of Beards and How to Grow Them the Right Way

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#30: The Arabic Style Beard

This typical Arabic style beard is ideal for young boys, this gives a sharp look due to the way the lines are defined in it, also this is really short in length so it is easy to maintain.

#29: The Bandholz

The Bandholz is another style which gives a rugged yet handsome look. This is a full beard however the mustache is not attached with the beard. Do check out Asian Hairstyles for Men 30 Best Hairstyles for Asian Guys

#28: Box Shaped Beard

A box shaped beard is ideal for elongated faces, as broad faces will look further broad in this beard. A box shaped beard takes time to grow and settle at an equal length.

#27: The Broad Jawline

A great trick to make you face shape looked more defined is to have a beard of this sort. This will focus on your jaw line and hence will end up making your face look thinner.

#26: The Chinstrap

The chinstrap begins from one corner of the face and ends on the other corner. This has been one of the oldest yet one of the most trendy beard style in men. Don’t miss out Arabic Style Beard – 25 Popular Beard styles for Arabic Men

#25: The Circle Chin

This beard is ideal for middle aged men. This is a combination of a goatee beard with mustache. This gives a fresh and youthful look but in a sophisticated manner.

#24: The Defined Sideburns

Instead of letting your sideburns grow out in their natural shape, you can also shave and give them precision. These defined lines will give your face a bolder look.

Best beard designs

#23: The Edgy Beard

This edgy beard is ideal for any man who is willing to give himself a complete different look. This involves adding a lot of hairlines in the chin.

#22: The Extended Long Goatee

The extended long goatee is similar to full beard but is medium in length and is sharp and pointed at the chin. This suits almost all face types and can be worn by men of varying age groups. For an awesome hairstyle to go with your beard, check out 2016 Hairstyles for Men | 25 New Styles to Try this Year

#21: The Full Beard

No matter what age, what size and whatever face shape you have, the classical full beard is the easiest solution. No matter what era we move to, this is never going out of fashion.

#20: The Fuller Goatee

Extended and Fuller goatee are only slightly different from one another, the fuller goatee have more thicker hair, hence giving the beard a fuller look.

#19: The Hipster Beard

The hipster beard adds a lot of edginess and sexiness to the overall look, This beard style is great to carry with short and sleek hairstyles as it compliments and enhances the look.

#18: Long Bushy Beard

As the name suggests, a long bushy beard includes the hair to grow in their natural shape and style. This beard is ideal if you want to give yourself a rugged look.

#17: The Match Style Beard

To give your face even a more elongated look, this match style beard is the perfect answer. This will further enhance if your hair and the beard have the same color.

#16: The Medium Stubble

A stubble beard is easy to grow, you just have to wait for the facial hair to grow and a medium stubble, i.e. it has slightly darker hair then the new grown facial hair.

#15: The Natural Outline

This involves the facial hair growth in its natural shape. The sideburns have to be as raw as possible, but remember this beard will look neat if trimmed regularly.

Short beard look

#14: The Old Man Style

Who say men in old age can’t opt for various beard styles? From full to a fuller goatee men even in their old age can go for these styles in their perfect grey white hair.

#13: The Pointed Mustache

There are various beard styles which have the disconnected mustache with them, so you can also style your mustache, give it a pointed look to appear even more sharp.

#12: The Professional Beard

A lot of times men are unsure whether their beard will give them a professional look or not, well the good news is you can enjoy both at a same time. All you’ve got to do is trim the beard regularly.

#11: The Shaggy Style

Remember Shaggy from Scooby Doo? Yes here we have a beard style inspired from him, a shaggy beard looks a little unkempt but adds a lot of ruggedness.

#10: The Shaved Lines

Many young boys are fan of having their facial hair all shaped up. Well they can totally give themselves an edgy look by having shaved lines.

#9: Taper Beard

Many of the guys are interested that the area around their jaw line and chin should appear the longest, so this style is for all of them and can be achieved even with help of a trimmer.

#8: The Thick Beard

The thick and fuller beard is what every man dreams of. This doesn’t need a particular direction to grow in, but must be trimmed accordingly.

#7: The Tight Beard

The tight beard, as appearing from its name is basically a facial hairstyle which will give you a very composed and well maintained look.

#6: The Beard Till Neck

To give a more artsy look you can also have beard growing till the beginning of the neck. This is not very popular but many men who experiment prefer it.

Beard look

#5: The Rounded Bandholz

The famous bandholdz beard style can also be given a rounded trim from the ends, this can compliment well with bald head.

#4: Long Beards and Fancy Hairstyles

Men who are low maintenance can opt for long beards and combine it with man bun.

#3: Combining it with a Handle Bar Mustache

Yes, to add a different look to the regular beard, why not combine it with a handle bar mustache?

#2: Long Hair and Beards

Long hair have been taking their toll even in men style. So a fuller thick beard with long hair is your perfect 2016 combo!

#1: Wolverine Style

Be it men or women, everyone has fancied this Wolverine style beard, so why not give it a try?
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