What beards are in style. 2016 Best Beard Styles for Your Face Shape, Men s Hairstyles and Haircuts for 2017

Like the haircuts and hairstyles beards also require special face shapes. Different face shapes call for distinct beard styles. Each man should find the most suitable style for his face. Here you will find the best beard style for your face shape to wear in 2016. When it comes to facial hair one should definitely keep in mind several important factors. First of all your beard and jaw should work well with each other. You should achieve a well-favored oval shape. In case you have a square or a bit rounded jaw you may grow out a fuller beard style on the bottom. Those who have oblong face shape, you’ll need more hair on the side parts avoiding the length. So, now let’s discuss each separately. Beard Style for Square Face Shape 2016 best beard styles.

Men with square face shapes are very handsome and masculine. This is the most beautiful face structure for men. It looks better with full beard styles. So, you should keep the beard fuller on the chin and shorter on the side parts. There are several cool and trendy full beard styles among which you can pick the style which you like most. Beard Style for Round Face Shape

If you have a round face shape then you should know that it need a kind of visual change to look more masculine. Grow facial hair longer on the bottom and keep the sides shorter. This will help you to create a more attractive and good-looking face structure. So, the final effect of the beard is supposed to be sharper and longer. Beard Style for Oblong Face Shape

Best simple beard styles

Oblong face shape is generally longer than oval faces. This type of face requires beard styles which are fuller on the sides and shorter at the bottom. This style compliments oblong face shapes and looks very stylish. As for the hairstyles, you may ad bangs to your haircut to shorten your face shape visually. Beard Style for Oval Face Shape

Oval face shape is the structure which goes with many haircuts and beard styles. They are middle ground than the other shapes. Most of the beard styles work well with oval faces and therefore the options are many for you to make the right choice. Among so many fashionable and striking beards you will surely opt for the best style. If you like you can even try out several styles time to time. So, we wish you a more handsome and masculine look in 2016.

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