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Light colored facial hair has an appeal all its own. Blonde and reddish-blonde beards are not as common as darker beards. This means that if you have light colored facial hair, working with it, growing it, styling it can all give you a striking look, one that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. Blonde beard styles are always in, and if you are lucky enough to have a blonde beard, let it work to your advantage by emphasizing your handsome face! Men's haircut and beard styles.

Handsome Blonde Beard Styles

Whether your beard is platinum, golden or ginger blonde, there’s a style to suit you.

#1: The Blonde Box Beard Style

If you have relatively full blonde facial hair, consider a classic full box beard style. This look incorporates a full beard with a connected mustache of about the same length. It’s a handsome style that looks good on many men.

#2: The Mid-Length Squared Off Beard

Don’t hesitate to have some length with your naturally blonde beard. A mid-length beard with squared off corners is always a winner. Although this style does require some shaping, it’s an easy style to maintain and does not require much daily grooming.

#3: The Short and Natural Blonde Beard

Men who have slightly thinner facial hair often look better in shorter beard styles. Here we see a short but very natural beard with a mustache. This is an easy, wearable style for nearly any man and works especially well to create the illusion of a stronger jawline, creating a handsome, masculine look.

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#4: The Pointed Beard with a Shaped Mustache

Shaping your mid-length blonde beard to a slight point and combining with a shaped mustache is absolutely a winner. This style of a shaped mustache can be worn naturally or defined using wax for a sharp look.

#5: The Short, Full Beard with Long Hair

If you have long blonde hair, pair it with a beard that complements your overall look. A relatively short but very full beard provides a nice balance to long hair and adds edge to your look.

#6: The Dapper Blonde Beard

A blonde beard style can look incredibly polished and distinguished, especially when trimmed into an elegant shape and threaded with natural grey. Many beard styles can be transformed into a very polished look by simply grooming and trimming meticulously. This isn’t the most natural beard style, but it’s definitely an attention- getter.

#7: The Blonde Circle Beard with Connected Sideburns

A classic circle beard with connected sideburns and hair on the cheeks is another easy, wearable look. This style certainly complements naturally blonde facial hair.

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#8: The Viking-Chic Beard

If you prefer a longer, natural, grown-out beard style, you can rock this viking-inspired look to your advantage. Your natural blonde will move this style beyond old-fashioned “mountain man” to a trendy but still masculine look.

#9: The Long Beard with a Shaped Mustache

Long beards pair well with distinctly shaped mustaches, as we see her. While the stylish mustache adds the tiniest hint of humor to the overall look, the long, natural beard grounds this handsome blonde beard style.

#10: The Natural Ginger Blonde Beard

If your hair is a kind of ginger-blonde, you are in luck! Show it off by wearing a very natural, low-maintenance mid-length beard paired with a full mustache. Some cultures consider redheads to be lucky. Let your ginger-blonde beard create your luck.

Some people claim that blondes have more fun. While this statement may or may not be accurate, you shouldn’t be afraid to have fun with your handsome blonde beard style.

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