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If there’s one versatile haircut out of all men’s haircuts available, then that’d be the undercut haircut. The undercut is a simple haircut. You choose one single hair clipper length (known as a guiding comb) and you buzz all the hair on the sides and back of your head. Done! Men's haircut and beard styles.

With the undercut being such a versatile haircut for men, we’ve had plenty of hairstyles being used with an undercut. We’ve had the side part undercut hairstyle, the slicked back undercut hairstyle and even the pompadour undercut hairstyle! But wait, there’s even more to the undercut!

Getting an undercut with a beard: a new trend

While the undercut has been a trendy haircut since 2011, the full beard style (also known as a hipster beard) has only been a trendy style since 2013. In 2013 and early 2014, the hipster beard was combined with mid contour haircuts, executive haircuts and short taper haircuts (heck, I even did some fade haircuts for some of our barbershop customers back then!). However, by mid-2014, the hipster beard trend changed to incorporate an undercut. So no longer were we barbers now cutting taper haircuts with a hipster beard, it now was time to buzz an undercut to disconnect the beard from the hair on the top.

Mens beard designs 2016

You see, all taper haircuts are a form of a disconnected haircut. In fact, the taper haircut itself is a measure of a barber’s skill. If you ever find a barber who can cut a good taper, then you’ve find yourself a great barber for life. Having said this, the undercut is the ultimate disconnected haircut. The hair on the head simply “disappears” at the temple level and all the way down the sides and back of the head. Then the hair appears again (so to speak) at the sideburns. Hence the hair has been “disconnected” for a good distance, namely the sides and back of your head have served to disconnect the hair on the top of your head from your facial hair and beard.

Emphasizing the hair on the top as well as the beard with an undercut

Since the undercut requires a very short hair clipper length range, the addition of a full beard (i.e. hipster beard) means that the hair on the top of the head and the beard itself stand out more. Since the hair in the undercut is buzzed so short, the undercut hair on the sides and back of the head serves to create sharp lines across the top of the head and sideburns, thereby placing more emphasis on one’s hairstyle on the top of the head and on one’s hipster beard.

New moustache and beard styles

I will give you below a very-recent example of an undercut with hipster beard style. You can see how the hair on the top, left at two inches of length and with a minor smoothing of the edges, stands out more with the undercut. Likewise, the full beard style stands out more as the hair on the sides and back of the head are much shorter than the hair length of the beard. It’s all about the contrast in the undercut and giving the illusion of thicker fuller hair by placing more emphasis on the top and facial hair via the undercut. Just like I told you a the start of this article, the undercut is one versatile haircut for dudes!
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