Men's beard styles names. Cool Beard Styles for Men in 2018, Men s Hairstyles and Haircuts for 2017

A beard is a true accessory for men. Well, it may radically change up one’s look. Beard for men is like a hair color for women. There are numerous beard styles that you may try, including full beard, faded beard, thick beard etc. Below I have selected cool beard styles for men in 2018. Find the best of the style and rock it confidently. Thick Beards Men's haircut and beard styles.

Let’s start our list with the most popular beard style for men and it is thick beard. To have a beard like this will take a few month till to grow it out. It will be hard to take care of this beard style but it is totally worth. If you decide to grow your facial hair, make sure to see your barber regularly. The picture you see below is a great sample of full beard style and long hair. Consider recreating the style for yourself. Short Beard

This sexy short beard is more about shape than length. It works great for beginners. Compared with the previous style, this one is easier to maintain. By using a good beard trimmer you may create a great style for your facial hair and accentuate your face features. If you need inspiration, just have a look at the model below. His look is complete due to the short well-groomed beard. Faded Beard Style

Latest shaving style for man

Not only faded hairstyles but also beards are in mainstream. Faded beard style is highly popular among hipster guys. Ask your barber to trim your sideburns to create a fresh, clean look. When it comes to hairstyle, you may try this side swept hairstyle. The height of the headdress is impressive. Use hair products to make it as sleek as possible. Long Beard Style

Long beard style is hard to get and hard to maintain. The best long beard must be full and thick without any patchy parts, just like the one you see below. Do your own research to find the best ways to grow your beard out. This type of beard can be paired with any hairstyle you want. We recommend you keeping things short to draw attention to your facial hair. Full Beard and Short Hair

Mens long hair and beard styles

Full beards are versatile. You can wear your favorite type of full beard, just for making a bold statement. The most impressive style of full beard is showcased below. It is paired with short hair, that makes the beard more noticeable. It is a great style for all trendsetter men out there. Increase your insta followers with the help of this catchy style.


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