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There is a distinct point, between the scruffy stubble of Brad Pitt, and the full mane of Ben Affleck, where you look like a depressed alcoholic who has abandoned personal hygiene. In order to avoid confusion (or termination), we'd recommend starting a Movember or No Shave November movement at your workplace, and promoting the cause on social media so that your family and friends don't start an intervention. Shave styles 2016.

As for supplies, you'll probably need some aftershave gel (to treat and prevent any ingrown hairs) and a decent razor or trimmer for edging.

If you're participating in Movember and going for a mustache only, the American Mustache Institute has thirteen "certified" styles (do not sport the Toothbrush style).

Mustaches alone are hard to pull off without looking like a cop, a hipster, or a 1980s baseball player, so you might consider a full beard or goatee, which is allowed for No Shave November.

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Again, Movember/No Shave November doesn't require you to abandon hygiene. And trust us, your law firm doesn't want you scaring off clients with a full-on neck beard. Then again, if anyone has a problem with your facial hair follicles, you need only say three words: Oliver Wendell Holmes.

While trimming length may be considered cheating during Movember, edging your facial hair is certainly appropriate. If you're going for the full-beard "No Shave November" look, has tips for finding your proper neck and cheek lines, as well as a chart of common beard styles. We'd recommend going semi-conservative, with either the full thing, or Breaking Bad's Heisenberg goatee.

Are you joining the No Shave November or Movember movements? Show solidarity with your fellow facial-haired barristers on our Facebook page.

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Editor's Note, November 13, 2013: This post was updated to clarify that there are two, yet equally important movements: Movember, for those who grow mustaches; and No Shave November, for those with full beards. This is their month. ( Bum bum. )
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