Types of men's beards. The Cut Buddy - Shark Tank Winner - Hair Beard Shaping Tool Shaping Tool - Hairline Outliner, Beard Detailer, Sideburns, Mustache, Neckline, Goatee with Bonus Barber Pencil: Beauty

Product Description

Don't buy a knock off! We are the Inventors of The Hair Shaping Tool and Grooming Guide Industry

Hello! My name is Joshua Esnard and I am the original inventor of “The Beard and Hair Grooming Guide.” Since early 2016, this industry has really exploded! I was actually 13 years old when I originally invented The Cut Buddy by accident since I was sick of my father’s haircuts and couldn’t afford to go to the barbershop. Fifteen years later I patented my idea and here we are! Beard cut.

Why is The Cut Buddy the best? It is PATENTED and the ONLY DESIGN with MULTIPLE curves and multiple lines expertly designed to give users maximum possibilities to achieve the best cut possible. It also minimizes/eliminates beard and hair cutting mistakes!

Many other options only offer ONE curve. YIKES! I did years of research and testing before patenting and releasing my product and if there’s one thing I know, it is this:

There is NO SINGLE CURVE IMAGINABLE that is right for all head shapes and sizes and the millions of hairline possibilities.

That is why I worked with an engineer for NASA and the Air Force to provide you with THREE SPECIAL CURVES that more than tens of thousands of customers have loved and given us fantastic reviews!

I invented this tool because I was YOU... When I was 13 years old, I didn’t have the means and the time to get to my barber as often as I would like; I had to cut my own hair if I wanted to look as great as I knew I could.

How to shave different beard styles

You can follow my story the story of The Cut Buddy in GQ, Forbes, Black Enterprise, Heavy and on NBC’s Today Show and on ABC’s Shark Tank.

The MUST-HAVE Template for Professional-Quality Looks! Boost Your Daily Confidence with The Cut Buddy (as seen on Shark Tank)!

Welcome to The Cut Buddy Family,

If you’ve arrived at this page, it is likely because you are either:

Someone who styles their own beard or haircut

Someone who cuts the hair or beard of a loved one, family, or friends, or,

New beard shape

Someone who doesn’t have the time or money to visit their barber as often as they would like.

Our customers range from stylish men (and the significant others who want to get/keep them stylish), beard enthusiasts, single mothers who cut their children's hair, military veterans and active service members, beginner barbers and salon stylists, the disabled, to college and high school students trying to save some money!

Whoever you are, you are welcome here and our product is sure to help you with your grooming goals!

We were the FIRST EVER hair-shaping template and tool on the market (January 2016) and remain a strong force in this market due to our expert design and quality; our patented product was designed by a CAD engineer (computer-aided design) that consults with the Air Force and NASA!

We strive to provide you with a quality product. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us a message. We are ALWAYS here to answer your questions quickly!

Men's facial beard styles

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