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Beard trimming can be scary, especially if you’re just starting your beard journey. You’re a bad barber or a muscle spasm away from a major beard setback. Fear not – we’ll show you how to shape your beard without losing any hair over it. How to shape a beard.

Why shouldn’t I trim my beard?

Most people think they need to cut their beard to create its shape. In the long term, trimming your beard definitely helps. But even unruly beards can be molded into your desired shape without using scissors, clippers, or shears.

If you’re just starting to grow out your beard, listen up. You don’t yet know how long it’s going to get, where it’s thickest or thinnest, or what shape you’re aiming for. It’s too soon to commit to a cut. After reading this article, you’ll know how to experiment with different shapes before you head to a barber.

Or maybe you’ve been bearding a while, but want something a little quicker, easier, and cleaner than a barber’s visit or a self-administered trim. This is your guide.

How do I shape my beard?

Here’s how you can shape a beard in seven easy steps:

Sculpt your beard to the shape you want, using balm or remaining wax

You can jump to any of these sections right away by clicking the above links. But first, the products you’ll need to accomplish this feat.

Products you need to shape your beard

Below we’ve listed the tools you’ll need for the job (if you don’t have them, our recommendations are in the links):

The video tutorial

7 steps to shape a beard without trimming

Wash your beard

Prior to shaping your beard, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s clean. Not only will this help with the application of styling product, it will also ensure that you get a little extra length and make the removal of knots a lot easier.

Comb Your Beard

Once you’ve given your beard and the underlying skin a good scrub, it’s worthwhile giving it a comb. The lubrication provided by the foaming wash makes it a lot easier to get through any knots. Not only will removing knots help with applying product come styling, it will help straighten out the hairs and make your beard appear a bit longer.

Oil Your Beard

There are plenty of great resources detailing how to apply beard oil – but at the end of the day it’s up to you to adopt your own techniques that work for you. It’s also a matter of personal preference, some men prefer a generous lathering, whilst others like to use beard oil more sparingly.

When learning how to shape a beard, start off with the minimum recommendation and work your way up from there until you find the sweet spot.

Beard line

Also, you should dry your beard before applying oil. Start by patting your beard dry, you don’t wanna be too rough and risk ripping out hairs. Most of you will find a stubborn patch under your chin that’s notorious for holding it’s share of liquid. By simply squeezing your beard with a towel from the front and back, you can squeegee out the excess moisture.

Once you’ve soaked up most of the moisture, you can begin the shaping process by gently running your towel around the general shape you aim to achieve.

Wax Your Moustache

Styling your moustache is usually the last step in getting the look you want. But, it’s worthwhile getting some wax in early to help keep your moustache out of the way when shaping your beard. If you like the overlaid look where your mo’ is clearly defined and styled separately from your beard, a little bit of wax early in the process will help you out alot.

If you’re looking for more information on how to apply moustache wax, then do a bit of research on what style you like most. It can be getting your mo’ to sit right, so it’s worth playing around a bit with a few styles to figure out which works best for you. Once you’ve got that dialed, you can continue to train your lip tickler over time. Eventually your moustache will naturally gravitate towards your desired look.

Sculpt Your Beard

Now for the fun part, actually shaping your beard. As with the styling of most facial hair, everyone is different and depending on the way your beard grows your techniques will vary.

When it comes to my beard, I like to keep it pretty simple and go for a full look with an overlaid mustache. I usually do the following to achieve my look:

I focus a little extra beard oil on the ‘problem areas’ where I want to hide patchiness

I combine a little mustache wax with the excess oil on my hands and apply to stubborn curly sections of my beard (if you need even more control, try a balm)

By cupping my hands and literally sculpting my beard, I get the desired shape

Be gentle. Cupping your hands prevents you from tugging too much on the hair, which is bad for your beard.

Comb Again

After I’ve given my beard the general shape I want with my hands, there are still some stray hairs. With a comb, I shamelessly ‘comb-over’ any thinner/patchy areas. This helps to blend the beard nicely, giving it a neat, manicured look.

Facial hair styles how to

Touch up the ‘stache and beard

Now you’re just applying the finishing touches. At this point, I twist the ends of my ‘stache, smooth it out, and lay the ends out wide. I also use the back of my hands to coax in any last stray hairs I see in my beard. That’s it!

Summary tips and guidelines

Understand your beard and your desired style

What direction do the hairs grow?

If you have any patchiness, how can you hide it?

Can you blend through variance in colour?

What are your beard’s strongest traits?

Use a comb during styling to help train and tame hair

Brush your beard toward the desired shape for extra length

Keep your beard clean and healthy

Use beard oil to condition, moisturise and reduce ‘beardruff’

Get a moustache wax capable of a firm hold

Beard styles for boys

Stubborn beard? Get yourself some beard balm!

Be a master sculptor, caress that beard to greatness

Be creative and try new styles, you never know what might suit you

Create your own techniques and play to your strengths

Everyday should be a good beard day.

So now that you know how to shape a beard to avoid looking like a total scruff, you can stop stressing about the dreaded trim and beard on happily toward your first ‘Yeard.’

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