Shaving style mens. 6 Beard styles for men and tips on how to achieve it.

In this world, full of men there are amazing beard styles from which you can choose a suitable beard style according to your face. Face shape is not the only thing which determines your beard styles there are many other factors you need to consider having a right beard style. Amazing beard styles.

Pro tip: what looks good on others may not suits your personality.

Some of the beard styles are evergreen and some will add an extra energy to your looks. Being experimental with your beard is a good thing as we get to know more about which beard styles suits us. Having a desire to have a full and long beard you should know how to wait. Don’t get impatience good things take time.

Pro tip: Beard takes time to grow and takes even longer time to get groomed.

1. Balbo

A popular beard style kept by the superhero Robert Downey Jr. popularly known as iron man. As we all know this popular American actor has made his beard styles much more popular. This style suits his personality and he had kept this beard styles for years now. He is very good at maintaining himself.

Pro tip: This beard style suits best with men having a narrow chin.

How to Achieve:

To achieve this beard style, you need to grow a full beard first. Stay away from trimmer or razor for 2-3 weeks, when it looks a little dense start using a trimmer to shape your beard and don’t forget the mustache as this will give you the manly look. When you manage to trim and shape your beard remove the side hairs and get the shape of the Balbo beard styles.

Beard look 2016

2. Bandholz

The Bandholz beard style is one of the most popular and amazing beard styles for a thick and heavy beard. There are many models who choose this style from rest of the beard styles. Eric Bandholz, the founder of BeardBrand is a popular example who maintain this beard styles.

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How to Get this:

This is the most difficult of all the beard styles to grow and to maintain too. You must be super patient for this beard styles. Let it grow and grow and grow until it’s long and healthy. Patience is not the only thing which is required but you should also have a healthy beard growth for this beard styles.

3. Circle Beard

Circle beard is also known as the standard beard. This beard style is formed when your mustache combines with your beard on the chin and in a rounded goatee beard styles. For the men who want to look presentable and bad ass at the same time can go for this beard styles.

Pro tip: best suited on Oval and Round face shapes

How to Achieve:

To achieve the perfect round shape, you must go to the salon or this can be a bit fussy. After growing good thick hair you can shape it up and once you get the desired look you can trim or shave at home.

Hairstyles with goatee

4. Friendly Mutton Chops

Friendly Mutton chops beard styles are also known as the sideburn beard. This beard style is well known to suit Hugh Jackman, our very own Wolverine. This beard style was invented by the American general in the civil war.

How to Achieve:

It’s all about a meeting of your mustache and your sideburns. Let grow your sideburns and let them meet your mustache. Once they are combined you can shave your chin area till the lower lips and you will achieve this beard styles.

5. Clean Shaven

It’s been proved again and again most of the women like men clean shaved. Most of the men who don’t like to grow the beard or prefer to be neat and tidy remain clean shaved. Working In a corporate job requires you to remain clean and tidy.

How to Achieve:

It’s not that difficult to achieve this style unless you cut yourself with a razor.

6. Van Dyke

The name of this beard styles was taken from a famous painter, his name was Anthony Van Dyke from the 17

century. This beard style is just like the circular beard. The only difference is the beard and the mustache is not combined.

Best men's facial hair styles

Pro tip: If you have a narrow chin you can opt. for this beard styles

How to Achieve:

Clear all the hairs from neck and cheek area and let your mustache and beard on the chin grow until they are long and healthy. Shape them to the desired shape without touching the mustache. Grow and shape your beard on the chin. Try to shave it in inverted V.

Keeping your Beard Styles

Growing a beard is one thing and maintaining a grown-up beard is much difficult. Use excellent quality products for the desired result and for the perfect shape and style.

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