New 2016 beard style. Beard grooming styles

Ask a woman how she wants here man’s look to be, rough with facial hair or smooth clean shaved. A high percentage of ladies will answer back with that rough look is preferable. Beard grooming styles.

Face shapes and bread styles should complement each other to look the best on you.

If you are looking for styles to grow your beard, trim, shape, clean, comb and condition; here are few of the variations you can give a try.

There is no one correct way of styling your beard, but it all depends on how you maintain and care for your facial hair.

Hair and dadhi style

This is the common and popular beard style. The natural neck line keeps the bread looking in balance. The perfectly trimmed hair gives the face and the beard a perfect angled shape

The look is at its best when you follow the bottom of the cheek bone. Trim all that is below the Adam’s apple.

This is another old classic trend that has seen a comeback over the past few years. A straight line from your moustache down the corner of your mouth and connecting to the beard by carefully carving is what makes the look very handsome. Shave your cheeks and neck regularly to avoid making your beard look weird.

Great facial hair styles

A rugged natural looking beard shows the most sophisticated style you carry. The look is wild yet there is a hint of maintenance you have done.

A neatly trimmed beard with the lowest settings on the beard trimmer is a shadow style. This style clearly gives an illusion that you woke up fresh and looking good.

This is a beard style that needs to be done by an expert hand. There is no scope for mistake here. The strap of facial hair near the chin works best when it matches the jaw line. This style of hard and precise facial hair lines needs constant upkeep.

Different types of beard shapes
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