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Your beard can add dimension to your face, cover up any imperfections, and highlight your best features. There are many unique styles to fit different face shapes and preferences, so you can tailor your beard-grooming habits to create your best possible look. Before you head out to the barbershop, here are some popular styles to consider. Beard grooming styles.

Need a New Beard-Grooming Style? Check Out These Options

1. Circle

A circle style creates a round shape on the face, as the name suggests. To get the look, have the sides of your beard trimmed so that just a small chin patch is left to connect to your mustache, forming a circle of facial hair.

2. Royale

The royale look includes a full mustache that is anchored by a small chin strap. The two pieces do not connect but simply balance each other out above and below the mouth.

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3. Goatee

A goatee includes a small patch of hair on the chin area just below the mouth. It’s a look that can elongate your chin, without covering up much of your face. It can work with or without a mustache.

4. Petite Goatee

As a smaller version of the classic variety, the petite goatee is a style that resembles a teardrop shape. It can also complement a mustache or work on its own, depending on your preferences.

Different full beard styles

5. Anchor

An anchor beard includes a pointed shape, like a petite goatee, just below the bottom lip and then extends out to trace the entire jawline in a very thin strip. It’s usually accompanied by a simple mustache to balance the look.

If you want to change up your look with one of these styles, the experts at Portage Crossing Barbershop in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, can help. The barbershop specializes in beard grooming, men’s haircuts, and hot towel shaves. Known for its high-end service at affordable prices, the shop is open seven days per week and is a cash-only operation. You can check out the company’s website for more information on their services or call (330) 800-6001 to schedule an appointment.

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