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How To Grow A Beard: Caring for your face is important if you want to grow your beard faster. What you will need to do is to exfoliate your face by taking a mask and wash with warm water. Take vitamin supplements for nourishing your facial hair. How to do beard style.

Apply a moisturizer and take plenty of rest. Let your facial hair grow naturally without attempting to trim or shave regularly. In a few days time your beard will become stiff and then you can trim it to the desired length.

A blonde beard is usually natural but if you want to blonde your facial hair, you will need to towel dry the hair after taking a shower and then apply a hair conditioner. Repeat the treatment for about two weeks after which choose a day when you have enough time for bleaching your facial hair.

Choose a color that could suit you and apply it in sections while combing the hair and using some clips. Mix the bleach and the developer in equal proportions and when the bleaching is complete put on your processing cap and leave for a couple of hours. Rinse the bleach with cold water and blow dry the hair to complete the steps.

To grow a blonde hair you will need at least three months when you will need to follow these steps.

Do not shave during this time and allow the facial hair to grow

Clean your blonde hair on a regular basis using a quality product

Avoid plucking your beard

After you have attained the desired growth, trim your beard

It is after three months that you can be ready for trimming your blonde facial hair. First trim your mustache along with the soul patch. Comb your beard and trim the hair keeping at the same level. Avoid shaving the hair deep to prevent any bumps.

Decide the Shade- The First and the foremost thing that you have to do before

colouring your beard and moustache is to decide which colour or shade of blonde you

would like to select for your look.

Buying the Product- Then once you have decided which shade you would prefer

focus on buying products from the market that meet your requirements like if you

want a Natural or organic product then you have to look for the viable options

Divide hair into segments- Now, once you are done with the first two steps then

comes the application of the hair dye to the beard and the moustache. Take a comb

and divide your hair into small segments or portions.

Application- Then, take the hair Dye and read its instructions that are written on the

Applying the Dye to the Beard or the moustache- Now, with the help of a brush

Trending beard styles

take small amounts of the dye and simultaneously apply it to the small segments or

portions of the hair that you had made earlier.

Wash it off- After 45- 50 minutes take a Colour Protect shampoo and wash off the

colour from the beard or the moustache. You can also use some hair conditioner to

protect the colour and to make the hair soft.

Lastly, apply some beard oil to provide moisture and the hair that have been just dyed.

Here are 15 blonde beard styles that you can choose from

#1: Blonde Flecks Beard Style

This beard style will help you to lessen the density of the dark blonde color which may start to show up when you are outdoors or a long time.

Clairol Natural Instincts Beard Color

About the product: This is a brown hair dye which can be used for colouring your moustache, beard and hair. It is a hair colour that provides Hundred percentage coverage of the grey hair.

Made from natural ingredients.

It has goodness of Aloe Vera.

It is rich in vitamin E which provides nourishment to the hair.

It takes less time to colour the hair.

May leave Stains on cloths and skin

This is a universal colour which leaves the hair soft and nourished. It is an easy to apply hair colour that gives fast results and full coverage

#2: Flicked Out Blonde Beard Style

This blonde beard style gives a flicked out appearance, where the facial hair is groomed to make all the hairs point towards one direction. Regular maintenance is required.

Vegetal Safe Color 50GM (Dark Brown)

About the product: This is a hair colour that is used by professionals worldwide. It provides lustre to the hair and keeps it nourished throughout. It not just dyes your hair perfectly but also protects the hair against the damage that is caused to the hair due to the colouring.

It is made up of organic ingredients

Protects the hair against damage

It is a semi-permanent hair colour

Small face beard styles

Might not dye the hair uniformly

Turns grey hair to an orange colour

This is a perfect product for those who want a natural finish after colouring the hair. It gives a good finish to the hair and the hair looks healthy and natural after colouring does not fade out easily and stays on for at least four weeks.

#3: The Garibaldi

This blonde beard style is one of the full and long beard styles, where the beard is grown full and thick, for about 3 months. When styling, the beard is shaped round at the bottom, and the mustache integrating into the beard.

Min New York Color kit

About the product: The best feature about the product is that it has been recommended by the professional hairstylists. It has been featured in one of the top magazines as the best hair colour namely 100 rules of looking great.

There might be chemical smell

It stains the skin and the cloths

Not good for hair that has undergone any kind of treatments.

This product provides semi permanent finish to the hair. It protects the hair from the damage. It leaves the hair nourished and soft. If proper care is taken the colour lasts on the hair for five to six weeks.

#4: Perfectly Groomed Short Blonde Beard Style

This blonde beard style is well groomed and trimmed neatly. The facial hair is kept short and bleached in light brown color, leaving patches of the natural black hairs.

Just For Men Autostop Color Darkest Brown

About the product: This product is specially crafted for men. It looks after the texture and stays for a longer time. It protects the hair and caused less hair damage.

Quick and easy application

Unpleasant chemical smell

This product could be trusted for regular hair colour routine. This provides care and nourishment to the hair. It also provides 100 % coverage of grey hair.

#5: The Verdi

This is one of the blonde short beard styles, where the facial hair is styled in a round shape, and the sideburns connect the mustache on both the ends. The cheeks are shaved off to give a clean look.

Halsa for Men Haircolor – Dark Brown

About the product: It is the quickest hair colour. So, if you are in a hurry and you want to colour your hair this is one of the best options available in the market. It is made up of natural formula that does not hamper the natural texture and lustre of the hair.

Perfect blending of grey hair

Leaves behind healthy hair

Leaves behind stains on skin

May cause irritation on the skin

Men's hair and beard styles 2016

This is one of the best products that is available in the market to get quick grey hair coverage. It is scalp friendly so it does not hair the hair and the scalp. It helps you cover the grey hair so that it merges with the rest of the hair.

The Chin Strap Blonde Goatee Beard Style

The facial hair grows right along the line of the jawbone and a goatee encircles the mouth. The beard is blonde in a light brown color.

Vegetal safe Beard Colour

This product is for the beard and the moustaches. It is completely natural and has a long-lasting effect. It not just protects the hair but also provides them strength and conditioning. It prevents the beard hair from becoming rough and dull.

Provides strength to the hair

This is a good product for regular colouring of the hair. It provides nourishment and prevents the hair from breakage. It fades off easily so you will have to apply it regularly to maintain the grey hair coverage.

The Balbo Beard Style

One of the most popular blonde beard styles is the Balbo goatee style, where the beard is grown fully to be able to shape as desired. This can be done by not shaving for at least 4 weeks, and to match the beard style, you will also need a well sculpted mustache.

Strawberry Blonde Beard Style

The beard is blonded in a ginger color known as strawberry color and looks awesome when sporting a thick, bushy and bold beard style. You will look great when out in the sun.

The Amish Blonde Beard Style

You will need to grow a thick and bushy beard, blonde it in a dark color and step outdoor. This is an elegant as well as a bold beard style.

Bandholz Beard Style

Holding patience is the most important thing if you want to sport the Bandholz blonde beard style, as, for the first 3 months, you will look unkempt. It may be until the end of the seventh month when you will be able to perfect the style when the beard grows to a fuller length.

Crazy Blonde Beard Style

This is a crazy blonde beard style where the blonde color is yellowish forming a shocking contrast to the natural black hair in the head.

The Ducktail Blonde Beard Style

This is one of the full blonde beard styles for men, where the beard is grown to a fuller length and styled to be pointing in one direction. The beard is neatly cut, which features the hairs tapering towards the chin. It resembles the shape of a duck tail. The upper portion of the beard is cut short and the length of the hair on the chin may vary according to the style you choose.

Blonde Beard with Long Hair Style

In this beard style, the long and voluminous hair on the top matches the blonde beard style. The beard is carefully shaped and trimmed to look formal.

Soft and Fuzzy Blonde Beard Style

Instead of a dark hair, this beard style has the beard cut short and blonded to make it soft and fuzzy, not the brittle and hard one.

The True Blonde Beard Style

This is a beard style where the hair is bleached blonde, where the ends have a whiter touch and the rest hair is a little darker. Men with naturally dark hair and warm skin tones do not need any touch-up.

Following the right steps in bleaching blonde the facial hair, you will be able to attain the color and style that you need.
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