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Facial hair was a physical sign of maturity, manliness, and strength since the dawn of time. These days, a great facial hairstyle is especially desirable. What can we say, beards are really in trend right now? There is a variety of different facial hairstyles that men can choose from. Some are fashionable right now and some are not. GentleHair would like to help you, men, to choose a style from this big group of hairy goodness. We are presenting 5 beard trends for 2018. Men's facial hair styles.

Heavy stubble

One of the most popular facial hairstyles of all time. It doesn‘t require much maintenance at all and can be as long as the person wearing it wishes. This hairstyle is great for its manly, rugged look. A lot of polls show that women prefer this beard style to the others, especially if it‘s a long, 10-day stubble. So if you wish to look trendy and seduce our female friends with a manly appearance, go for this look.

Five o‘clock shadow

This look became super popular in the 1980s and since then, hasn‘t really dropped in popularity. A bit cleaner and more well kept than a normal stubble, but still creates that manly, rugged „bad boy“ appearance. Also great for men, which don‘t have a lot of facial hair growth, since the style is very short.

Good looking beards

Full beard

A style that has passed the test of time. We don‘t really know when this hairstyle originated, but does it really matter? This only shows that this look is never out of style. A great classy look if well groomed and a messy rugged one if not. Requires a little bit of maintenance, but nothing too serious. Go with this look if you wish to be noticed by others for your extremely manly appearance.

Long „hipster“ beard

Probably the hottest beard trend of 2018. Compliments the (now popular) undercut, man-bun, and long hairstyles. It creates a great balance with long hair or a top knot/man-bun, so consider this look if you want to rock either of these hairstyles. The look is very rough, almost like one of a wild man. However, don‘t let its appearance fool you, because this style may require the highest maintenance of all the facial hairstyles there is.

Male goatee styles

Van Dyke beard

This style is named after 17th-century Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck. The cheeks are completely shaven, with only a goatee and mustache left. However, this particular style has a lot of different variants. For example, it can either include a soul patch or not and the mustache can be curled or not. Other (currently popular) look „Captain Jack“ also originated from this facial hairstyle.

So here you go, men. These 5 are probably your best bet in the year of 2018. Rock one of those and you will look like a manly, fashionable guy. However, guys who can‘t grow a beard – don‘t stress it out too much. Real manliness isn‘t defined by physical traits, what‘s on the inside counts much more. Act like a gentleman and strike with confidence!

Cool short beard styles

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