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Within the course of any given week, we're lucky enough to talk shop with a number of barbers, customers, social media personalities or the folks at one of our largest retail distributors Shaver Shop. Facial hair trends are by far and away one of the most popular subjects of conversation. Over the past year & a half the same 2 questions keep arising. (1) Are beards getting shorter? (2) Are moustaches coming back? Men's facial hair styles.

Since it's renaissance in 2013/2014, the beard has remained an immensely popular facial hair style. Generally over this time we've seen many men patiently grow out their beard, wanting it to become thicker and fuller. But 2017 is the year of old trends making a comeback. Many styles of beards from the past are returning with men adding a modern twist. Rather than go big beard or bust, guys are personalising their beard. This is a list of what we think are the latest beard trends as we head towards 2018.

Stubble has probably become the most common type of beard. This is most likely because it is the easiest of facial hairs to maintain, all you need is a beard trimmer. Plus it is acceptable in most workplaces. According to the study by Dixson et al. (2006), it is also popular among women. It's theorised that women are attracted to stubble because it accentuates the jawline which signals greater masculinity.

Pair stubble with the comeback of the moustache and you’ve got the "stubble and stache" combination.

As mentioned in a previous blog ( 7 Best Beard Styles for Men with Short Hair ), a moustache by itself is still considered a fringe look for guys, but a stubble and mo combo is a lot easier on the eye. The stubble breaks up the contrast between clean skin and moustache. A thick moustache will also draw attention to the lower part of the face, and help people discover your strong jawline.

This style works really well for guys that can grow a thick mo but perhaps don't have as dense coverage around the cheeks.

The ducktail is much like a full beard but is cropped around the sideburns. As the name implies, the beard becomes thicker and tapers to the bottom of the beard much like a duck’s tail. It’s a sophisticated look and adds a lot of shape to the face.

Beard styles for businessmen

This appearance combines rugged masculinity with style because it involves a bit of grooming and man-scaping. To achieve this style, let your beard grow to a nice thick and full length (around 6-7cm in length around the chin). Then it’s time to trim.

To get the initial shaping done right we highly recommend you go to a barber and have it professionally styled. After that you can do maintenance on the style at home for a period before you may need to go back to get it refreshed.

When doing beard maintenance we recommend you first wash and brush your beard to achieve softness and uniformity. This will make the trimming process much easier. Get yourself a good pair of clippers. Slowly (do not rush), start trimming the sides of the face and fade the hair into your chin. Begin with a high clipper setting and then work your way down to the length you want.

If you have dense growth around the chin & mo, but things get patchy or sparse elsewhere, then this is a great look. You can cultivate the duck tail shape by using a wax-based beard balm .

A lot of guys are rocking this look, especially if they are not able to grow a solid beard but still want to show off some facial hair. It’s perfect for men who have thick hair around the chin and moustache, but have thin growth on the cheeks.

The difference between a traditional goatee and an extended goatee is that an extended one combines stubble that grows along the jawline with the beard that grows around the chin & mouth. This creates a shadowing effect that enhances the jawline, making you look more masculine.

Men's facial hair styles 2016

This can be a great way to get around patchiness around the cheek & sideburn areas.

At first glance, this beard style may look wild and rugged, but there is something about it that looks somewhat neat and tidy. The man with a tidy carefree beard cleans up the upper cheeks and lower neck, but allows the beard itself to grow how it wants to, with the occasional trim if it gets too long. Add a bit of beard oil here and there and voila`. Nothing says ‘rugged’ more than this style, but for 2018, a bit of maintenance helps this beard reach its potential.

This style is great for guys that love the carefree nature of beards, but don't like the downsides of a really long beard.

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