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In the last few years or so a new trend hit the world and more and more men started to sport the beard in styles. Where at once, having a beard was frowned upon by some men, now it has become the very statement of machismo and style. And since we are always aiming for perfection, it wouldn’t do pick a wrong beard style now, would it? So have a look at some of the Best Men’s Facial Hair Styles to be La-Di-Da. Men's facial hair styles.

Even if you are aiming for a full beard or something more intense beard style like Garibaldi or Bandholz, you need to start growing your facial hair at first. And that starts from light stubble. But even if the short beard is your more of your style then go ahead with thick stubble and then add some fade or undercut after few days to make it more sexy. Once you have grown the beard as per your heart, make sure you give it a unique look with cool beard styles.

Men who love to have thick stubble can go ahead for this sexy tapered beard. The facial hair is simply faded to the sideburns and looks great on men with round faces since it will elongate the face. Adding a defined shape will give a new edge to your beard. Learn more about different facial hair styles for men with round faces.

If you are a fan of goatee then why not make it more sexy than it already is with the Balbo beard style! If that doesn’t convince you then I’m sure you must have seen Robert Downey Jr. with his sexy beard that has influenced many men to style this unique beard style. Well, that did it! This unique fusion of mustache and goatee is one great option to go for.

Beard style names

This long beard style has its own unique story. Eric Bandholz who is the founder of Beardband, a company which is known for its specialized men’s grooming products, is the person behind this very popular beard styles. This corporate guy suddenly got this urge to grow a beard that led to many speculations made against him. He then simply quit his job and then founded the Beardband. No wonder this style is sported by many men. Nowadays there’s a new style trending and that is of shaved heads and long beard. Take a look here for how appealing this style is.

Friendly mutton chops is actually a modern version of the mutton chops beard style. The term is quite a fancy one and the beard is even fancier. In mutton chops beard style the long sideburns are extended up to the corners of the mouth and with a defined line at each corner. In friendly mutton chops the sideburns are extended only up to the edge of the mouth and are actually connected with the mustache. Look here for more sexy and mentastic mustache style ideas.

How can I make my beard grow faster?

Best thing comes to those who wait and if the long and full beard is what your heart desires then dude, you need to have some patience. However, you can do something that will actually speed the growth of your hair. For starters, exfoliate your skin and make sure you keep it clean by using some cleansers. Plenty of rest and a healthy diet will only add more bonus speed. Make sure that your diet consists of lots of Vitamin B and proteins found in meat, egg, nuts, etc. Fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that are also good for the growth of the facial hair.

New look shaving style

How to Care for Your Beard?

It wouldn’t do you any good to leave your beard as it is once you have grown it enough. It needs the proper nourishment and care just like the hair on your head. To avoid any itchiness and to get rid of any dirt stuffed in it, you should give it a good scrub once in a week. And after washing your beard, don’t forget to pat it dry so as to avoid any frizzy and unkempt facial hair. Use beard oils that will keep your beard in a good condition. Use good quality products that will take care of your beard for you. To know more about best products for your hair, take a look here.

What is the best oil for Beard?

Yes, there exists several beard oils and they are indeed good for your facial hair. It not just tames your beard but provides the moisture that is much needed for your skin. Some of the best oils for your beard are:

There are many more different oils that are used for the beard that have medicinal uses as well. With proper care and nourishment, grow a beard that will give that unique look to you and will add a bit more flair to your aura. And now that you are at it, take a look at these cool short hairstyles as well to try this year.

Modern men's beard styles
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