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The chin strap beard style is one of the beard styles that has been flaunted for about 100 years together, and in spite of opinions that this chin strap style in growing beards should be on the way out, the popularity of chin strap facial hair style is still there. Instead of disappearing, the chin strap beard styles are now being flaunted with variations, more with the design of the mustache. Men's facial hair styles.

There are also hairstyles to match the beard chin strap styles, but choosing the right combination of the chinstrap beard style, mustache and hairstyle could be a daunting task, unless you take help of either a guide book or a professional barber. Creative ideas on how to shave a chin strap have gained popularity, with celebs and the younger generation taking them gracefully.

By chin strap, we mean the facial hair starting from one side of the face and running down across the jaw to end up on the other side. While getting a perfect chin strap style requires proper grooming of the facial hair, regular trimming is also a factor that helps in the maintenance of the chin strap style.

How to do chin strap beard

Step 1 – Use a trimmer that is fixed to the desired comb length of the facial hair. You can choose from 4 mm, 6 mm or 12 mm, depending on the style you want to do.

Step 2 – Trim your beard to an even length before shaving off your facial hair. This will help to reduce the pull and the tug while shaving and also prevent clogging of the blades.

Step 3 – Trim your beard to the desired length after removing the attachments from the trimmer. Keeping the hair shorter on the cheeks and the neck can help with the best styling.

Step 4 – Wash your face with warm water for hydrating your hair to ensure a smooth shave. Use a shaving gel to lather the parts of your face you want to shave.

Step 5 – Shave with gentle and light strokes so that you get a smooth shave. Keep rinsing the blade after each stroke.

Step 6 – Use the precision blade to define the shape of the chin strap and also to get clean edges.

Chin beard

Step 7 – Rinse the beard and apply a product for moisturizing.

You have finished with achieving a great chin strap beard.

If you do not want to wear that juvenile look and aim at reaching the upper management level, it could be wise to shave off the chin strap beard. There are more reasons for shaving off the chin strap that include the hard work needed to perfect the shape.

Here are 15 chin strap styles to choose from, which can help you get the one which is best suited for your type of face.

#1: Pencil Chin Strap

This beard style is for those who want the lightest beard, where the chin strap starts from the jaw line on the one side and passes through the chin to end up on the other side. The strap seems to be drawn by a pencil, for which the name is given.

#2: Thick Chin Strap with Goatee

This is one of the chinstrap goatee beard styles and will need practical knowledge on how to grow a chin strap like this. With a thick mustache connecting the chin strap which goes from one side to the other passing the chin, this beard style could make you look impressive.

#3: Pencil Chin Strap for Egg Like Faces

Those having an egg like face shape can have this chin strap haircut but must have enough facial hair running from one side to another through the jaw line. A professional barber can do the rest with a crew cut adding to the style.

#4: Pencil Chin Strap with Disconnected Pencil Mustache

Those who want the faintest of beard can try this chinstrap beard attractive hairstyle, where the chin strap going through the chin is thin as a line drawn by a pencil. A goatee on the chin adds appeal.

Best beard hairstyles

#5: The Trimmed Cheeks and Natural Neck

This beard style will need a square jaw line and a natural neck for balancing the beard, giving the style shape and angle. Regular trimming is required to shave off any growth on the chin bone.

#6: Thick Chin Strap with Thick Connected Mustache

This is one of the chin strap beards with mustache beard styles for those having thick facial hair. The thick sideburns connect the jaw on both the sides.

#7: Thick Colorful Chin Strap

The thick chin strap runs from one side to the other through the chin, where the hair is dyed with a color.

#8: Pencil Chin Strap with Connected Pencil Mustache

You must have a thin facial hair and sideburns which extend evenly from one side of the jaw line to the other. The chin hair is connected by a pencil mustache to complete the chinstrap haircut.

#9: Thick and Thin Chinstrap

This is one of the unique chin strap beard styles, where the thick chinstrap starts from one side, then blends with the chinstrap at the chin and again travels to the another side of the jaw line regaining the thickness. A goatee on the chin adds to the style.

#10: Professional Chinstrap

This chin strap beard with mustache beard style is a perfect example of how to grow a chin strap, helped by a professional barber. The meticulous use of a trimmer is exhibited in this style.

#11: Designed Chin Strap with Connected Mustache

This chinstrap beard style can make you look different with some hair on the cheek and a crafted chinstrap beard running from one side of the jaw line to the other. A soul patch below the lower lip makes this style more innovative.

#12: Hairline Chin Goatee with Pencil Chin Strap and Mustache

This facial hairstyle has a pencil facial hairline and a pencil beard, which extends from one side of the jaw line to the other through the chin which is connected with a pencil goatee running from under the lower lip.

Latest dadi style

#13: Thin Chinstrap with Design and Light Connected Mustache

This thin chin strap beard style has a zig zag design which is well crafted to style the thin chinstrap which extends to the chin from the sideburns. A connected well-trimmed beard adds to the style.

#14: Thick Chinstrap Without Mustache:

This beard style has the thick chinstrap running through the chin from one side to the other. Here is no mustache to make this style look clean.

#15: Disconnected Chinstrap Pencil Style with Elongated Sideburns

This is a trendy beard style, where the pencil sideburns are elongated and disconnected and extends up to the jaw line. A connected pencil mustache adds to the style.

Choosing the right type of chinstrap beard style can be hard to decide, whether you want a mustache or a goatee, but all depends upon the type of your face. There is a wide range of chin strap beard styles for various shapes of the face,like those for the square shaped faces, oval shaped and the round shape. While flaunting these beard styles, you will definitely need a professional barber who knows how to shave a chin strap perfectly, using the trimmer meticulously. You can also browse the internet to go through the pictures of celebrities donning the beard chin strap styles, and choose the one that can best suit the shape of your face.
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