Short beard shapes. 6 Cool Beard Styles that Most Guys Can Rock

Congratulations for making that big and courageous decision to grow a beard. Beard styles for medium hair.

Now that you have conditioned your mind and body (okay, so maybe just the face) to welcome and embrace the hair growth on your face, it’s time to decide which beard, from the many styles and types of beards out there, you want to wear.

We have listed down six of the no-nonsense and easiest types of beards that will suit your requirements.

Beard Type # 1: The Anchor Beard

There are so many types of beards out there with so many variations and combinations that it’s hard to keep track. If you don’t know what an anchor beard looks like, just try to imagine a chin strap beard, combined with a semi handlebar mustache and a goatee.

You will get something like what this guy in the picture is wearing.

You will need a precision beard trimmer to shave and style an anchor beard, starting from that spot where your neck meets your chin.

Afterwards, you will need to clear the hair that you don’t need on your chin to create the goatee.

Style the mustache and the jawline.

Make sure that the lines are straight and balanced out so you don’t end up with a lopsided or weird-looking beard.

The anchor beard is best recommended for guys who have a square, diamond, or triangle shape of face.

It can soften the right angles and pointed edges. It will require regular shaving and trimming to keep the look, but any guy can totally rock this beard.

Shaving style boys

Beard Type # 2: The Long Stubble

The long stubble is among the most common types of beards that are popular with men of all ages. It doesn’t take a lot to grow and style this beard. It just grows naturally on your face, and you just style and trim it as you wish.

It doesn’t require the commitment and maintenance that a full beard requires, but it still offers a lot of coverage and the much needed dose of manliness.

The long stubble is just the kind of beard that you need if you want to wear a beard in just a few days.

It’s also not that difficult to part with, because you can easily shave it all off today and have it all grow back again in a few weeks or so.

Beard Type # 3: The Circle Beard

There are so many types of beards out there that make you look like a homeless man or a mountain man. This is not the kind of beard you should be sporting, especially if you have a job that requires you to face people on a daily basis.

A train wreck of a beard also doesn’t help you with your parenting skills, because you can scar your children for life just by the sight of your beard.

Expect the same in the romance department, because your woman will probably shave you herself before she even lets you kiss her.

This is where the circle beard comes in. It’s always neat and appropriate, and it looks great on just about anybody with any face shape.

It will require regular shaving, trimming, and shaping, but who cares? This is one great-looking beard that’s easy to wear and style.

Beard Type # 4: The Short Stubble

If you’re looking for types of beards that require little to no maintenance, then you are destined to wear the short stubble. It’s the morning after scruff that most women go crazy over. It’s the effortless look that requires a little effort.

Beard style names

If you want to keep the short length, the clean look, and the soft hair, then regular trimming and styling is required.

But that can be done in just five minutes or less every day or every other day.

Shaving tip: Don’t shave the hair on the jawline too much because you want this part to look thicker than the rest of the stubble hair.

You want to get that natural look. Concentrate on the hair on the cheeks or the neck instead.

Beard Type # 5: The Soul Patch

Among the types of beards that men can grow, nothing can be easier than the soul patch! It does pose some challenges on your look, especially if you’re not as good-looking as Jesse Metcalf. But men have rocked the soul patch for decades, and so can you.

A soul patch can be as kickass as you want it to be.

You can wear it with a mustache, or a goatee, or a short beard, or all of the above.

Women love a kickass soul patch, because it indicates that you’re spontaneous, adventurous, and fun.

Beard Type # 6: The Van Dyke Beard

What do you get when you combine a mustache with a goatee? The Van Dyke beard. It’s named after the 17th century painter Anthony Van Dyke who first rocked this beard. It is achieved by leaving the rest of the face hair-free.

It usually looks pointy at the chin and the mustache is always perfectly styled and trimmed.

Different goatee styles

You can rock the best-looking Van Dyke beard. Just always keep the chin beard strongly defined, and the mustache and goatee perfectly shaped and trimmed to keep the unique and badass look.

You can always use good old lightweight wax to shape and style the beard hair.

Once you have picked out which types of beards will look great on you, get your facial hair to grow to the desired length that the beard style requires. Go easy on the trimming, though. Trim and shape lightly, and then from there, you can make the necessary adjustments.

Different types of beards require different levels of upkeep. If you want to rock the beard, you have to devote time and effort at keeping it tidy, stylish, and natural-looking.

Don’t forget to apply styling aids to keep them soft and shiny so that they look and feel good to the touch.
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