Hairstyles with goatee. Men’s Grooming 101: 5 Beard Styles For You To Try

5 Beard Styles That Aren’t The Full Hipster Beard Different beard trimming styles.

This facial hair style is so simple, there’s only one directive—don’t shave for a few days. And yet, despite its simplicity, it has a variety of positives. It can be easily styled as per individual taste, goes well with pretty much any look, covers up patchy beard growth and enhances your appearance without declaring you a narcissist obsessed with his looks. A little subtle maintenance around the cheeks, lips and jawline can even take the stubble to another level by adding some definition.


2. The Van Dyke

A facial hair style that has adorned male faces over the ages, the Van Dyke is a pure classic. The historical roots of this beard and moustache combo lend the wearer a regal look. The best part, however, is the fact that it’s ideally suited for those men who struggle to grow a full beard as it only requires hair on the chin and upper lip.


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3. The Goatee

One step up from the Van Dyke, the goatee has seen a lot of variants over the years but the full circle remains the most popular. Wield your razors with caution—while it flatters those with sleek, angular features the goatee tends to be unflattering to those with round faces.


4. The Balbo

If there ever was a bearded equivalent of contouring, the Balbo is surely it. This three-piece beard consists of the moustache, the chin strap and the soul patch, all detached from each other but working together as a whole to create a suave and well-groomed look. The major drawback is beard maintenance—this look needs precise trimming and a whole lot of patience, or failing that, much too regular visits to the barber.


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Inspired by 19th-century Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, this full-beard and detached moustache look combines ruggedness and style like none other. The full beard brings the masculinity to the party while the impeccably-styled moustache, usually given a stylish twirl at the ends, adds the flair.


Go on, explore the world of men’s grooming with any of these beard styles that are sure to make you stand out from the crowds in the right way!

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