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We usually have a slightly different face shape to other people and it’s for this reason than different beard styles suit different people. So what face type do you have and what beard would suit your face the best? give you some simple to apply when deciding what style of beard to grow. Different beard styles for long face.

Those who have looked into face shapes and beards suggest that your jaw and your beard should work together in order to achieve a well graduated, oval shape to your face and beard. For example, if you have a wide ass jaw you’re going to be better off growing a lot of hair under your chin but keeping the hair on your cheeks and jaw line thin giving the appearance of a longer face than your usual squashed up Desperate Dan look. However, if you have a fairly long face pre facial hair you may want to grow more on the sides and less on your lower chin and under your jaw thus making your face look shorter and more rounded. It’s really not rocket science but as someone who works in the hair industry I daily see guys who could make so much more of there face shape and indeed beard if they had some idea of which beard style would suit their scrawny little face the best.

So, for those of you who can’t be bothered to listen to me cracking on for about 40,000 words and totally bore the beard right off of your face I’m going to put some handy little info-graphics up so’s not to stretch your tiny little mind too much. So, without further ado, here are the beard styles you should be going for defined by your face type.

The Round Face

If you have a particularly round face the then this is the one for you. Grow your beard long on the lower chin and under your jaw. Keep your beard trimmed and quite close to your face on the sides. This will give the appearance that you have a longer face than you actually do.

Different goatee shapes

The Rectangular Face

If you have a rectangular face you do pretty much the opposite to what you would should you have a round face. Your face is naturally quite long looking; it’s rectangular or oval even. In order for your face not to look like an anteater when you’re beard you should keep it bushy and thick on the sides and on your cheeks and keep it well trimmed and close on your lower chin and jawline. This will create the illusion of a wider face rather than the face of a horse which you naturally have.

The Square Face

Your rectangular faces, oblong faces, and round faces are kinda the extreme of face shapes so often the others, such as square face, are simply gradients of these. If you have a face which is shaped like a Matchmakers box then, as with the rectangular face but to a lesser degree. Keep hair around the chin and jaw quite bushy and full while keeping the hair on the side of your face quite short.

The Oval Face

Ahhh, the oval face…the face shape that is probably going to suit most beard styles…the one that we all want…the shape that all of us oblongs, squares and rectangulars pray for every night before bed. We hope we’ll wake up and our hideously badly shaped faces will be gone and replaced by the God like oval face. Most beard styles will suit you if you have an oval face – FACT.

Cool beard designs short hair

It’s basically very simple – Do you have a face that’s far longer than it wide? Then thicker on the sides, shorter under your chin and jaw. Or do you have a face that so wide you can’t through doors then make that Goddam thing look longer but putting more meat under your chin

If this very, very well written and comprehensive article wasn’t enough for you then you can see some real life examples of different styles on Alpha M.s blog post Facial Hair and Face Shapes or check out these pages on Meanwhile, in the land of those that years ago found a beard that suited it and, quick frankly, grew the shit out of it every which way we could, we’re still always on the hunt for quality beard care products to keep our beards as lush as we cultivated them to be. If you’re the 5 o’clock shadow type who likes to look rough and ready then a stubble trimmer might be the best thing for you but if you’re actually a real man (dig,dig,dig) then you’re going to be wanting a fully fledged, top of the range, excellent beard trimmer. All, and much, much more can be found on . Just check the menu pages. You’ll find reviews of beard trimmers, reviews of beard care products such as oils and shampoos, as well as interesting beard articles from all over the interweb.
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