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First The Facts About Beard Growth and health. How to maintain a beard.

We are limited by genetics. No magic pill or Growth Serum will grow new beard hair if your genetics simply are not predisposed for beard growth.

See to your basic beard health first. Before investing in any Beard Growth Treatment first make sure you and your beard are healthy. A good diet can make a big difference to your overall health and effect your beard growth, and we discussed the importance of good beard conditioning and maintenance earlier in this article through proper grooming and the use of a Natural Beard Oil.

Beard and Mustache Growth Treatments boost your natural ability to grow a beard and create the proper environment for your beard to reach its healthiest state and feeding it the nutrients it needs to achieve a fully realized beard. They are a combination of Natural Oils and Vitamins specifically blended to support this goal.

Considerably different than products used for male pattern baldness, which are not formulated for your face, there are many options specivaly formulated for facial hair available. We ask that you consider our 100% Guaranteed Tamed Savage Beard & 'Stach Growth Serum

New shaving style

Easy and effective our Daily Beard and Mustache Growth Treatment Serum is a well proven solution to help reduce patchy areas in your beard, encourage beard growth and thicken the beard hairs themselves leaving you with your best beard.

To Maintain The Health And Appearance Of Your Beard And Eliminate Beard Itch the best Thing to do is Use a Conditioning Beard Oil.

To treat your beard properly it is important to understand that hair on your face is different than the hair on your head and needs to be treated that way to maintain maximum health.

Creating the proper environment for your beard is the key. Conditioning your beard daily with a Natural Beard Oil likeTamed Savage is simple and will properly moisturize and condition your beard using natural oils that nourish the supporting skin on your face, eliminate beard itch, reduce or eliminate acne leaving your beard softer with a nice sheen, healthier and more manageable.

How to style men's beards

For most men it only takes a few drops of Beard Oil daily simply rubbed through the beard and face after washing & drying your face and beard. You will find the experience actually a bit luxurious and be amazed at the results in the first few days.

You have many options available but we hope you will consider our Tamed Savage Premium Natural Beard Oil!

Do you suffer hair loss/hair thinning on you beard? if yes then you can maintain it or restyle it through FUE hair transplant. The treatment is one time and it will provide you lifelong satisfaction and happiness too. If you have any hair loss showing cut or scar on your beard then it could also be get fixed by the process.

Eat healthy food stuffs and do regular exercises to keep maintaining your beard or useful hairstyles. If you healthy, your hair and hairstyles will also be healthy.

The beard look
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