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Fades are one of top 3 mostly done hairstyles you’ll see among young men. A beard with fade hairstyle can bring your style to a whole new level if you really know how to synchronize these two. Taking good care of your facial hair and paying particular attention to your outward demeanor will require some time, but the final results are always worth it. Style, class and overall grooming – you can get all that by keeping track on the simplest details that can lie even within the question of whether your hairstyle matches your beard or not. Hairstyle with beard.

Excellent Fade Hairstyles That’ll Suit Beard

Here are 5 cool and simple fade hairstyles to try with your beard that will make your face scream DOPE! You can also try these cool and manly beard styles for men.

#1: Medium length beard with fade haircut

With your short hair spiked up in a natural manner and fading down into your imperial beard, you can lay rest assured that you’ll be attracting attention quite a bunch. Even a style as simple as that can get you all groomed up.

#2: Long Fade Hair with Long Beard

With long hair on top, give faded sides a try for a Mohawk-like style. Finish your style up with a full beard and get a sexy look that is nowhere close to being ordinary.

New beard shape

#3: Geometric Fade Lines

Rocking a fade hairstyle such as that will sway all the attention towards it. And so to keep it this way, try to rock a beard as simple as a 5 o’clock shadow.

#4: Fade with a Bushy Beard

On the other hand, rocking a full beard like this one might necessitate you to cut your hair short to maintain balance. With your top hair slicked back, style the sides into a fade cut.

#5: 5 O’clock Short Beard With Little Fades

If you’re all for a groomed look, but not for effort and time you usually spend on it, keep your beard minimally styled into a 5 o’clock shadow and your short hair neatly combed.

Best trimmed beard styles

Although beards weren’t made for everyone, a good combination between its style and your hair style can turn tables. Mark your look with your touch of style, and try to keep the balance between both for more elegance and class.
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